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How to Recover Hard Drive Data After Formatting/Failure/Broken [Windows]

How to recover hard drive data after formatting/failure/broken on Windows? This article will introduce the best tool to help you out!

It’s hard to imagine that all of a sudden your lifetime’s worth of pictures just disappear because of external hard drive damage. But what’s even worse is that you don’t know how to fix it because it can be complicated. 

So how to recover hard drive data? Before everything else, you might need to identify the reasons for data loss. Did you just accidentally delete files or format your hard drive? Or was it caused by computer viruses or malware? Only when you identify the causes can you find the solutions accordingly.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data with Data Recovery Tools

In this article, you will learn about the reasons and fixes for different hard drive data loss scenarios, as well as the easiest solution to hard drive data recovery. Just make sure to continue reading!

Just like any other type of storage device, a hard drive is fragile and data loss is common due to various reasons. Generally speaking, data loss is largely relevant to the way you save, store and handle your data. Now just check out the common causes for data loss first so you know how to recover hard drive data later.

Logical Damage or Deleted Accidentally

Logical damage means formatted hard drives or accidental deletion, which are the most commonly seen causes for data loss. You might also format a hard drive by accident when misunderstanding the system error messages. Logical damage is often recoverable because your hard drives might lose the references to the files but your files are still somewhere on the hard drive.

Physical Damage

Physical damage is the worst-case scenario and most of them are irreversible. Here are a few reasons that might cause a hard drive failure.

Hard Drive Damage: Improper handling or accident causes fatal damage to the device.  

Device Overheating: Excessive usage, performing multiple tasks, heavy software could cause physical damage to hard drives.

Power Fluctuations: Power surges/outages might lead to hard drive crashes. If your computer shuts down when writing to the hard drive, the hard drive may not start up again.

Wear & Tear: Like any device, hard drives wear out after a few years. Regular use would also inevitably result in the hard drive physical damage. 

So how to recover hard drive data? It depends on the type of damage. Just read on to learn how to fix these damages respectively. 

Whether you have formatted your hard drives or accidentally deleted important files, you can get your files back with the specialized recovery software – iTop Data Recovery. It’s the most professional data recovery service that can help you get all your data back!


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  • Get back deleted & lost files from different storage devices
  • Provides instant data recovery for any emergency data lost reasons
  • Free preview files before recovery.

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Just have a look at the main features that make it the best hard drive recovery solution.

Ultra-Fast Scan & Recover Data from HDD, SSD, USB...

With the advanced scan algorithm, iTop Data Recovery is 120% faster than the average tools, and you can get your important files back within minutes. Offering multiple options for location and file type, iTop allows you to recover data on storage devices like HDD, SDD, USB, and many more. Your data on the hard drive can be recovered instantly without going for a full system scan.

Recover 1000+ Formats Data from Any Data Loss Situations

iTop Data Recovery is the best choice for data loss situations of all sorts. You can not only recover data from logical damage such as recover files after a factory reset and accidental deletion but also get your files back after virus and malware infection. Supporting 1000+ formats, from photos to videos to music, iTop Recovery can get all your data back.

Up to 95% Success Rate

With years of experience, iTop Recovery Software guarantees up to a 95% success rate for data recovery. There’s no need to ask how to recover hard drive data when you experience a hard drive crash, just make sure to use iTop Recovery Software as early as possible and you can get your files back successfully. 

Free to Preview Before Recovery

iTop Data Recovery displays a preview for recoverable data after scanning, so you know what you are looking for and see if the data can be recovered. This is extremely useful when you need to recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from a hard drive. 

Recycle Bin Recovery(After Empty)

How to recover hard drive data when the files have been completely removed and no luck finding them in the Recycle Bin? The iTop Recovery tool can save your day. The software can successfully help you recover hard drive data by keeping the references to all deleted files on the hard drive of your PC.

Now let’s see how to recover hard drive data with iTop Data Recovery.

Step 1. Free download the iTop Data Recovery and install it on your PC.

Step 2. Select locations and file types. Click “Scan” to start scanning.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data with iTop Recovery Choose Options

Step 3. Preview the files and make sure they are recoverable. Recover and save your files afterward.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data with Data with iTop Recovery Complete

Now you know how to recover hard drive data from logical damage, so what about physical damage? As you can see, most physical damages to hard drives are almost irreversible, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. Before moving on to the hard drive recovery steps, just have a look at the signs below and identify if your hard drive is physically damaged.

Partial Data Loss: You may find that some data you have saved is no longer available.

Slow Performance: It takes a long time to access the data and files.

Strange Noise: You can hear strange humming sounds from the hard drive.

Computer Error: You receive continuous error messages and there’s inconsistent computer behavior.

These are all signs of failing hard drives. If you notice these signs, just follow the steps below to recover your hard drive data.

Step 1. Stop using the hard drive the moment you find your hard drive is not working.

Step 2. DO NOT format your hard drive.

Step 3. If you can still access some files on the hard drive, make backups of these files immediately.

Step 4. Connect your hard drive to a different computer if you can. See how it works.

Step 5. If your hard drive is working on a different computer, download the iTop Data Recovery to recover your lost data.

Step 6. If the hard drive is not visible, look for professional help from the hard drive recovery service. 

How to recover hard drive data? It depends on the type of damage on your hard drive. Whether you are faced with logical or physical damage, with the guide above, you can solve the problems easily. Losing data could be frustrating and hard to deal with. But don’t fret, it’s not the end of the world. With iTop Data Recovery, you can get your important files back quickly. It’s the most professional recovery service that can help you recover any data from any data loss situations. So wait no more, just try the iTop Data Recovery now and get all your data back with ease!

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For Windows 11/10/8/7
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