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3 Top Free Data Recovery Software for Windows 10/11

What’s the best data recovery software? Read the blog to learn 3 best free data recovery software for Windows 10/11, fast data recovery, high success rate.

Nowadays people get accustomed to using computers to save files, videos and other kinds of data, many of which are important. It’s universal that many people has experienced data loss for various reasons. Even though, there is a perfect solution for data loss - data recovery software, a kind of software made to recovery any data from recycle bin, disk, SD card, hard drive, email and so on easily. 3 best free data recovery software, introduced in the article, can be used to restore most data in any formats with their unique features, regardless of any data loss situations.

Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, iTop Data Recovery is an easy-to-use free data recovery software with high success rate, clean and virus-free. All your data will be restored offline, safe to get data back. Taking full advantage of the data recovery software makes it straightforward to recover data from recycle bin after empty, disk, hard drive, USB, email and from other sources caused by malware, virus, system crash, Windows updates...


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Key Features of iTop Data Recovery
  • Recover 1000+ file types like images, music, documents, video, etc
  • Get back deleted & lost files from different storage devices
  • Provides instant data recovery for any emergency data lost reasons
  • Free preview files before recovery.

For Windows 11/10/8/7

Highlighted features of iTop Data Recovery:

  • Ultra-fast data recovery software

Data recovery is not as complicated as it used to be with the fast data recovery software for Windows 10. Choose the location and file type you want to scan and click the scan button, deleted files can be scanned in several minutes. And retrieving deleted files just takes few seconds or minutes, depending on the file size.

  • High Success Rate

Data recovery success rate is affected by many factors, the file is overwritten or not, the size of the file, the status of the hard drive and so on. Even though, iTop Data Recovery is designed by a professional team and committed to helping you find lost data successfully. Under normal circumstances, the success rate of data recovery is up to 95%.

  • Recover data from any data loss situations

Data loss is generally caused by various reasons. Accidentally operational error, software malfunction or crash, computer viruses, hardware impairment, power failure, data loss may happen at any time unexpectedly. The best data recovery software allows you to recover deleted files from any data loss situation.

Upgrading to the Pro version enables you to enjoy more privileges such as unlimited data recovery, 1000+ file formats supported, advanced video recovery, etc. 1-month subscription costs $29.99, a 1-year subscription $34.99, and a lifetime plan $54.99 only.

Free Download

For Windows 11/10/8/7

EaseUS is a famous brand for multiple practical tools, varying from data recovery software to video/audio tools. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a widely trusted data recovery software, allows you to free download and install on Windows and Mac devices. You’ll be amazed by its powerful and practical features.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Windows 10

Highlighted features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

  • Filter by multiple types

How to find your lost data as fast as possible from so many files? Except for the basic filters such as pictures, videos, documents, audio, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has detailed categories for lost data like word, PPT, excel, PDF, email and so on. With these filters, you can find and recover your wanted files instantly.

  • NAS data recovery

Claimed as the world’s first exclusive data recovery for NAS server, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard makes RARD-based NAS data recovery an easy thing. What you need to do is to select a NAS device, turn on SSH, and then recover deleted files from NAS devices.

  • Recovering while scanning

Most data recovery software allows you to recover data after scanning. EaseUS make the difference. On the interface, you can pause or stop scanning at any time. Besides, you can recover scanned deleted files at first while scanning of the rest deleted files is still go on.

Pay for its pro version with $69.95 to enjoy recovering unlimited data, recovering data from deleted, hidden or RAW partition.

As an all-around free data recovery software for Windows 10, 8,7, Vista and XP, Recuva has been well-known for its several special features. Accidentally deleted files can be found and recovered from rewritable media like memory cards, external hard drives, USB sticks and more. Of course, its interface is not as elegant as other products, which can be ignored.

Recuva Windows 10 Data Recovery Software

Highlighted features of Recuva:

  • Damage analysis during the scanning process

There are 3 stages of scanning when using Recuva to scan deleted files. The first stage is scanning deleted files, the second is analyzing damage and the third is analyzing content. While the scanning process is done, you can click the recover button at the bottom to recover data directly, or click the specific file and click the Info option on the right of the interface. Excellent state implicates a file can be recovered effortlessly, while unrecoverable state indicates a file can be recovered almost impossibly.

  • Securely deleted files

Some may be surprised at the function as Recuva is regarded as a data recovery software. But it’s true that if you want to have some files gone forever. Recuva has secure overwrite feature with industry and military-standard deletion techniques to make sure a file is deleted for good. You just need to choose the file you want to delete and right click the mouse. Choose the Secure Overwirte Highlighted option and click Yes.

Buy the Professional version to have more privileges, advanced file recovery, virtual hard drive support, priority support spending $19.95.


All in all, the 3 best free data recovery software for Windows 10 are chosen from the market with special functions or features. Of course, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports RARD-based NAS data recovery while its free version has a limit of data recovery of 2GB. Recuva has a damage analysis function, which also leads to a slightly slow scanning speed. iTop Data Recovery is suited for various scenarios and can recover over 1000 file formats. Free download the Windows 10 data recovery software and use it for fast data recovery without effort.

- iTop Data Recovery - Perform Expert Data Recovery
Lost your data? Here is how you can recover it, the right and easy way! 100% working 2022.
For Windows 11/10/8/7

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