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5 Best Recovery Software for SD Card in 2024

What is the best SD card recovery software? Check the list of top 5 recovery software for SD card to restore lost/deleted/formatted data hassle-free.

SD card, the popular memory card format, greatly helps us store additional amounts of data in portable devices. New generations of SD card that feature faster read/write speed and larger space can better meet the requirement to store more data and files. However, data loss often happens due to physical corruption, accidentally deleting/formatting or virus infection. Well, SD card recovery software rrives as the best solution to recover data from SD card.

SD Card Recovery Software

What is the best SD card recovery software that is worth downloading? Here, we not only shows factors you need to consider when selecting the program, but list top 5 data recovery software for SD card for your reference.

There are lots of data recovery software that works well with data storage devices, from hard drive, USB flash drive  to SD card. Instead of picking a program at random, you should consider primary and important factors that make a SD card data recovery tool powerful and reliable.  

  • Supported SD Card Types: SD cards and microSD cards are commonly used in smartphones, digital cameras, drones, and also game consoles to upgrade storage. But different devices require different types of SD card. There are four types of SD card: SD, SDHC, SDXC and SDUC. The best SD card recovery software should support recover data from all those types used in different devices.

  • Supported File Formats: You may save a large number of files in different formats in a SD card, being photos, videos, songs, documents, presentations etc. The best data recovery software for SD card should give full support of various file formats.

  • Success Rate and Speed: A program with higher recovery success rate (90% or better) is preferred. It gives more possibility to restore what you are looking for. And, fast speed to scan and store is necessary.

  • Ease of Use and Security: Please make sure that the SD card recovery software has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. Also, it should be 100% clean and safe, no malware or bundleware.

iTop Data Recovery

iTop Data Recovery is the best SD card recovery software for PC. Developed by an experienced team, this program delivers a great performance on all Windows platforms to recover data from all types of SD card, as well as other storage media. It supports over 1000 file formats, covering all popular data types for photos, videos, audios, and documents (.docx, .xlsx, .ppt, .txt etc.).

iTop Data Recovery - Perform Expert Data Recovery
Lost your data? Here is how you can recover it, the right and easy way! 100% working.
For Windows 11/10/8/7

iTop Data Recovery is highly praised for fast data recovery. It utilizes an advanced but unique algorithm to greatly speed up scanning and restoring speed. In just minutes, you can get the lost data back. Another key feature of this best data recovery software for SD card is 95% success rate. It offers a data preview that can help you check whether the file is recoverable or not through the status, Excellent, Good or Poor. Because so, you can recover data from SD card with a better success rate.

Top SD Card Recovery Software - iTop Data Recovery

iTop Data Recovery is verified as a safe and virus-free program. Because of a totally offline recovery progress, you don’t need to worry about data breach or exposures when restoring sensitive information form a SD card. If you try to recover SD card data on a Windows PC, it is the best choice.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a high-ranked data recovery program in the market that enables users to recover lost or deleted data from a variety of devices, SD card included, on PC/Mac. It offers a deep scan mode to find and identify everything that was stored in SD card. It supports restoring files in 400+ formats, from video, audio, images to documents and archives.

Top SD Card Recovery Software - Disk Drill

Disk Drill is considered as the best free SD card recovery software for it can perform free data recovery up to 500MB. It offers a quick recovery from various data loss scenarios, for example, restoring a formatted SD card, getting permanently deleted file back and so on. It uses color symbols to indicate recovery chance of a file, green for high, yellow for average, orange for low and grey for unknown.

This top SD card recovery software configure additional gadgets for free data protection. Recovery Vault is the way to avoid important files and folders from being deleted accidentally. Byte-level backups can help you make a copy of current data in SD card for further recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an overall file recovery tool that offers fast and complete data recovery from SD card, computers, hard drives and alike storage media. It can undelete files that are emptied from recycle bin as well as find data back from a formatted or cracked SD card. As other best SD card recovery software, it supports a diverse of file types, from images to videos/audios, from documents to email.

Top SD Card Recovery Software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

It provides two scanning modes. Quick Scan takes shorter time to list lost files in your SD card while Deep Scan gives a thorough discovery of buried data. You can also recover specific device, folder or file type through a filter. What’s more, search box and tags can help accurately locate the file and deliver better experience.

As a Wizard-based program, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is pretty easy to use. After launching it, you just need to select, scan and recover to get what you want back. And, its free edition allows you to recover data up to 1GB. You can try the free one before getting the full version.


Recoverit is a professional data recovery tool with the support of thousand of devices and file types. It shows off the ability to restore lost data in different cases, like deleting, formatting, device corruption or other unknown issues. Almost all commonly-used or popular files including documents, media files, archives, can be recovered from a SD card with no hassle. Also, it features advanced video recovery to retrieve corrupted 4K/8K videos from cameras as well as repair video files.

Top SD Card Recovery Software - Recoverit

Recoverit uses smart scan and deep scan algorithm to meet different requirements. Smart scan can help you quickly find deleted or lost data in a specific folder. Deep scan empowers you to discover deeply hidden files or large files in whole SD card but takes more time. It is an intuitive program with straightforward interface. Yes, in 3 steps, it can recover data from a SD card.

Backup is a bonus feature of this best SD card recovery software. It can back up all data in a SD card or certain folder(s) to other destination to avoid data loss. And, it can recover and backup Android phone data when your connecting the mobile to PC or Mac.


R-Studio is an all-rounded disk data recovery software for Windows, Mac and Linux. It focuses on offering solid solution to restore data from local disks, external disks (SD card, hard drive, USB drive) and network disks (which are clients connected to a local network a the internet). It handles multiple data lost issues to successfully retrieve files that are deleted/formatted accidentally, removed for virus attack and lost for device destruction.

Top SD Card Recovery Software - R-Studio

R-Studio makes it a reality to recover specific files from heavily damaged or corrupted SD card or other disks thanks to its unique recovery algorithms. File previewer allows you to check the possibility for data recovery. You can also play back files (both media data and documents are supported) in this best SD card recovery software without installing other players or viewers.

In addition, S.M.A.R.T monitoring is a good helper for you to learn the health condition of your disk. If the S.M.A.R.T warnings appear, it is not suggested to do unnecessary tasks with the disk.

All the 5 best SD card recovery software listed here can help you easily and quickly get lost data back from a SD card. Some of them gives better support on file formats while some others employs further features, for example backup, to enhance data protection. Among them, iTop Data Recovery is tested as the most reliable SD card recovery software for PC because it does not only support a wide range of file systems and formats, but features high recovery speed and success rate. But if you are using a Mac or other operating system, try other top data recovery software for SD card.


3,000,000+ Downloads
from 100+ countries & regions

Key Features of iTop Data Recovery
  • Recover 1000+ file types like images, music, documents, video, etc
  • Get back deleted & lost files from different storage devices
  • Provides instant data recovery for any emergency data lost reasons
  • Free preview files before recovery.

For Windows 11/10/8/7

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