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Bypass Geo-restriction

PUBG Mobile is banned in your region due to political or censorship issues, but you can still bypass the regional restrictions and play the game with iTop VPN. Simply connect to any iTop VPN server located in a supported region, you’ll be able to say goodbye to “This item is not available in your country” and enjoy PUBG Mobile from anywhere.

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Access New PUBG Servers

With PUBG ditched server selection, you can only match gamers and play on the server based on your local region. But if you want to improve PUBG Mobile matchmaking, iTop VPN helps you access new PUBG servers and challenge other players from all regions. Moreover, you’ll be able to collect free or those region-specific skins to customize your weapons & character and make your PUBG experience more enjoyable as well.

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Reduce Ping, Enjoy Full Speed

ISPs are usually going to throttle your connection once they detect high amounts of bandwidth being used, and that’s the main reason why you suffer from PUBG lag. With iTop PUBG VPN, you cannot only connect to the nearest server to reduce Ping, but also avoid your ISP’s throttling and enjoy the full speed. Besides, iTop VPN offers PUBG-only servers, which guarantee ultra-fast connection for PUBG users.


Protect You from Cybercriminals

Just like other online activities, PUBG is still at risk of being attacked. Hackers may exploit your IP address and launch DDoS attacks to terminate your access to Internet servers. The good thing is iTop VPN can hide your IP address and encrypt your data & traffic, and completely keep your personal information private and protect you from cybercriminals.

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