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Automatic Kill Switch


Prevent data leaks and protect privacy with iTop VPN advanced security feature

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What is a Kill Switch and How Does It Work

A VPN Kill Switch is like an Internet connection monitor. Once your VPN service stops working, then the Kill Switch will automatically block all Internet traffic to prevent you from exposing to the web, until the VPN connection is restored. It ensures that your privacy and sensitive data are always protected by the secure VPN service, and you’ll no need to worry about the leakage of your real IP address or any other personal information.


iTop VPN with Must-Have Kill Switch

Let's see how iTop VPN Kill Switch works for you, and why you need a Kill Switch.

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iTop VPN Kill Switch is Automatic

As long as you activate the Kill Switch feature, your Internet connection will be blocked automatically when you lost the connection to iTop VPN. The connection tunnel is closed, and no traffic will leave or enter your device. The Kill Switch restores your Internet connection, if you reconnect to or exit iTop VPN.

Kill Switch is Always On

No matter whether you switch between Wi-Fi and wired networks, enable or disable your Internet connection, put your device to sleep, or confront with a momentary Internet service outage, iTop VPN Kill Switch is always active to keep your connection secure.

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Why You Need iTop VPN Kill Switch

iTop VPN Kill Switch acts as your guard net when the VPN connection shuts down. Your information and sensitive data will never be exposed.

  • Make sure your traffic is always encrypted
  • Protect your privacy against snoopers and hackers
  • Keep your online activities secret and secure
  • Without impacting your VPN connection speed
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Get the best protection with iTop VPN Kill Switch