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Best YouTube Proxy to Unlock YouTube & Best YouTube Proxy Free Alternate

Is your country blocking YouTube videos? Which is the best YouTube proxy free & how to use the better YouTube proxy free VPN to unblock YouTube videos?

You probably see those error messages when you are surfing through the YouTube videos & channels: "You can’t access some video sources and a notification show up on the screen which warns you that the content you are ready to watch is not available."

This problem could be due to various reasons and different approaches. For example, if the error message shows ”Video unavailable, the uploader has not made this video available in your country.” That can be due to some countries prohibiting access to the website at the state level. So, specific contents are blocked mandatorily. Or because the video’s copyright dispute limited the content to present in certain regions & countries, like a movie trailer. These are reasons you know you will need a YouTube proxy, or a best free VPN for PC to unblock YouTube.

YouTube Proxy - Which to Use

Meanwhile, Youtube is often banned in office networks or educational organizations. Usually, this is done at the request of management. That blockage is limited to one, separately taken network of office, school, university, etc. In that case scenario, you will need YouTube proxy to unblock tools to help you unblock YouTube to access your favored videos on YouTube.

According to their commentary, YouTubeUnblocked is the most advanced YouTube proxy you could find online. And it is true that YouTubeUnblocked is the most favored YouTube proxy through the internet.

The working functionality of YouTubeUnblocked is that the YouTubeUnblocked plays as an intermediate between your device on your hand and the YouTube service at the end. When you access the content on YouTube with YouTubeUnblocked’s YouTube proxy, it will mask your real location and makes a request to YouTube and ask them shows you blocked content, and it is also the mechanic for all Youtube proxy unblock.

YouTube Proxy - Best YouTube Proxy

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The way to use YouTubeUnblocked is fairly easy. Go to their website:, then you will find a search bar on the page. To go on, you need to enter the URL of the blocked video then you have your chance to watch it. Also, you can enter a search query to access the video.

YouTube Proxy Can Unban YouTube Content

During the test, even with the YouTubeUnblocked adapted, there are still chances you could not access the prohibited content in your place. It is hard to judge if it’s a matter of YouTubeUnblocked’s capability to grind YouTube’s ban system, or it is just a coincidence. Meanwhile, the search feature does not actually work. No matter what content you entered & search, it only returns you the result query of cat videos. If you need to use YouTube search feature & unblock contents, you have to use a fast free VPN.

YouTube Proxy - You Need a VPN


  • Full HD video playback not supported

  • File size limitation

  • Better in EU regions, not properly working in other countries 

  • Commercial ads are included

  • Remove limitations by an upgrade to a VIP account

ProxySite is a famous internet proxy provider which offers proxy services including YouTube proxy. The ProxySite service is famous for helping people to unblock the filters of local internet limitations. For example, your boss or local internet provider, your campus network manager who tried to block you from accessing YouTube content, and they’ll disappoint this time.

YouTube Proxy - ProxySite

The ProxySite works just like other YouTube proxy unblock, it bypasses the “YouTube Check” through connecting to their proxy and returning the YouTube videos back. The difference here for ProxySite between YouTubeUnblocked is that the ProxySite does not offer a search option. You can only access videos by entering the video URL in the URL box. So the search feature is about disabled.

YouTube Proxy - Not Always Good

There are some problems when testing the ProxySite. The actual performance of ProxySite isn’t presented as ideal as ProxySite promised: “The quality of videos on YouTube continues to improve, and we have optimized our site to gain you access to high definition videos.” Though the ProxySite shows it has 17 servers in the U.S. and 18 servers in Europe after testing all 35 servers, the website still failed to connect to the video source – none of them can connect & make the video playable.


  • No premium upgrade, but the website aims you to promote a VPN service

  • Very bad connection quality

  • A considerable large number of servers selectable

  • No bandwidth limitation

  • Can’t connect to videos

Though there are considerable online website choices for YouTube proxy, most of their service is not performing ideally. It is hard to say these free YouTube proxies offered a stable connection and good user experience. As actually a better way to bypass & unblock the YouTube restriction is to use a fast free VPN service.

iTop VPN is the best VPN for alternate unstable YouTube proxies. You can access the prohibited content on YouTube in your country with one click. You don’t have to find the exact URL, then copy & paste it to the YouTube proxies to unlock. With iTop VPN activated, you can bypass the YouTube restriction much easier & stabler.

Not simply a tool for you to bypass the YouTube restriction just like the YouTube proxy, By using a secured iTop VPN service, which can reroute your internet traffics through the VPN to keep others from checking on you and monitoring your web use. View web pages fast through our gigabit network and keep your surfing safe with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Also, you can get connected from anywhere to anywhere with iTop VPN.

iTop VPN Select Location

The most important reason you shouldn’t miss iTop VPN is also because of iTop VPN’s free-to-use policy. Despite the high-speed network that allows you to watch HD YouTube video online, iTop still insists their stands & offer the best free deal to their users. You will still have a 700 MB daily bandwidth cap, but it will refresh every day. You will have over 20GB of free bandwidth every month to use. Even consider that iTop VPN is still the best unlimited VPN for Windows to substitute the YouTube Proxy free

Steps to Use iTop VPN YouTube Proxy

To use the best YouTube proxy unblocker iTop VPN isn’t a rocket science. Just download the software & install it, follow the simple steps and you can unlock YouTube restricted contents.

Step 1. Download & install iTop VPN YouTube Proxy.

YouTube Proxy - install iTop VPN

Step 2. After installation, run the program, you will see the VPN main interface, click the round button “Connect”, iTop VPN will optimize the setting and connect to the fastest server and use it as the YouTube proxy.

Click Connect - Optimize Your Internet

Step 3. If the YouTube video still blocked after you connect to optimized server, you can click “Change” button on the server column, then select another server available then you can go back to your video.

Beside that, iTop VPN has a very good security toolbox which offers variety of network security protection: including IP configuration, Ads Blocker, Split Tunneling, Kill Switch… all your network security requirements could be feed here! If you are worried about the security issue when using a public YouTube proxy website, it is a great opportunity to have a try this time.

YouTube Proxy - Other Features

This post introduces two of the most popular YouTube proxy, and one best YouTube Proxy substitute – iTop VPN. The VPN can handle all job a YouTube proxy unblocker can do, and extra benefits are offered. Not to mention it is free to use – it could be the best deal if you want to access YouTube restricted content.

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