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Where to Watch The Matrix: Resurrections Online | Stream The Matrix 4 from Anywhere

Where and how to watch The Matrix: Resurrections online? This page will show everything about how to watch and stream The Matrix 4 from anywhere.

The Matrix: Resurrections was finally released in December 2021. Although the fourth installment of The Matrix franchise reunites original stars Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss who are highly praised for excellent performance, it receives mixed reviews for unenjoyable writing and action sequences. No matter what, it is recognized as a good movie that is worth watching in holiday or weekend, especially for The Matrix fans.

Watch The Matrix: Resurrections Online

Well, if you are unwilling to go to cinema and seek for an available way to watch The Matrix: Resurrections at home, the page will tell you where and how to watch/stream The Matrix 4 online from anywhere.

On Dec. 22, 2021, Warner Bros. released The Matrix: Resurrections in theatre and on HBO Max simultaneously. However, it had left the online streaming service on Jan. 22, 2022 for only 31-day availability. If you unfortunately miss the chance, there are some other available place to watch and stream The Matrix 4.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video collects The Matrix Resurrections 4K UHD version that is now available to rent and buy. On one hand, you can pay $24.99 to rent the digital file for 30 days and 48 hours to finish once you started watching the movie. On the other hand, pay $29.99 to watch The Matrix online whenever or have it forever.

Where to Watch The Matrix 4 Online - Amazon Prime Video


The Matrix 4 is also available to watch on YouTube, renting for $24.99 and buying for $29.99. You can check the 2-minute long preview video before watching The Matrix Resurrections full movie. Also, YouTube is the best place to watch movie trailers and soundtracks videos for free.

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Where to Watch The Matrix 4 Online - YouTube


Vudu is another authorized streaming service to watch and stream The Matrix Resurrections. Compared with other services, Vudu offers more plans to rent and buy the movie. You can rent SD, HDX or UHD version for $24.99, or buy for $31.99.

Where to Watch The Matrix 4 Online - Vudu


Reddit, one of the biggest social online community, gathers a variety of information. More than an answer or a solution, enthusiastic users would like to share movie resources. Search The Matrix Resurrections on Reddit. If you’re lucky enough, you can watch The Matrix 4 online for free. However, what is should be noticed that the digital or torrent files may be risky with malicious things. So, be careful to download them.

Where to Watch The Matrix 4 Online - Reddit

Almost all online streaming services feature geo-blocking for copyright protection or government censorship in somewhere. People outside US are probably not allowed to watch The Matrix 4 online through above listed services. So, you need a safe free VPN to stream The Matrix Resurrections full movie from anywhere with no hassle.

iTop VPN, the innovative free VPN provider, empowers you to access to restricted contents from anywhere on any device. It has thousands of servers in 100+ locations making it simple to enjoy global network. Only if connecting to a server, you can unblock websites and streaming services for the original location has been changed to unrestricted one. Therefore, you can successfully watch and stream The Matrix 4 no matter where you are. Don’t need to worry about buffering issue during watching. All servers features high speed and solid performance. You can play UHD 4K movies smoothly online.

iTop VPN can offer the safest experience online. It takes full advantage of world-level encryption on data transmission. Your IP address, sensitive information and online activities can be well hidden and protected. All possible online attacks or crimes can be prevented. Kill Switch can further enhance security. It immediately blocks the traffic once the VPN server unexpectedly stops working.

In addition, iTop VPN enables you to stay anonymity online. It masks your ID and bypasses monitoring from government, ISP, school/workplace network administrators. You can privately browse, stream, download or game without being known.

iTop VPN has high compatibility. It is not only the best free VPN for Windows, but also available on macOS, iOS and Android. With the support of connecting up to 5 devices at one time, you can watch The Matrix 4 online on various devices.

How to Watch The Matrix 4: Resurrections Outside US with VPN

iTop VPN is an easy-to-use application. In only 2 steps, you can connect a server to unblock streaming services for watching The Matrix 4 outside US.

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN.

Please make sure what device you’re using, and download the right version of VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

Step 2. Connect to a Server

Launch iTop VPN. Click All Servers to get the server list. Choose a USA free server and click Connect. After it shows “Connected”, you can watch the movie on available streaming service.

How to Watch The Matrix 4: Resurrections Online from Anywhere


  1. iTop VPN will automatically connect you to the most stable and fastest server if you directly click Connect button on main interface. However, the VPN server address may be nearby you and is included in blocking list. Therefore, it is high suggested to manually select a server to unblock streaming service successfully.

  2. iTop VPN provides exclusive servers for streaming. You can move to For Streaming option and choose a desired server to achieve better streaming experience.

Despite of some negative reviews, The Matrix: Resurrections is really appealing to Sci-Fi movie lovers. It’s a good idea to watch The Matrix 4 online at home to keep you safe from the pandemic. However, people outside US are probably unable to watch the movie due to geo-blocking on streaming services.

iTop VPN is a powerful free VPN that can perfectly solve the problem. It helps hide your IP, change your location for accessing any restricted contents. It can also enhance online security and privacy enabling you to watch and stream The Matrix: Resurrections safely and anonymously. Even, if you try to download The Matrix 4 movie from torrent sites, it can keep you secure from unknown danger.

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