Free Watch NBA Playoffs 2021 Online from Anywhere with VPN

NBA Playoffs 2021 live streams unavailable in your region? Use iTop VPN to watch 2021 NBA playoffs free on ESPN from anywhere.

It comes to the most passionate season for royal basketball fans. Right, NBA Playoffs 2021 was the hottest issue in this seanson. And, the Finals inspired more concerns in this season due to the unpredictable and historical matchup - Milwaukee Bucks vs. Phoenix Suns. Both teams fought for the title to rewrite new record of championship. The Bucks won their only title in 1917 while the Suns had never reached the top since it joined the league in 1968. Finally, the Bucks got crowned with a 105-98 victory at game 6, a 4-2 victory at the Finals series. 

How to Watch NBA Playoffs 2021 from Anywhere

U.S. audiences have never worried about how to watch NBA Playoffs 2021 free because they can natively get access to ESPN or other online live streaming service. But some people outside U.S. are struggling to bypass geo-blocking for streaming the league games successfully. Well, follow this page and you can get how to watch 2021 NBA Playoffs and Finals free from any region easily.

Watching NBA Playoffs 2021 live online is much preferred rather than cable subscription. There’re lots of online live streaming services empowering you to watch sports games live without hassle. Where are the best sites to watch 2021 NBA Playoffs and Finals live FREE? Check the list.

ESPN: ESPN wins its popularity as a sports events broadcaster. It offers various game live streams with a coverage of NBA, UEFA EURO, NHL, Olympics and so on. On the official website, you can watch all NBA Playoffs/Finals 2021 games for free, from live matches to highlights. Besides, you can also stream NBA Playoffs 2021 via ESPN app on iOS/Android devices for free.

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Hulu + Live TV: Sports channels (ESPN, ABC, TNT etc.) of Hulu + Live TV deliver great ways to stream live games and watch sports from mainstream leagues, certainly, NBA Playoffs/Finals included. You can use 7-day free trial to enjoy NBA games on this service.

Locast: Unlike other online streaming services, Locast focuses on driving users to watch local on-air television stations over the internet. With it, you can free watch 2021 NBA Playoffs/Finals live online via the access to ABC on the schedule day.

As a matter of fact, ESPN and other services place geo-blocking to prevent people in specific regions from watching and streaming the contents for copyright protection. If you’re outside U.S., it is a probability that you can’t use above mentioned services to watch NBA Playoffs 2021 free. To fix the issue, VPN is a necessity. iTop VPN - one of the leading VPN for Windows, iOS and Android devices -offers the perfect solution helping you stream all 2021 NBA Playoffs games, Finals and even watch live games from anywhere without hassle.

Why can iTop VPN help you watch NBA Playoffs 2021 from anywhere? Most importantly, it delivers the encrypted connection to remote servers in the United State. That is, your original IP can be replaced by a new IP to circumvent geo-blocking to visit ESPN or other free streaming services for watching NBA Playoffs 2021 successfully.

Security is one of the big features of this free VPN. With solid guard for the connection, you can browse websites and view content privately. Your personal information can be well protected. What’s more, Kill Switch is enabled to block the traffic automatically if VPN stops working, which can further prevent your privacy from exposing online.

Stable and reliable servers provided by iTop VPN guarantee good network connection. After connecting to one of those servers, you can enjoy a fast speed to watch NBA Playoffs lives and game videos smoothly without lags or long-time buffering. In addition, it utilizes UDP protocol to fasten the internet speed for live streaming. 

Comparising free VPN vs. paid VPN, iTop VPN can not only help you free watch NBA Playoffs safely from anywhere, but is pretty easy to use featuring a straightforward interface having well-organized function buttons. Even you are a very rookie, you can quickly get started with it.

Plus, as an excellent VPN for streaming, iTop VPN shows the ability to visit any content on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ and other popular services in any region.

Below is the ultimate guide of how to watch NBA Playoffs 2021 online free from anywhere with iTop VPN. Follow it now.

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN on your Windows PC or iOS/Android devices.

Step 2. Open it and click All servers on the left sidebar of the interface.

Step 3. The list of all servers is shown to you. Scroll down to find USA free servers and click Connect. A Second later, the U.S. server is well connected and you can watch NBA Playoffs 2021 for free on ESPN websites or other available streaming services.

Watch NBA Playoffs 2021 Free from Anywhere with VPN


1. You can see a big Connect button placed at the center of the main interface after opening iTop VPN. By default, it will automatically connect to the most stable and fastest server once you tap on Connect button for the built-in smart location engine but the server may be not in the United States. If you need to connect U.S. servers, it is suggested to get from all servers list.
2. You don’t need to create an account and log in to use iTop VPN for watching NBA Playoffs 2021 games. But if you have more requirements, for example, to access to unavailable streaming services or games in your region, you’d better register and upgrade to pro version.

2021 NBA Playoffs started on May 22 and will possibly end on July 22, 2021 if game 7 will happen of the Finals. Check the full schedule and scores of whole 2021 NBA Playoffs below.

First Round

Eastern Conference
May 23 – June 2Philadelphia 76ers vs. Washington Wizards4–1, Philadelphia wins
May 22 – June 1Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics4–1, Brooklyn wins
May 22 – May 29
Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat4–0, Milwaukee wins
May 23 – June 2Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks4–1, Atlanta wins
Western Conference
May 23 – June 2Utah Jazz vs. Memphis Grizzlies4–1, Utah wins
May 23 – June 3Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers4-2, Phoenix wins
May 22 – June 3Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers4-2, Denver wins
May 22 – June 6Los Angeles Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks4-3, LA Clippers wins


Eastern ConferenceJune 6 – June 20Atlanta Hawks vs. Philadelphia 76ers4–3, Atlanta wins
June 5 – June 19Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets4-3, Milwaukee wins
Western ConferenceJune 8 – June 18Los Angeles Clippers vs. Utah Jazz4-2, LA Clippers wins
June 7 – June 13Phoenix Suns vs. Denver Nuggets4-0, Phoenix wins

Conference Finals

Eastern ConferenceJune 23 – July 3Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks4-2, Milwaukee wins
Western ConferenceJune 20 – June 30Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Clippers4-2, Phoenix wins

NBA Finals

Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee BucksJuly 6118 vs. 105, Phoenix leads (1-0)
July 8118 vs. 108, Phoenix leads (2-0)
July 11100 vs. 120, Phoenix leads (2-1)
July 14100 vs. 109, Series tied (2-2)
July 17119 vs. 123, Milwaukee leads (3-2)
July 2098 vs. 105, Milwaukee wins (4-2)

Audiences outside U.S. is probably restricted to visit ESPN or other services to watch NBA Playoffs 2021. iTop VPN makes the mission a reality for it can bypass geo-blocking helping you watch the basketball league games from anywhere with ease. It delivers safe and fast streaming online so that you never need to worry about privacy or streaming interruption errors. Use iTop VPN to connect to the U.S. servers, and you can watch 2021 NBA Playoffs and Finals for free on ESPN or other sites flawlessly.

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