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How to Use VPN Super Unlimited Proxy: Full Review & Best Free Alternative

What can VPN Super Unlimited Proxy do? Is VPN Super Unlimited Proxy safe? How to use VPN Super Unlimited Proxy? All questions can be answered here.

VPN wins better popularity day by day in the modern digital era. It excels in keeping personal information secure and unblocking geographical restrictions when you surf online. There're batches of free VPN providers that help you visit any content on internet anonymously. VPN Super Unlimited Proxy, one solid VPN app available for iOS and Android, gets a good place in the market.

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy

You may have discovered VPN Super Unlimited Proxy. But, if you hesitate to try it due to poor information you get, a thorough review of VPN Super Unlimited Proxy and how to use VPN Super Unlimited Proxy guide will be shown here for your reference.

Friendly Reminder: If you're seeking for VPN Super Unlimited Proxy PC or VPN Super Unlimited Proxy Mac, unfortunately, this VPN provider can't support Windows and macOS. What's more, it doesn't allow simultaneous connections. So, it is highly suggested to get a VPN Super Unlimited Proxy alternative available for PC/Mac/Andriod/iOS and with the support of multiple connections. iTop VPN is such a safe free VPN tool can completely satisfy you. Try it!

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy, developed by Mobile Jump, announces an innovative solution to intelligently hide your traces online when connecting to open Wi-Fi. Also, through it, you can enjoy the freedom to browse any website and watch videos from anywhere. Below is a detailed description of the VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy from some of the user's most concerned issues unfolding, as well as a guide to how to use Super VPN, hurry up and take a look.

▶ What Can VPN Super Unlimited Proxy Offer?

  • Servers

The VPN app provides abundant of servers covering over 70 countries. You can quickly connect to the desired on to bypass censorship from government or school. Many people are concerned about  "Does VPN Super Unlimited Proxy work for Netflix?". Because of various servers, it can work as a VPN to use for Nextflix, Hulu, HBO or other mainstream streaming services to watch online movies and TV shows from anywhere regardless of geo-blocking.  It should be noted that most servers offered by VPN Super Unlimited Proxy are set in the USA and Europe while a few are in Asia (like Singapore and Hong Kong).

VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy

  • Security

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy highlights the feature to enhance the protection of privacy. It uses 256-bit encryption to keep the traffic private which prevents you from being exposed online when connecting an open Wi-Fi. Built-in kill switch can remain anonymous once the sudden disconnection to a server happens. VPN Super Unlimited Proxy also declares that you don't need to register or login and the logs will not be kept.

  • Performance

VPN- Super Unlimited Proxy introduces high-quality servers to deliver fast internet speed. But it is verified that the condition varies from servers in different countries. EU servers show better performance with higher download/upload speed while some Asia servers come across buffering or a few hitches to stream long HD videos according to VPN Super Unlimited Proxy review. It can also prove that EU servers are much more reliable than Asia servers. On the other hand, it grants an IKEvs protocol which can help you get better stability and connection speed.

▶VPN Super Unlimited Proxy Features

Here are the main features of VPN Super Unlimited Proxy in detail, please have a check now!

  • Number of VPN servers: Over 400 servers in 70+ countries

  • Protocols: OpenVPN and IKEv2

  • Security: AES 256-bit encryption

  • Split tunneling: Yes

  • Kill switch: Yes

  • Speed: Not sure (it depends on location)

  • Supports: iOS and Android (not support PC/Mac)

  • No logs policy: Yes, but not secure enough

  • Unlimited time, unlimited data, unlimited bandwidth

  • No registration or login required

  • Customer support: Email only

▶Is VPN Super Unlimited Proxy Safe?

“Is VPN Super Unlimited Proxy safe” is one of the most concerned questions. The security mentioned here is not about protecting privacy when browsing the web but whether the app will bring harmless to your devices.

As a matter of fact, VPN Super Unlimited Proxy is a safe VPN. It offers a clean installation with no virus or any other malicious stuffs.

▶ How to Download VPN Super Unlimited Proxy?

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy is available to download from App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

  1. You can open App Store or Google Play > search VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy > Install.

  2. Visit VPN Super Unlimited Proxy official site. And then, you can find two download buttons for iOS/Android respectively. Tap on the right button depending on your device operation system and download VPN Super Unlimited Proxy from the store.

▶ How to Use VPN Super Unlimited Proxy?

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy is friendly to beginners. The straightforward interface can drive to quickly learn the functions of each button. Only in a few of taps, you can connect to the VPN for viewing or streaming content anonymously with security.

Step 1. Download VPN Super Unlimited Proxy on your iOS or Android device.

Step 2. Launch it and click big connect button on the center of the screen. Once the word turns to be connected, you can get access to any website.

How to Use VPN Super Unlimited Proxy


If you want to change the server, tap the arrow button above the connect button to select another location from the list.

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iTop VPN is a cross-platform VPN provider compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and Nintendo Switch. Similar to VPN Super Unlimited Proxy, it drives you to browse websites, use social networks and stream videos anonymously without any restriction. It utilizes high-level (equal to military-grade) encryption to protect any of your click or activity online. Thus, you can enjoy freedom on the internet with no worry about privacy leaking.

Better than VPN Super Unlimited Proxy, it supports more devices and offers more servers, up to 1800+ all around the world with a more reliable performance.

When you connect to most servers, the solid and fast speed can help you play games, watch HD movies, download videos without any interruption. Certainly, sudden disconnection hardly happens.

How to Use VPN Super Unlimited Proxy iTop VPN on iOS?

Step 1. Download and install the best VPN Super Unlimited Proxy alternative on your device. It is also can be the best free alternative to VPN Super Unlimited Proxy PC used on your  Windows and Mac computer.

Step 2. Open iTop and click connect button to get access to the fastest server automatically.

The Best VPN Super Unlimited Proxy Alternative


1. iTop VPN builds a quick access feature to connect to streaming, social and game servers. Tap on the special options to select the desired server. Or, you can tap on All Servers to check the full list of servers.

2. iTop VPN is also the best free VPN for PC and Mac. You can install this VPN Super Unlimited Proxy PC on Windows and macOS computers to enjoy its features for free.

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy is definitely a useful VPN for iOS users. It can strictly protect you when surfing online without being tracked or hacked. It helps you unblock streaming services for watching content in any region. However, it doesn’t show a pretty great performance and not working issue occurs commonly. iTop VPN - the best VPN Super Unlimited Proxy PC alternative – can lead you to experience faster speed and better stability when connecting to the servers. And, it supports more platforms (iOS, Andriod,  PC, Mac) and up to 5 simultaneous connections. If you are bothered by VPN Super Unlimited Proxy slow connection speed and other issues, iTop VPN is your best choice!

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