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Secure and Efficient VPN Software for PC with Secure Internet Channel

A right VPN service tool will secure internet connection without compromising speeds and privacy. This article will guide you about the best VPN software for PCs.

Using VPN software for PC will provide you unprecedented levels of privacy and freedom online. It helps to hide your IP, location, identity, and location is not observed and controlled by hackers. Besides, the VPN software for PC can act as a guard, so you don't need to worry about exposing your sensitive data and information.

A VPN software conceals all your traffic, which depicts that everything you do online remains private and secure. There are hundreds of VPN software available for PC, and it is obvious to get confused while choosing. This article will help you to pick a VPN software without any fear of getting subordinate service.

Secure VPN Software for PC 

A Virtual Private Network-also called VPN provides you online privacy by creating a private and secure network from a public internet connection. It establishes encrypted connections to deliver greater privacy than a secured Wi-Fi.

VPN software for PC is always necessary when one is surfing the web or executing on the unsecured Wi-Fi network. This leads to the point that you could be disclosing your private details and browsing habits. A VPN creates a data tunnel between the user's local network and an exit node on another side.

Therefore, you need to get VPN software for PC for online freedom of accessing your favorite app on the go. An understanding of VPN software can help you to build a better environment for the internet.

Following are some of the reasons that how VPN helps in better internet surfing and environment

Browsing History

It is obvious that your internet service provider and a web browser can track your every activity on the internet. There are a lot of websites that keep your search history and information tied to your IP address. Moreover, hackers intercept sensitive information to gain access to the credit card or bank account.

With the help of VPN software for PC, you can hide your IP address, location, browsing history just to make sure that no one can access your real IP address.

Protect Online Connections

In this era, Wi-Fi is available everywhere, which is very convenient for all of us. But free Wi-Fi is usually unsecured, which means that the user is putting himself in danger by giving his details whenever he uses it. VPN software uses encryption to secure your connections online to confirm that no one can monitor.

Lessen the Support Costs

Using VPN software for PC helps the business to lessen the cost of maintaining servers. The support can be off-shored to third-party service providers who can support a less cost structure because of many clients.

Secure Torrenting

Torrenting can endanger your privacy if you are not using VPN software. All the members can see your IP address which means they are able to see your country and city. Furthermore, torrenting can be illegal according to your country's law. So, it is better to download free VPN software for PC to get rid of any legal trouble.

Prohibit the Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling is when your internet speed is purposely slowed down by your internet service provider or any other person who can control the network. Sometimes it happens when you visit specific websites or take part in some activities while you are online. If you use VPN software for PC, the traffic coming from the device can be encrypted. Through the use of encryption, other people will not be able to see the websites that are visited.

Network Scalability

The cost of creating a private network grows with the growth of an organization. An internet-based VPNs can allow a company to connect to the network and the routes that are already available to remotely control and international locations in improved coverage and quality.

The fastest and free tool- iTop VPN, allows you to access any content, including music, video, games, social media, with VPN servers. The tool makes your gaming and streaming experience much better with the dedicated servers of Netflix, PUBG, or LOL, etc.

 Best and Fast Windows VPN

iTop VPN does not sell the user's data to any third party and secures your data. It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS to keep your privacy protected. This VPN software for pc offers unlimited bandwidth so you can download, upload or stream without any limits.

The VPN tool is dedicated to protecting our privacy and not tracking our data to sell it. With the lightning speed of the tool, it connects up to 5 devices and allows you to experience secure internet on multiple devices.

Advanced and Free Features of iTop VPN

Here are some features provided by the iTop VPN tool to develop a secure and fast internet experience for you.

Network Solution

iTop VPN aims to provide you with a high level of protection to save your network from hackers, data thefts, etc. It gives you fast and secure access to the internet. You can get ultra-fast streaming so that you would not suffer from buffering or bandwidth throttling.

Kill Switch

The automatic kill feature provides privacy protection and prevents data leaks. It automatically blocks your internet connection to help you from exposing yourself to the web until the VPN connection is re-established. Moreover, the kill switch feature by iTop VPN is always active for a secure connection.

What's My IP

All devices have a unique IP address that acts as your public identity. The iTop VPN tells exact geolocation, as well as country, city, zip code, etc. You can track, locate, and verify an IP address with its detailed information.

Multiple Devices at a Time

Every person is using multiple devices in daily life. It is affordable to secure them with the same VPN service, i.e., iTop VPN provides you the facility to secure up to 5 devices no matter which platform it is.

Pricing Plans

The iTop VPN tool provides you with various plans that you can choose from. It gives you a 7-day trial for free and a 6-month subscription or an annual subscription. You can also cancel the subscription and will be offered a partial refund.

How to Download iTop VPN for Windows?

Following are the steps that you need to follow for VPN software for PC download.

Step 1: Download the VPN from iTop Official Website

Go to the official site of iTop VPN and choose Windows to download the app.

Step 2: Install the VPN

After the completion of the setup download, double click the file to install it on your device.

Step 3: Secure your Internet Connect

Turn on the connection to get connected with the VPN software. It automatically chooses the location to get a fast connection.

 Connection is Secured

Other Secure Alternatives to iTop VPN

There are some more tools that offer VPN services. Some of them are listed below.


This VPN tool works on Windows, Mac, and Android and provides various features to unblock websites, and gives you easy access. It can be connected with 5 devices with 24/7 support. However, the tool has a slow connection on Open VPN. It is not quite a handy tool but must be shortlisted for VPN services.


TunnerBear is a user-friendly VPN service that offers public security to its users. It works on every device with well-designed apps. The service is not good for streamers as it offers only 2 streaming sites unblocked. Also, the TunnelBear does not offer any trial period.

Bitdefender Premium VPN

It is a new VPN service to unblock streaming sites with other full-fledged VPN solutions. Bitdefender Premium VPN offers a 30 days free trial with super-fast network connections. Its support is available 24/7, but the app is not very powerful. However, the service is trying to improve its key features.


This article has concluded the discussion for iTop VPN, which is a VPN software for PC. It is a developed and leading tool which is providing top-notch VPN services to users. In addition, the interface is easy so that no one requires technical knowledge to operate it. After reading it through to the end, you will find no doubts about choosing iTop VPN for your privacy.

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