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Best Russia VPNs for PC & Chrome with Russian Servers Free

Russia VPN enables you to unblock websites and connect to a Russian VPN server. Read the article to learn best free VPNs for Russia on Windows, Chrome, etc.

Recently, the Russian government passed some strict restrictions regarding VPN usage. This has affected several people, especially the ones who live outside of Russia. They face quite a lot of geo-blocking issues because when Russian sites detect any foreign VPN, they instantly block its access. 

VPN Russia Introduction

The tighter the restrictions, the more demand for VPN Russia. It's all justified because people want to access different Russian sites, especially for entertainment purposes. There are some great online Russian moie websites, music, games (Steam especially), and even gambling sites that you'd want to access. To make that possible, today we are here to talk about some of the best afforable and free VPNs for Russia that can work on all devices without any hassle. 

When it comes to the best and the most talked-about VPN Russia, iTop VPN should be on the top of this list. It could be the fastest VPN you have ever seen. You may also find this VPN handy in that its VPN server list contains Russia and it will instantly connect you to the Russian server without any delays. No log of your data, complete encryption of your network, and the protection of your IP from ISP, evident boost of speed, etc., iTop VPN proves itself a competitive VPN in every respect.

Some of the main features this VPN Russia for PC offers are: 

  • It will hide your IP address in Russia

  • Your activity is encrypted 

  • It also works as an ad blocker to block ads in games and movies

  • You can stream any movie once connected to a Russian server

  • You can access blocked st and gaming websites in Russia 


  • Fast and stable connection to a Russian server

  • No data or traffic logging

  • Powerful encryption

  • Unlimited bandwidth 


In a nutshell, if you want the best and the most efficient VPN with Russian servers free then you need to try iTop VPN right away. It’s fast, it’s safe and most importantly, it can help you access all the blocked sites and connect you to the Russian server immediately.

How to Connect to VPN Russia Server and Play Steam Games? E.g., Skyrim

Another usage of a VPN is that you can navigate to different countries, enjoying the cheaper price of games. Russia is such kind of amazing land where most of Steam games are tagged with lower prices. With the best VPN Russia - iTop VPN, you can easily shift your IP to Russia, obtain a discount, and play games like the Elder Scroll V – Skyrim, both cheaper and faster. In addition, apart from Russia, it's also a VPN for Turkey that bypasses censorship and enhances online security.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Download and Install iTop VPN. 

If you want to play Skyrim in Russia (not in the language level), all you have to do is to download and then install iTop VPN on your system or phone. You can head to the Google Play Store or App Store to find this free VPN Russia right away. 

Step 2. Select a Russia Server. 

Launch iTop VPN. Go to All Servers. There are several available Russia VPN servers. Choose one and click on Connect. 

Best VPN Russia for PC - iTop VPN

Step 3. Connect to the Server.

When you click on your desired server, you’ll be connected right away and then you can use it to access any steam games including Skyrim. 

Connect Russia VPN Server

One of the best things about iTop VPN is that it's available for everyone whether you are an iOS device user, or even a Windows or Mac user. This VPN Russia supports even the upcoming versions of Mac so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Another great VPN Russia that can work wonders for you is TunnelBear. If you want the best free VPN to Russia then we'd recommend you to use this VPN as it's not only fast and efficient it comes with some great features too. You can use this VPN on all web pages and just like iTop VPN, even this one will protect and secure your web page data including your IP address. 

Best VPN Russia Chrome TunnelBear

Moreover, it's a very easy-to-use VPN that takes a few seconds to connect you with the Russian server. Some of the features this Russia VPN for Chrome are:

  • Easy access to 41 different servers in Chrome extension

  • Protects your identity and IP address for all webpages

  • Fast connection to VPN servers

  • Easy to switch between servers

  • Free VPN for streaming


  • Fast and stable VPN connection 

  • Strong encryption 

  • Support Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, Chrome


  • It can access a limited number of servers 

If you are someone who wants to access the Russian server through your phone then this is the right place for you to be. There are some great VPN Russia apps that can help you connect to the server of Russia within seconds. 

VPN Russia for iOS App Store – SurfShark

SurfShark is the best and the most affordable VPN Russia you can use to access different Russian websites and apps. It has servers in St Petersburg and Moscow which means that it can unblock some great websites for you. One of the main reasons why you should use SurfShark is that it comes with some strong encryption to protect you and your data. If you want to access sites other than Russia then again, this is the right VPN Russia for you as it comes with servers in a total of 63 countries. Moreover, you can take a test run with this VPN with a 30-day money-back guarantee which is why you should try it right away.

Best iPhone VPN for Russia - Surfshark


  • No log policy 

  • Fast connection 

  • Strong encryption


  • You have to connect it every time you turn on your phone 

VPN Russia for Google Play Store – CyberGhost

If you are an Android user and want an app with the best VPN Russian server then we'd recommend you to try CyberGhost. You can use this free VPN to change location easily. Its servers are connected to more than 60 countries around the globe. Furthermore, it comes with quite strong encryption protocols and it comes fully packed with DNS leak protection along with a kill switch. 

Best Android VPN for Russia - CyberGhost


  • Easy to use and connect 

  • Simple interface 

  • Provides excellent DNS protection


  • The speed is slow sometimes 

These are some great VPN Russia that you should try right away. However, iTop VPN is still on the top of the list and it's the best as it's available for all users. Whether you are an Android user, an iOS user, or someone who uses Windows or Mac, you can easily install iTop VPN and get the best use out of it. 


Where to get a free VPN for Russia to access all websites with no restirction? Here, we introduce the best Russia VPNs with safe and fast connection to deliver you a super good user experience. And, iTop VPN is one of the best free VPN for PC for some of its really great features that you'd definitely like to use. And, it is a cross-platform tool that you can access Russian network or access restricted websites, apps, games in Russia on Mac, iOS without any trouble. On the other hand, there’s TunnelBear that helps you access multiple servers all around the globe. Then there are two best VPNs for mobile users-SurfShark and CyberGhost. Both provide excellent speed and have a very strong encryption policy. If you want to connect to VPN Russia server without any hassle then try iTop VPN right away. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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