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3 Best Free VPN Malaysia - Top-Rated VPNs to/in Malaysia IP

Which is the best free VPN Malaysia? See 3 Malaysia VPNs to surf the internet with fast speed, safe connection, unlimited bandwidth, no-logs policy.

Many local websites in Malaysia are restricted. Other websites and streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer available in the UK cannot be accessed successfully with Malaysia IP address. Besides, it’s not safe to use Wi-Fi hotspots in the country to surf the internet or share files. These are just some of the important reasons proving a Malaysia VPN is necessary, whether you travel to or live in Malaysia. 

VPN Malaysia

The article, according to the speed, price, and features, lists 4 top-recommended VPNs for Malaysia that provide an encrypted channel to make sure all your online activities are private and safe. Some of them are free Malaysia VPNs.

iTop VPN is one Malaysia VPN free recommended for unlimited free trial and high-level security. Kill Switch can be switched on to protect data leakage when the VPN stops working. No-log policy is clear, no data record or track is allowed.

UDP, TCP, HTTPS, the main VPN network protocols are available with the best free PVN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, so you can choose one that suits your needs and enjoy the best experience. If you have no idea of specific purpose, choose the auto mode to match one server that gives stable, fast, and secure connection.

Split tunneling of the VIP version can be used to manage your VPN connection on a per-app basis to guarantee the fast speed of download actions. The price is surprising with the approach of Halloween. The price of a 2-year VIP VPN subscription order costs $49.89 ( from $55.44) in total, 1-month order $11.99, and 6-month order $41.99.

Pros of iTop VPN:

  • Fast VPN free                                       

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Ads block

  • IP checker

  • DNS protection

  • P2P support

  • No sign & login

Cons of iTop VPN:

  • The free version allows only 700MB data daily

ExpressVPN, launched in 2009, has been one of the leading VPN brands for its fast speed, compatibility with multiple devices, and wide range of servers all over the world. Up to now, it supports VPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and more platforms. It has 160 VPN server locations in 94 countries, including Malaysia.

ExpressVPN for Malaysia

Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN has no data retention laws, so it complies with strict no-log policy. The product itself uses an advanced encryption standard with 256-bit keys, protecting your info and activities from hacking or censoring. Hence, you can browse any site safely and realize online freedom in Malaysia and other countries, also claimed as the best UAE VPN.

Of course, the price of the product is a little higher, which is natural. One-month order costs $12.95, 6-month order, $59.95 in total, and 12-month order $99.95. Multiple methods of payments can be selected: credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and others. One account supports 5 devices simultaneously.

Pros of ExpressVPN:

  • Fast and secure

  • High speed

  • Available on many devices, including Router

Cons of ExpressVPN:

  • Not so many customizable features

  • A little expensive

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NordVPN is famous for its huge number VPN servers distributed all over the world: 5100+ servers in 60 countries, Malaysia VPN included. Ultimate privacy is guaranteed, no worry about the local government or IPSs spying on your online activity. With CyberSec technology, malicious websites are blocked to visit.

NordVPN for Malaysia

Using the Malaysia VPN, you can realize internet freedom, unblock websites and streaming sites like Netflix to enjoy latest popular TV show squid game without geo-restriction.

You can download NordVPN on many operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome or so. One subscription allows 6 devices to use at the same. A 1-month plan is billed $11.95, a 1-year plan $59 for the first year, and $99 in total. 

Pros of NordVPN:

  • Onion over VPN

  • Top-notch privacy & security

  • Cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment

Cons of NordVPN:

  • Abysmal speed in Malaysia

  • P2P support, obfuscated, double VPN features are not available for Malaysia VPN

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Having introduced the 3 VPNs for Malaysia, here we take iTop VPN as an example to demonstrate the detailed steps to start unlimited free VPN trial. Easy to use, fast connection speed, unlimited bandwidth.

Step 1: Download the free VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android and install it.

Step 2: Click the All Servers option and input Malaysia in the search box, then choose the connect button on the right of. That’s done. Browse any content you like with the fast VPN free.

Malaysia VPN.png

Before connecting to the Malaysia VPN, upgrade to the VIP version, where you enjoy more features like ads block, split tunneling, Kill Switch, P2P torrenting, and static or dynamic IP.

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End Up

Whether you travel, work or live in Malaysia, installing a VPN app on your device is necessary to hide IP, stay secure online, and unblock any content you want. The most recommended Free VPN Malaysia is iTop VPN which uses IPv6 connection for a higher level of security and speed.

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