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What Is Kill Switch? Best VPN with Kill Switch to Protect Your Safety [PC/Mobile]

Why kill switch is important? Looking for a best VPN with kill switch? Try the best free VPN with kill switch in this post to improve your network security.

Technically, it protects your internet security by immediately disable/ break down the internet connection when your VPN service temporarily or accidently shutting down. In order to improve our internet security, even a free VPN with kill switch could be handy in that case. The post will take you to the best free VPN forWindows with kill switch.

VPN With Kill Switch Is Necessary

Generally speaking, when you connect to the internet with a VPN, instead of your connection establishes at your local ISP’s (Internet service provider) server to the internet, your connection will be redirected to the VPN (Virtual Protocol Network) provider’s server. The VPN with kill switch will encrypt your data packs before your transmission, and decrypt after the data arrive at its destination.Your data security can benefit from having a VPN with a kill switch, even a free VPN with kill switch because:

VPN With Kill Switch - Function

  1. Your data will be encrypted during the whole transmission.

  2. Your proxy will be redirected to a server away from your actual location, even someone intercept your data pack & encrypt it (nearly impossible), your personal information & address will not leak / your financial information wouldn’t be tracked by an identity stealer.

  3. Some ISP will set a restriction to block you to visit a certain website, or limit your connection to certain internet services, for example, online games, video streaming like Netflix, Hulu. A free VPN with kill switch will bypass these problems.

As a reactive tool that refers to the cybersecurity domain, when your VPN with kill switch accidentally dropped due to some reasons, the VPN kill switch will immediately cut all data flow and terminate the connection. So that hackers & identity thefts would not crack your data & get anything useful even you are not covered by VPN protection since the connection will be terminated immediately after VPN is dropped. The VPN kill switch gives no time window to hackers to crack down your security through the internet to your computer.

VPN With Kill Switch - Protect You From Hackers

By research, In 2020, the number of digital assets exposed by cybercriminals rose by 141% from the previous year. According to Risk Based Security, resulting in approximately 37 billion compromised records. Because of that, a VPN kill switch software has become an incredibly important tool for individuals and businesses to protect personal information and safeguard confidential data. For general internet users, to pick up a free VPN with kill switch is also important to your data safety.

Though you can have a VPN service without software but a VPN login information that you can manually setup in Windows , but if you want to use a VPN service that has a kill switch feature, you must use a VPN service that comes with a standalone client Also the economic factor could be taken into concern, a free VPN with kill switch is the best option in this case.  For how to choose a proper VPN in the market, you can take some Windows VPN review for reference.

Here I would like to introduce an appropriate VPN service with a kill switch feature to protect your internet security – iTop VPN

The iTop VPN is a rising VPN service provider which comparably has the best cost-efficiency & highest level of security protection with a free VPN kill switch. And it has become one of the best fast free VPN for PC & mobile. 

iTop VPN is the Best Free VPN with Kill Switch

The iTop VPN is available on both Windows and Mac OS. You don't need to learn some rocket science to use the iTop VPN, just download the VPN for Windows it on their official website, install the iTop VPN with free kill switch, run it and click the “Connect” button. Then you will be connected to their secure servers. It can run on both Windows 10 & Windows 7 with no problem.

iTop VPN kill switch function

The iTop VPN takes the advantage of adapting bank-level security standards, which means that your important personal information is encrypted and protected using the same banking industry-standard technology, including the free VPN kill switch.

iTop Free VPN Kill Switch Feature

There will be no worry that hackers & scammers would possibly intercept your private data through the secured connection. And your classified personal information would not expose to the government institutions & agencies which collect & gather your information.

iTop VPN Safety Protection

Besides the free VPN kill switch, iTop VPN has offered series of security tool for you to enhance internet security. Also, your real location and physical IP address will be covered up and your ISP will not able to locate your real IP. Thus, the ISP will not be able to intercept your data package and monitor your online activities. You'll get trouble if your data & personal information leaked to big companies for their accurate advertisement delivery & potential harassment.

iTop VPN with kill switch also has the Ads Block function, The iTop VPN AdBlocker will block the internet Ads when you surfing the internet, also reduced the financial threat from phishing website, and keep the NSFW content away. Besides the Ads Blocker, a Browser Privacy Cleaner is also provided in iTop VPN in order to clean up all privacy trace on your browser. In case your private information left on your browser has been stolen by hackers.

iTop – Real Free-to-Use VPN

As a VPN with kill switch free, the iTop VPN offers 700 Megabytes of free data traffic which resets every day. That is a pretty good deal since 700 megabytes could cover most of your internet usage.

iTop VPN with Free Kill Switch is Free to Use

Also, the iTop VPN has no speed limit for unloading & downloading, which could be handy in many situations. As one the most outstanding competitor, the iTop VPN with kill switch free, achieved as its success in the best unlimited free-to-use VPN in 2024.

iTop VPN offers almost all kinds of cutting-edge secure protection: Bank-level-protection, kill switch, browser cleaner, ad blocker. Everything you could have for enhancing your network security is included. I would like to introduce, and strongly recommend you to have a try if you need a VPN which has a kill switch to protect you!

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