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What Is A Geo-blocking? How to Bypass the Geo-Blocking With iTop VPN?

What is geo-blocking? How does the geo-blocking working? Use iTop VPN to bypass the geo-blocking & to access the geo-blocked resource.

If you are a global traveler who travels around the world with the internet. Or you are an internet hardcore, who dabbles in many different domains & especially interested in subcultures & memes. Then you should be familiar with the geo blocking of the internet.

There are some good examples of how does a geo blocking works. For instance, when you watching online streamings like Netflix, Hulu, you will always have different categories in different countries. For example, you are not able to watch Star Trek: Discovery anywhere outside the United States. Nor to watch Pokémon Journeys in the U.S. since it is only available on Netflix in Japan. And there are over 5000 titles in the Netflix American shop, but there are only 2000+ movies & shows on Italy Netflix catalogs. 

Use VPN to Bypass Geo-blocking

Not only online streaming contents, but computer video games are also geo-blocked in many cases. On the world's biggest digital game distribution service platform, Steam, a digital copy of the Red Dead Redemption 2 is $40.19 in the U.S. but it sells only $30.86 in Brazil. And this game is not even available in Vietnam at all.

Use VPN to Bypass Geo-blocking

If you live in countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, or Saudi Arabia and you are using social networking software, you might be facing a problem that the majority of the social networking software is not available in these regions. None of the SNS services like Facebook, Twitter, even Google is accessible in China due to the geo blocking led by the government. It is not hard to explain why free VPN is popular in those countries.

The reasons why internet content gets blocked & isn’t available regionally is very complex. In general, it could conclude as follows:

  •  Government leading regional block: There is regional content censorship due to sovereign country's internal policies & geopolitical disputation. For example, in 2009, the Chinese government banned Google China in the name of not being obliged to Chinese cyber security law. The Indian government banned over 100 Chinese mobile Apps in India, including the popular mobile TPS game PUBG "Mobile" due to “potential threats to Indian cybersecurity”.

  • Geo block due to intellectual property protection: Regional exclusive may possibly be due to intellectual property protection & financial benefit concern. A classical sample is, due to the serious intellectual property infringement issue, some East-European countries are excluded & limited by some online content distribution platforms. For example, Steam offering different pricing for the same games in different countries for its pricing strategy. A legit game copy could be sold twice the price in the United States than it in Russia. Due to the difference in purchasing power, Valve has geo blocked other countries’ online stores & payment methods except for your resident country.

  • Geo block due to cultural difference: Different regions have different customs & environments. The religious sensitive content could become controversial in theocracy countries. so companies would like to prevent sensitive content appeared in religious regions in case if there could have any potential argument. Contents that contain potentially aggressive/ offensive factors like against LGBT group, handicapped group, or any specific group & individual could possibly be restricted by content provider regionally for possible public relations matters. Some internet service will ask users geo-location information like GPS coordinate, will compromise because of confidential purpose. Nintendo’s Pokemon GO has blocked many countries & areas because of military/ confidential facility/private property, etc...

Use VPN to Bypass Geo-blocking- iTop

Generally speaking, geo-blocking is a technology that restricts access to Internet content based upon the user's geographical location. It happens both in-ward and out-ward. Government & companies check your geographical location by detecting your IP address or sniffing your geo-location through your data routed to a DNS server. Thus if you want to access geo-blocking contents in a restricted area, like watch Netflix abroad in blocked countries, you will need a special tool like the VPN to do the assistance, like a geo-blocking VPN which unblock the regional block. Since the VPN could be useful to cover your IP & offer a reroute to your data provide a private tunnel to hide where you at instead of a public DNS server and expose your geographical location. 

As we know the UAE has stirct internet restriction, read Best Free United Arab Emirates VPNs  to access internet content in UAE.

Talk about how to bypass geo-blocking, the easiest & economical way is to use the iTop VPN. And your purpose of bypassing geo-blocking should be taken into concern. The iTop VPN has considered one of the most economical choices among all its Windows VPN competitors because it is completely free-to-use & offers 700 megabytes every day as free traffic. And, the iTop VPN asks no user credit card information. Comparatively, other VPN services, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, will ask you to subscribe to their monthly service and promise only a 30-days money-back guarantee. After 30 days and they can automatically bill your credit card for the service fee.

Use VPN to Bypass Geo-blocking

From the cost-efficiency perspective, the iTop VPN has enhanced geo-blocking penetrate features. For instance, the iTop VPN supported both social network, online streaming, and online gaming anti geo-blocking service. Not like other VPNs that offer only geo-location selection, the iTop VPN is a geo-blocking optimized VPN and their proxies & servers are specialized to face the challenge of geo-blocking technics.

Use VPN to Bypass Geo-blocking- iTop

Geo-Blocking Options Which iTop VPN offered

Streaming: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, Peacock, Formula One...
Social Networking: WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK...
Gaming: PUBG, Roblox, COD Warzone, Genshin Impact...

Meanwhile, iTop VPN isn’t a VPN service that serves only the purpose of bypassing geo-blocking, it works brilliantly on protecting your privacy through adapting high level (Banking level protection) security protection & proxies with safe tunnels & servers provided. Anyway, a solid geo-blocking promise means a better quality in VPN infostructure (real physical servers, structured route, etc…).

Use VPN to Bypass Geo-blocking

The security toolbox the iTop VPN offers can be helpful when you are troubled with privacy issues and phishing advertisements, or even DNS hijack. Need to mention that some of the advanced features will need users to upgrade to a premium account.

The geo-blocking is real and it is just everywhere. Not only because the authority wants to limit you to reach the information than you want you to. But more likely the businessmen & capitals use geo-blocking to protect their interests. If you need a tool to break the geo-blocking or need good geo blocking VPN to bypass restrictions, then the iTop VPN will be the most radical option for you.

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