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VPN Free Online: No Download Free VPN Chrome Extension

Looking for a VPN free online? Read the articles and utilize free VPN Chrome Extensions to change location, unblock games, and protect your privacy.

People have been deeply bothered by online privacy and digital security in recent decades. On the one hand, Internet Service Providers and governments strictly monitor and trace all internet activities. Many people complain they don't have any privacy on the internet. On the other hand, people have an increased risk of getting hacked, which has led to more data breaches or monetary losses. Apart from this online surveillance and hacker threats, people also face geographic and DNS firewall restrictions to accessing some websites. Under these circumstances, a free VPN online is extremely necessary for internet users. So the article gives a comprehensive guide on using a VPN free online to protect your privacy and unblock websites. Continue reading and learn the best VPN for browsers and other devices.

Free VPN Online

iTop VPN is the best VPN free online for the Chrome browser. With the powerful VPN extension, people can hide their identities and online activities, avoid government censorship, escape data or bandwidth-throttling, break region-restricted contents, and more.

The followings are the main features of iTop free VPN online

Free VPN online no payment

It is not a publicity stunt. The iTop VPN is a rare VPN in the market that provides truly free VPN no sign up services for VPN users. There are several free VPN online servers including United States and United Kingdom. No credit card is required. Hence, you can enjoy free and fast VPN connections without spending a penny!

1800+ servers to unblock favorite websites easily

The iTop VPN has more than 1800 optimized servers covering 100+ locations worldwide, including some of the most popular countries like the USA, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Brazil, etc.

10x faster speed to surf the internet

Those using iTop VPN free online don’t need to compromise on speed. According to the statistics on Fastest VPN Guide, iTop VPN has achieved a speed of 100Mbps on average. People can get a lightning-fast speed for gaming, streaming, browsing, working, socializing, etc.

Strong encryption to surf the internet anonymously

The iTop VPN has military-grade encryption technology to encrypt your internet traffic and prevent you from being traced by internet service providers, governments, hackers, advertisers, and other online service providers.

Built-in ads blocker to block annoying ads

When people browse web pages, the ad blocker can help block malicious ads and annoying pop-ups, ensuring a green internet environment.

Dedicated streaming, social, gaming servers

One of the strengths of iTop VPN free online is the dedicated servers. Unlike shared internet IPs, dedicated servers have dedicated IP addresses to provide more reliable and stable connections. Therefore, people can get a faster internet experience.

Automatic Kill Switch to enhance security

Kill Switch is an advanced security function to prevent data leakages when the VPN service stops working. It will automatically cut off the traffic tunnel until the VPN connection is restored, thus, protecting your privacy against snoopers and hackers.  

Browser privacy to clean up traces

The VPN free online supports clearing browsing history, searching data, cookies, caches, etc. You  can delete privacy traces and stops snoopers from stealing your online records.

So, is it simple to install the free VPN online extension? How to use the iTop free VPN online server for connection? Here is a step tutorial. Go through the guide and learn how to hide your IP address, unblock global content, and protect your browser privacy with iTop VPN.

Step 1

Go to the Google chrome web store, input iTop VPN in the searching box, and search. Then, select the result: “iTop VPN - Best Free VPN Chrome Extension” and click the “Add to Chrome” blue button. Next, please confirm to add the extension in the pop-up window.

Search and Add Free iTop VPN Online

Step 2

Once successfully adding the iTop VPN extension to the Chrome browser, you will see the iTop VPN icon appearing on the toolbar.

Open Free VPN Extension

Step 3

Choose one of the free VPN online servers and enable the VPN connection. When the connect button turns green, your IP address is disguised, and your internet traffic is protected with military-grade encryption. If you want to disable the connection, toggle off the connection button accordingly.

Connect to Free VPN Online

While using the iTop VPN free online, you might have purchased a premium plan to enjoy 1800+ VPN servers and 10x faster internet speed. Those who click the “Upgrade Now” button can subscribe to the premium plan at a great discount. Premium plans are available in 3-month, 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month at $6.00/mo (50% discount), $3.99/mo ( 65% discount), $2.31/mo (80% discount), and $1.66/mo (86% discount), respectively.

Besides using VIP accounts online, people can also download the iTop VPN applications on different devices for comprehensive protection. The iTop VPN apps support desktop and mobile devices. Whether you use the VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, you can always find a compatible native software program.

The iTop VPN desktop and mobile applications have more customized options than the VPN free online version. For instance, people can modify their VPN network protocols to TCP, UDP, HTTPS, or Auto based on their demands. TCP has high-level privacy protection for most users. UDP provides ultra-fast speed for browsing, gaming, streaming, and working. HTTPS has double encryption for data transmission. Besides, the iTop VPN apps support advanced privacy protection configurations, including split tunneling, DNS Protection, and more. DNS protection can prevent your system DNS settings from being modified. Split Tunneling allows you to route part of your internet traffic and better manage the VPN connection. What’s more, the iTop VPN apps have also designed quick access links to a number of websites faster, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Paramount+, Disney+, HBO Max, etc. 


To sum up, the article introduces the best VPN free online: iTop VPN and a guide on how to connect to iTop's free VPN online servers. To confront heightened cybersecurity threats, using iTop VPN free online is necessary. Using iTop VPN extension helps protect browser privacy and access websites securely. However, if you want to get top-class data encryption on all your devices, it is highly recommended to download and install corresponding safe VPN apps.

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