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Fast & Stable VPN for Video: Unblock Streaming Platforms and Videos [Free]

Want to unblock streaming platforms and enjoy thousands of videos? Just download a VPN for video, so you could watch movies unavailable in your region.

Due to the licensing rights or local laws restrictions, some videos are unavailable to watch in some countries. Hence, people will need a VPN for video to unblock movies they want to watch. A trusted VPN can provide a private network with virtual locations and hide online activities by encrypting your traffic. Therefore, if you wish to play a video of a specific country and enjoy movies that interest you most, just simply choose a corresponding server of that country to disguise your IP address. 

This will cover the reasons why do you need a VPN for video and introduce the best VPN for video streaming and how to use it in detail. Read on.

VPN for Video

Generally speaking, you will need a VPN for video for three reasons: data privacy, video accessibility, and smart savings. Let’s talk about them one by one. 

Data Privacy

Your video history could somewhat reflect your likes, dislikes, and even purchase behavior. For instance, you probably want to buy a new iPhone if you have recently watched the Apple iPhone 13 Launch Event. However, you may not aware that this sensitive personal information is being collected, analyzed, and sold to hundreds of companies by data brokers. Hence, it is necessary for you to have a VPN for Video for data protection. 

Video Accessibility

On the other hand, VPN for iOS/Android/PC can break geographic restrictions and allow you to access more films that are not available in your regions, especially in countries like China, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Turkmenistan, where YouTube is banned.

Smart Savings

Besides, VPN for video helps you save more money. By changing your IP address to Argentina, you could pay less Netflix subscription fee because Argentina is the cheapest country to get Netflix.

There are many VPNs available on Windows computers, Android devices, and iPhones. For example, iTop VPN is a free VPN for videos that aims to provide people with a fast and stable Internet connection. It is the best VPN for video streaming that helps people unlock major streaming platforms such as Disney Plus, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Peacock, etc. With unlimited high-speed bandwidth, people could enjoy watching videos to the full without the concern of a data cap. Besides, the built-in monitoring program Kill Switch keeps your traffic secure by immediately switching off the Internet access when it detects you disconnect with it.

In brief, iTop VPN protects your identity, real locations, and online activities from revealing. The followings are some highlights that we will illustrate in detail about the free VPN for videos. 


Besides providing a fast and stable network, iTop VPN is also the best free VPN for Windows that allows you to access videos from anywhere in the world at any time without imposing a frustrating bandwidth limit on you. 

Safe & Secure

Requiring no signup and login, you could directly connect to iTop VPN for video and stay completely anonymous when you stream videos online. All your internet activities are protected with military-grade encryption, which is the highest security level. In addition, iTop VPN offers anti-malware protection and automatically fixes your system bugs to prevent your computer from being hacked or tracked. 

Global Video Streaming 

With iTop VPN for Android or iOS, you could break the geographic restrictions and watch your favorite videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, Funimation, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, etc. 

No Bank Card or Personal Information Required

Unlike other free VPN for videos, iTop VPN only collects non-personal information like cookies to improve its services. Sensitive information such as your real IP address, browsing history, banking information will never be logged when you utilize iTop VPN.

1800+ Servers, 100+ Locations, up to 5 Devices

The iTop VPN has worldwide coverage with over 1800 network servers in more than 100 locations. With only one VPN license, the free VPN for videos allows you to connect to a maximum of five devices, giving you a great streaming experience.

iTop VPN supports installation on multiple devices, including Android phones, iOS devices, and Windows computers. By following the simple three steps below, you could enjoy libraries of mainstream streaming services and access millions of videos worldwide. In this part, we will take Windows computers as an example to demonstrate how to use a safe VPN for video. 

Step 1 Download and Installation

Free download iTop VPN and follow the wizard to complete the installation.

Step 2 Choose a Server & Turn VPN on

Select a server according to your needs. Under the Home tab, you could click the “For Streaming” option to expand a list of proxy servers exclusive for streaming. For example, if you want to watch Netflix shows, choose any Netflix server in the list and click the connect button to connect to the server. 

Use iTop VPN for Video Step 2

Step 3 Enjoy Surfing 

Once connected successfully, a surfing protection notification will pop up, and now you can enjoy streaming services with no buffering.

Use iTop VPN for Video Step 3


Nowadays, some people spend their free time watching streaming videos on the Internet. using a VPN for video not only helps them break the geographic restrictions and unlock major streaming platforms but also allows them to hide from government surveillance and protect their online activities. 

iTop VPN is a free VPN for videos that you could wholly rely on regarding its security. Due to its no-logging policy, your data will never be tracked, stored, or sold. We strongly recommend you download the best VPN for video streaming and enjoy the global connection with unlimited high-speed bandwidth.  

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