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How to Use the Best Free VPN for Valorant to Play Anywhere Safely with Low Ping?

iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Valorant, offering global servers to play Valorant & games anywhere. Check the top 3 VPN for Valorant free with low ping now.

Valorant is a popular, free-to-play character-based tactical shooter game. It was developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows on June 2, 2020. It is reported that Valorant has reached 14 million monthly active players in its first year, meanwhile, Riot Games announced that they will be bringing the action-packed game to mobile devices, which for sure, will attract more players around the world. 

With the rapid growth of game users from all over the world, there are some issues too. For example, some countries like Iran are blocked to play Valorant, or you may face high ping in Valorant, or cannot play Valorant with players in other countries. Don’t worry, all you needed is a VPN for Valorant. This article is going to explain how to improve your Valorant game experience by using the best VPN for Valorant Reddit.

iTop VPN for Valorant Gaming Servers.png

Here are detailed steps to use iTop VPN for Valorant to play in a different region.

Step 1: Download iTop VPN. Visit the official website of iTop VPN, download and install iTop VPN software on your device.

Step 2: Select Server. Sign in to your iTop VPN and connect to a server of your choice. It’s recommended to connect to the closest server to your physical location for a faster speed experience.

iTop VPN for Valorant All Servers

iTop VPN also provides optimized gaming servers for games like PUGB, Roblox, Warzone, LOL, etc. 

iTop VPN for Valorant Gaming Servers

Step 3: Create a new Valorant account.

Visit Riot’s Valorant website and create a new Valorant account under the region of your choice. Download the Valorant desktop app and launch the game while your PC is connected to VPN. Enjoy, you are ready to play now! You can switch Riot regions by changing the VPN server location and create a new free Riot account.

iTop Free VPN for Valorant - Fastest Gaming Experience Anywhere

Users can make a new Valorant account which registered to a different region to play the game by concealing their real IP address from Valorant’s servers. For example, if you are in Iran where Valorant is blocked to play or you are in Egypt, where VoIP is restricted by the government and cause the in-game chat feature to be unavailable, with iTop fast VPN free, you can simply change your virtual location and create a new free Riot account.

The Best VPN for Valorant - iTop VPN.png

With the fast servers in over 100 locations around the world, including Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Germany, France, UAE, Japan, etc, you can play Valorant anywhere or unblock Minecraft. iTop VPN also supports up to 5 devices connected simultaneously so users could make the most use of the VPN for Valorant.  

Please bear in mind, route your traffic via the VPN server on its way to Valorant’s servers will generally cause your Ping to rise, to reduce the Ping time, VPN for Valorant must have plenty of fast servers around the world, by connecting to a VPN server that is closer to the gaming server, it is possible to sometimes improve your ping. iTop, as a VPN Valorant free, provides the fastest network protocol with high stability and no latency, which allows users to find the fastest connection and don’t suffer from game lag.

iTop Free VPN for Valorant - Safety

An ideal VPN for Valorant will always protect users to play Valorant safely with low ping and keep users secure behind the scenes. iTop VPN, the top VPN for PC, provides military-grade encryption with no-logs that protects users’ personal information from leakage.

The Kill Switch would automatically cut off all the connection tunnels and stop traffic from leaving or entering your device when you are disconnected unexpectedly. The iTop VPN is a really free VPN for Valorant, it provides a free data pack of 700 Megabytes, which resets every day. You could keep enjoying the free service from iTop VPN after reaching the data limit. There is also a 3-day VPN for Windows free trial for you to try before making a purchase.

Free VPN for Valorant.png

-Will I get banned if I use a VPN for Valorant?

Rest assure you will not get banned, Riot’s terms of service so far allow users to use VPN to play Valorant. However, it could be changed at any time. Be aware that you can’t play Valorant unless Vanguard is running as it’s an anti-cheat software blocking apps that give players an unfair advantage during the game. Vanguard will not collect any data and you can turn it off when you are not playing the game.

-Does the best VPN for Valorant reduce ping?

Generally, even the best VPN for Valorant will not totally reduce ping. iTop VPN will always keep the ping time reasonable low so users won’t get interrupted by lag during the game. However, your gameplay will be faster and more responsive by using iTop VPN if you are facing bandwidth restrictions.

-Can I use a completely free VPN for Valorant?

Basically, you can play Valorant with a completely free VPN. As the best free VPN for Windows and VPN for Mac, the iTop VPN provides a free data pack of 700 Megabytes, which resets every day. You could keep enjoying the free service from iTop VPN after reaching the data limit. However, we will recommend subscribing to iTop VPN for more server location options and unlimited data and bandwidth.

Are you a Valorant game lover but living in a country that has a Valorant block, or VoIP blocks? Are you frustrated to find out can’t switch region due to game developer’s restriction? Are you facing internet slow, image delay, or game lags? Quickly go and download the VPN for Valorant - iTop VPN. Try it out and you will get a more enjoyable gameplay experience with this VPN free for Valorant!

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