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Best PUBG Mobile VPN Help You Access It in Banned Countries | No Restriction

Download the best PUBG VPN to play PUBG in banned countries. Know more tips and tricks to get the top PUBG Mobile VPN download PC in the article.

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The one which is considered the origin of modern battle royal tactic shooting game today. The PUBG was a game that brings gaming to a new level. Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone. Many online shooting games were inspired by PUBG. The PUBG, sure it is, has become an epic through its birth, grown up to the No.1 online shooting game. Today, about 50 million PUBG players need to use a PUBG VPN to play PUBG in certain regions. 


How to get and use a fast free VPN for PUBG for PUBG gameplay in banned countries? Check the following content to bypass the country limitation with the help of PUBG VPN download free.

Brendan Greene, the father of PUBG & battle royal tactical shooting game mechanics, could never believe that his game could become a phenomenon when he was created his first PUBG version in 2013.

In the PUBG, your target is to survive to the last with your teammates. You land in a battle arena with nothing but your parachute, you need to collect armor, weapons, and ammunition to survive in this game. The battle zone will shrink in size and the one and their team who stands at the last will win the game. 


One exciting thing is, in PUBG, you will get a chance to meet players all around the world. You are very likely to have a team that each member is both come from different countries, communicate with clustered English, share supply with you & cover you during the battle or shenanigans your teammates. Trust me, you can get lot of fun from this international communication. This cross-culture experience is sure an irreplaceable experience of PUBG. By using a PUBG mobile VPN download PC will allow you to safely connect to the server overseas, to play with your friend on the other side of this planet without the DDoS attacks.


Now the PUBG is the greatest hit. The daily user of PUBG PC has reached the peak of 3.24 million players, that was only the data of steam players. The PUBG mobile was released on February 9, 2018 and it was a great shock and soon became the most popular mobile game in many places in the world. So, the VPN PUBG is somehow needed for players connect to the best VPN for PUBG, you can download the best VPN for iOS for PUBG mobile gameplay. 

Especially developing countries like Pakistan, India, Vietnam since players don’t need to purchase expensive computer hardware & can easily access the game with their hand-hold equipment like mobile phones and portable tablets at a cheaper cost (and some of them will need best VPN for PUBG free download on mobile). The PUBG mobile is so successful and the PUBG’s user base has expanded dramatically after the PUBG mobile version was released. According to Wikipedia, until June 2021, there are 1 billion registered users for PUBG mobile, surpassed Pokémon Go became the most played mobile game in history. And then, this game are seriously banned in some countries, and that could be the reason you will need a PUBG VPN mobile. 

PUBG has got banned in many countries & regions due to its violent presence and possible sensitive contents. For instance, none of the other video games get banned in Afghanistan except PUBG. In Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned PUBG as it received complaints that the game was too addictive and had adverse health effects on children's physical and psychological health. In Nepal, PUBG got banned after a verdict by the Kathmandu district court on a PIL by the Metropolitan Crime Division. India banned PUBG after the China-India border conflict in 2020. That's why you would like to have a best free VPN PUBG mobile in India, like the iTop VPN.

Best PUBG VPN Mobile

PUBG is Banned in India and you will need a PUBG VPN to play it. The Government of India said the PUBG Mobile Application was engaged in activities that are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity, defense, and security of the country. Many researchers believe the real concern of the Indian government behind this ban is to pose a counter-attack which targets the increasing tension of the India-China relationship, As the Chinese game giant Tencent owned the PUBG Interlectural property and other 100 APP from China was banned in India in the same time. Also, according to the report from Business Today, other countries where the game is banned include China, Korea, Jordan, Israel, and Iraq. Thus, to play PUBG in those countries, you might like to have a free VPN which able to bypass the country restrictions.

If you are living or traveling to a country that technically banned PUBG & PUBG Mobile, a VPN for PUBG could help you out. Technically a VPN will disguise your current location & encrypt your in/out data to bypass the firewall which local government set up. But does all VPN support PUBG specifically? Absolutely not. The majority of VPN service providers offer only the “bypass the block” feature but do care about the gaming performance. Connection problems like lags, packet loss, and high ping are frequently happening.

Is there a PUBG mobile VPN downolad free that specifically optimized for PUBG mobile region crack & speed boost? Yes, there is. If you need a VPN PUBG mobile that can help you both break the country ban and network acceleration, then the iTop VPN will be a perfect helper for you to enjoy the PUBG mobile as well as free streaming.

pubg never say gooby.jpg

Through the PUBG PC haven't banned by any country yet. But still you might like to use a VPN to spoof your geographical location for playing the PUBG PC with your friend who live aboad of your country. As we said to play with multi-cultural teammates would be a great fun to enjoy. If you will like to play PUBG PC with foreign friends or play in a server other than the one located near your habitant, to use iTop VPN, the most secure VPN, to play PUBG PC with VPN service would be a proper solution.

Know detailed feature about this best PUBG mobile VPN download.

  • Deciated PUBG servers to level up your gaming experience, no lag, no fps drop, and no lantency.

  • 1800+ servers scattered in 100+ regions that enable you to play PUBG under the protection of PUNG VPN from any corner in the world.

  • AES-256 bit encryption cut off the possibilites of leaking privay and data in data transmission and reception. 

  • 24/7 live support to solve all problems that suddenly happens When using VPN for PUBG.

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As the best VPN for PUBG free download, the iTop VPN is not hard to use at all. 

Step 1. To use iTop VPN, just go to the webpage, download & install the application. 

Step 2. Then run the iTop VPN click the “Connect” button. You will automatically be connected to the most appropriate server & select the best PUBG mobile VPN download PC.

Best PUBG VPN for Gameplay

Step 3. Or you can enhance the  PUBG VPN performance by clicking the “For Gaming”, you could see there is a list of games & servers you may choose to accelerate. Then choose PUBG, and select the server you want to join, then click “Connection”, your PUBG & PUBG mobile will be accelerated and good to go. 

Best VPN for PUBG Free Download

The iTop VPN is one that is optimized for online gaming, not only for PC games but also for mobile games. It is also considered the best free VPN for PUBG mobile. It also covers Roblex and Call of Duty, and more game support will be added in the future update. Now, using the iTop VPN for iOS, you can easily unblock the restrictions and play PUBG on your iOS devices in a few simple steps.

Follow the detailed guide below and play PUBG on your iOS devices wherever you are!

Step 1. Click or tap the button to download iTop VPN on your device now.

Step 2. The best PUBG VPN for PUBG mobile has provided dedicated routes for PUBG gamers and players. Launch the app > click Servers > go to Gaming > find PUBG Mobile > choose a server and tap to connect.

Best VPN for PUBG Mobile

Now you can easily download PUBG mobile and play it anywhere you are without any restrictions. As a versatile and useful VPN, it provides users with global servers: UK, US, India, Indonesia, etc., what's more, it also offers exclusive and smooth servers for online entertainment: gaming, streaming, socializing, etc.

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PUBG is a great game to play. And iTop VPN, a PUBG VPN, would be a great assistant for PUBG hardcores. It can help you play PUBG mobile in banned countries, and you can play on an appropriate server with your international friends. Moreover, iTop VPN is also worked on saving money to buy cheap TikTok coins via changing IP locations. If you have such a need, why not have a try of iTop VPN? It is free to use & capable for gaming, streaming, and accessing social platform. Let’s go & have a try!

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