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Best VPN for Plex 2023: Get Access to Plex No Restrictions

About how to use the best VPN for Plex to unblock restricted content and access streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Pandora, HBO Now, and MTV.

Being a fervid media streamer but getting restricted access to one of the most media center platforms, Plex? You're not alone. Many people out there are facing the same Plex access problems, such as bandwidth throttling and online activities collection by internet service providers as well as content region restriction when you try to stream content using Plex plugins. But no worries because you can settle all these problems down simply with a VPN for Plex. A VPN for Plex server allows you to bypass geographical blocks and get access to content whenever you are.

However, no VPN software till now has been officially endorsed by Plex, including the so-called PlexVPN, which means you may need to tediously compare different products of VPN for Plex before you find the best one. To save your time, this post shares the best 'PlexVPN' tool and how to use it to speed up, protect, and unblock your streaming activities on Plex.

VPN for Plex

Plex is a media center platform like Kodi that allows you to browse, search, organize, manage, and stream media content through different media players, especially if you have collected a series of movies, TV shows, and music in your personal library. It works based on two important components—the Plex media server for filing media filing and organization and the Plex media player client for playing back the media.

In the processing of streaming media on Plex, it's inevitable that your content may be streamed from channels like BBC iPlayer and Netflix, while most media on these websites are region-locked. That's to say, you would have remote access issues with them and the best VPN for Plex is necessary.

On the one hand, a VPN for Plex can hide and change your IP address, allowing you to unblock restricted content without bandwidth throttling when you are abroad or live in a country that has strict censorship. On the other hand, using a VPN for Plex server for data exchange creates an encrypted tunnel, meaning your Plex server is protected from online attacks and your ISP can't collect and sell your privacy.

Now you have seen the advantages of using a Plex VPN, but it would be better to further check this listing to select the best free VPN for Windows of Plex.

  • Ability to provide speedy, stable, and multiregional servers for streaming

  • Capability of port forwarding to remotely access and route Plex servers

  • Special server locations for global website and app unblocking

  • Powerful security technology and privacy protection policy

  • Compatibility with your devices and respective operating systems

iTop VPN is the top all-around recommendation for Plex client unblocking. It's one of the best VPNs for Plex that can bypass geo-restrictions and help you access Plex content from almost all around the world.

It provides a VPN free for Plex player with a reliable internet connection and unlimited bandwidth. Using iTop VPN, you can enjoy a download speed of over 100Mbps without worrying that your ISP discourages your bandwidth-intensive activities and intentionally throttle your bandwidth.

iTop VPN allows specific VPN servers for streaming, supporting platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Peacock, most of which are integrated with Plex. Over 1800+ servers are distributed across more than 100 countries, meaning you won't get trouble finding servers to unblock Plex streaming channels.

For security and privacy protection, iTop VPN uses advanced Salsa20(chacha20)256-bit encryption technology, Security Reinforce feature, Browser Privacy and Ads Block, and Kill Switch to make sure that Plex users stay anonymous and safe when using Plex. You go safe for Plex streaming after you download Plex VPN for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, iPad, and more devices.

Step 1: Download and install iTop VPN on your device where the Plex client is installed.

Step 2: Open iTop VPN and select the location of the streaming platform you're trying to unblock, for example, choose UK for BBC iPlayer streaming.

Choose a VPN Location for Plex streaming

Step 3: Click on the Connect button and you'll see the VPN connection getting established after a few seconds.

Connect to Best VPN for Plex

Step 4: Open the Plex player and start streaming your favorite videos, movies, TV shows, music without location restriction.

For those who are not familiar with Plex and want to take it a shot with a VPN, you surely have more questions in your mind. This part collects some commonly asked questions about Plex followed with foolproof answers.

Q1: Does It Really Work When Unblock Plex with iTop VPN?

A: Yes. iTop VPN can unblock Plex content restriction when you stream through any website and application from any country. Moreover, it's fully compatible with your devices and operating systems so that you can privately, safely, quickly, and smoothly access the Plex media.

Q2: Why VPN for Plex is Necessary for You?

A: Plex is a fantastic tool next to Kodi for online content streaming, but you may get irritated when roadblocks like local censorship, content restriction, bandwidth throttling, and privacy leakage occur. So the VPN for Plex becomes a feasible and necessary solution to all these problems.

Q3: Is There Any Free VPN for Plex?

A: Yes. There are some free VPNs for Plex available on the market, while not all of them are of good quality and may not be 100% free. iTop VPN is the only product that is currently known for providing a completely free VPN service.

Q4: What is the difference between using a VPN for Plex server and player?

A: If you have a Plex server that you want to remotely access, most VPN for Plex have built-in NAT firewalls that may block your connection to Plex if you try to access it from a remote location. Therefore, using a VPN for Plex server is more complicated for most novice users as you need to route traffic through your VPN selectively. On the contrary, using a VPN for Plex player like iTop VPN is extremely straightforward.

The End

Plex is a bring-your-own-media kind of affair that allows you to gather all your media in a simple center. You can store films, TV shows, and music on the Plex server for your personal media streaming or access public streaming services like Netflix through Plex. But most users will confront content blocking issues when accessing Plex media remotely. A trustworthy VPN for Plex is dedicated to hiding your IP address, circumventing ISP throttling, bypassing blocked websites at school, encrypting your streaming data, and protecting your privacy from snoopers and hackers.

To access region-restricted content from websites such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu through Plex, all you need to do is to install the best VPN for Windows Plex, iTop VPN on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, or any of your other devices.

Simply try it for free and access your content on Plex now!

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