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The Best VPN for PC You Must Use in 2021

VPN for PC allows you to stream content online in any location, geo-spoof your location, and protect your computer. In this article, we look at the best VPN software for pc you must use in 2021.

The Internet has no doubt shaped the current world by transforming the way we communicate and share information. While this is true, the same Internet has been the epicenter of malice. Therefore, people need to be careful when surfing. As a result, VPN for PC is becoming one of the most searched yet crucial topics over the Internet. People are concerned with security and privacy when navigating the Internet. They don’t want hackers or unauthorized people to eavesdrop on their personal or sensitive data.

While there are several good VPNs for PC services, most of them are either pricey, exaggerated, or offer under-par performances. Finding a good VPN for PC is not a walk into the park. It can prove daunting, especially if you are in the dark about VPN for PC services. Fortunately, this article takes you through a comprehensive guide on the best VPN for PC. 

The Best VPN for PC

Plenty of people flood the Internet looking for a free VPN for PCs. Before digging into which free VPN for PC is the cherry on top, it is important to understand why you need a VPN for PC. VPN for PC offers several benefits to users. However, these benefits revolve around security and privacy when using the Internet. When broken down, some of the reasons you need a VPN for PC include:

It offers online privacy- when you connect to the Internet via a VPN, your data first goes through the VPN’s server. The VPN encrypts and encodes your data. The IP address that appears on the web is that of the VPN server and not your PC’s. Therefore, you can’t be traced by spies or people who need your information without your consent.

It offers security- Since the VPN service encodes and encrypts your data, hackers cannot intercept and steal your data for malicious use.

It offers Freedom- Not every application is legal in every country. Some applications like WhatsApp are banned and cannot work in certain countries. Also, media streaming sites like Netflix control the contents that users can access based on location. With VPN, you can tweak location to watch any streaming videos on Netflix like Rick and Morty 5, and have the freedom to access the content you wanted.

Therefore, this privacy and security disable an array of limitations you faced before. You can travel to countries where certain apps are banned and still use apps.  You can stream different Netflix libraries without limitation, play and win location-based games, use public Wi-Fi without anyone snooping on your data, or shop at best deals by comparing prices in different countries among others. 

iTop VPN is arguably the best free VPN for PC. While plenty of people have been showing cold shoulders to free VPN for PC, iTop VPN has immensely changed the narrative. Free of bias, iTop VPN offers top-grade performance. The amazing technical developments leave no latency or flaws that can ruin your experience.

 Whether you are using Windows 7 or recent versions of Windows, you don’t have to get cold feet because iTop VPN is compatible with them. The installation process is seamless. This VPN doesn’t slow your speed. When you install and connect to this free VPN for PC, you immediately see that your IP address is covered and your security tunnel is established. These and other reasons put iTop VPN on another level as far as free VPN for PC is concerned.

Features of iTop VPN

This program allows users to access favorite content from Netflix and other platforms and scenes free of charge.

iTop VPN supports up to 5 devices at the same session.

  • It offers unlimited bandwidth and faster speeds.

  • It is compatible with a variety of Windows versions including Windows 7 and Windows 10.

  • It offers first-class/military-grade encryption.

  • There is a no-logging policy. 

  • It supports the “Kill Switch” mode that prevents all traffic when it detects that the VPN service is not connected.

  • It provides access to global servers; hence users can access all servers in the world.

  • It offers three different connection modes, namely safeguard, balance, and game mode.

How to use iTop VPN

Step 1. Visit the iTop VPN download page and click the “Download” button. When the file is download, extract it. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 2. When the program is installed, launch it on your device and click the “Connect” tab. Wait for the VPN service to connect.

iTop VPN for PC Homepage

Step 3. When iTop VPN connects, proceed to select the desired servers/ locations. You can select social, all, game, and streaming servers.

 Choose Servers/Location

Besides iTop VPN for PC, there are other VPNs for PC in the market that you should know. They serve the same purpose but the difference is features and pricing. Here are other three in the market you can try.


StrongVPN is a simple yet good VPN for PC. While it might not be that top-notch VPN service, many good features make it worth checking. For example, it allows users to stream unlimited Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu libraries.

When you set up this VPN for PC service, you have unlimited and anonymous P2P/torrenting. Also, you can securely connect to more than 35 countries without user logs and IP address leaks. This VPN for PC offers a 30-day free trial and 24/7 live chat support with chrome and Firefox extension.

 Strong VPN

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is another excellent VPN for PC and is not bad if you give it a try. This VPN service offers relatively good speeds, security, and privacy. With Hotspot Shield, you have real-time malware protection, unlimited and anonymous P2P/torrenting, and unlimited access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+ libraries. Again, you can securely connect to over 80 countries without IP address leaks. Here, you have a trial period of 45 days.

 Hotspot Shield VPN


PrivateVPN is a helpful VPN for PC that offers good speed and privacy features. You can stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+ without location restrictions. With PrivateVPN, you can securely connect to more than 60 countries with no user logs and IP address leaks. This VPN for PC offers a 30-day trial version, after which you upgrade to the premium version.

 Private VPN

Wrap Up

From the guide above, you can easily see that choosing the best VPN for a PC is a crucial step in data privacy and security over the Internet. While there are plenty of these VPNs for PC services, it is easy to get confused and settle on under-par choices. Luckily, we have guided you on the best free VPN for PC. Download iTop VPN today and transform your security and privacy while surfing online.

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