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Best & Permanent Free VPN for Netflix USA: Android, iOS, PC

Here you can find the best and free VPN for Netflix USA. Film and TV Shows have no borders, just watch them wherever you are.

Netflix is a top membership subscription streaming media player platform, whose members can watch movies and TV shows on networked devices without interruption by ads. As of April 2021, Netflix has 208 million subscribers from all over the world. But Netflix in different countries has different content. For example, Netflix USA has House of Cards, Netflix Canada has Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and so on.

Best Free VPN for Netflix USA

So if someone wants to watch popular dramas that are only played on Netflix USA from other countries, like HOUSE OF CARDS, THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT, what should he do? Don’t worries, VPN can solve his problem very well. Below is an introduction to some of the best VPNs for Netflix USA and VPN for Netflix USA Free.

VPN is the abbreviation of "virtual private network", which provides the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using a public network. Also, VPN can encrypt your Internet traffic, disguise and protect your online identity. So when you want to watch Netflix USA-specific programs, you can choose a VPN to USA for Netflix. That is, choose a connection to the United States, and your location will be recognized by Netflix as the United States. In this way, you can watch Netflix USA exclusive movies or TV.

How VPN Works to Watch Netflix USA

As mentioned above, if someone wants to watch special programs on Netflix US, he only needs to use a VPN to connect to USA for Netflix. But there are so many VPNs in the search results, what is suitable for watching Netflix USA? What are the features of the best free VPN for Windows for Netflix USA? The answer is below.

High Speed

A good VPN for Netflix USA needs to be fast. The faster the VPN, the higher the quality of watching Netflix. This will prevent you from getting stuck while watching the show, and will not be affected by buffering and bandwidth limitations.

A Large Number of Servers in the USA

The number of good VPN servers needs to be large. The number of servers in the USA can reflect the strength of a VPN. The more servers there are, the more stable and flexible Netflix is. And more servers means you have more choices.

Widely Distributed Servers in the USA

A good VPN for Netflix USA requires a wide distribution of servers. The more locations where servers are distributed, the more connection options you have. And more connection location options mean you can better hide your location to protect your personal information and privacy.

High Security

A good VPN for Netflix USA requires high security. The more secure, the better your privacy will not be leaked. Let you watch Netflix at ease without worrying.


In addition to these 4 main features, a premium VPNfor Netflix has other features. You can choose according to your own needs. Below I recommend some high-quality VPNs based on these points.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is the most well-known and most secure VPN. It can unlock many streaming services and has additional privacy privileges such as "double-layer VPN". For it, watching Netflix USA is a piece of cake.
Features: 5200+ number of servers, High security, Strong stability to watch streaming video
Disadvantages: Only supports 6 devices
Price: 24-month plan+3-month free, $3.30 per month(72% discount)
Servers: 5200+ servers

Best Premium VPN for Netflix USA - NordVPN

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is a rising star in the VPN world. It not only has advanced and rich functions, but also maintains the speed that a fast VPN should have. It is cost-effective and convenient to use it to watch Netflix USA.
Features: No device limit, Rich and powerful functions, Cheap registration price low to $2.49/month
Disadvantages: Network is smaller than others
Price: 24-month plan, $2.49 per month(81% discount)
Servers: 3200+ servers

Best Premium VPN for Netflix USA - Surfshark

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is also a well-known VPN. It has fast server connection, strong privacy protection, and strict security intelligence and so on. It’s no problem to use this VPN to watch Netflix USA
Features: Fast connectivity, Stronger data protection to protect safety and privacy
Disadvantages: Only supports 5 devices
Price: 12-month plan, $8.32 per month(35% discount)
Servers: 3000+ servers

Best Premium VPN for Netflix USA - ExpressVPN

The above three VPNs are excellent VPNs for Netflix USA, but they all have a common shortcoming, that is, there is no free plan. What if you want to use a free VPN to America for Netflix? The following will recommend one of the best free VPNs to you, and you will be satisfied.

If you search for a free VPN in a search engine, you will definitely get a lot of results. But in fact, they are all free trials. While, iTop VPN is different. It is a truly permanently free VPN! What's more, it also has better conditions for watching Netflix US. Fast speed, strong security, dedicated server, etc. Below are the specific features of iTop VPN for watching Netflix USA.

Permanently Free to Use
iTop VPN has a permanent free plan, instead of just a 30-day free trial that most VPNs do, like ExpressVPN. And it works to allow users to connect to several free VPN servers without entering their personal information, credit card privacy or social media account linking. iTop VPN for PC has 700 megabytes data pack each day and another 700 megabytes data again after 24 hours. It’s all for free.
Features Dedicated Streaming Servers: USA Netflix
iTop VPN has a dedicated USA Netflix server, which allows you to enjoy a better watching experience. Besides, iTop VPN has many servers distributed in multiple locations of the United States to let you watch Netflix streaming video smoothly. Additionally, except for Netflix USA, you can also watch HBO, Hulu and Disney by connecting their special streaming servers at will.
Bypassing the Netflix Ban and Proxy Error
Why sometimes Netflix blocked? To protect its rights of different areas, Netflix has a VPN ban, so that most VPNs would be recognized and can’t work with it. While iTop VPN works well to watch Netflixas other VPN giants do, and you could connect to any location in the United States to bypass Netflix bans and proxy errors.
Safety & Privacy: Strong Encryption
With TCP protocol, iTop VPN can detect and repair any malicious attacks. Prevent your personal data from leaking and protect your privacy more effectively when you watch Netflix.
Great Connection Speeds
With UDP protocol, iTop VPN can find the fastest connection, allowing you to enjoy the super fast Netflix viewing experience without being affected by buffering and bandwidth limitations.
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Easy Steps to Watch US Netflix for Free from Other Regions

Step 1: Download iTop VPN for your device (VPN for iOS, Android, PC supported)

Step 2: Click "For Streaming" under Home on the left side of the window, as shown in the picture below. You will see an option for "Netflix United States" on the right side of the window, click "Connect" behind it.

iTop VPN for Netflix USA Free - Step 2

Step 3:  After connecting, return to the home page to check whether the connection is successful. Then you can choose the protocol according to your needs.

iTop VPN for Netflix USA Free - Step 3

Ending up

Movies and TV shows are an essential part of our lives. As one of the largest streaming media platforms, Netflix has many excellent movies and TV shows, especially VPN for Netflix USA. If you are rightly a fan of American TV series, you must not miss it. Even if you are in another country and cannot watch Netflix USA, don't worry, VPN can help you. Especially iTop VPN for Android with unlimited data and powerful American servers, once you use it, you will not change. And it is totally free!

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