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How to Send Email Without Being Traced? Use VPN for Email Free

Can you send an anonymous email without being traced? Using the best free VPN for email - iTop VPN, you can easily secure email to protect privacy.

Email is a traditional but necessary way for communication in the digital world. Difference from social media which offers a cozy place for chatting, email is often used for sending formal and important messages, from business to personal sensitive data - such as identity, bills and the like. So, email security is the big concern. Although mainstream email providers strengthen security through various measures, no one is for sure that your email will never be traced or hacked especially after Yahoo data breach in 2016, which affected 500 million users accounts.

VPN for Email

How to send an email anonymously without being traced? If you are trying to find a working method to improve email privacy, a VPN for email can help. From here, you can get the best free VPN to secure emails easily and effortlessly.

Most times, you need to send an anonymous email with the desire to protect personal information, avoid online tracking/hacking. And, sometimes, a certain group of people, journalists or whistleblower who want to report unlawful or unsafe business practices, require higher level of anonymity.

VPN is a tool that can encrypt the traffic. All your data and activities are transmitted in a protected tunnel. No one can trace or hack you. And, VPN can disguise IP address to avoid the leaking of your real location and other personal information. That is, you will never be exposed online. You can send an anonymous email making full use of VPN to enjoy better security.

iTop VPN is an easy-to-use VPN that boasts powerful ability on security and anonymity. It offers private access to the internet and delivers the safest online experience. Test as a 100% trusted and safe VPN service, it promises keeping no connection logs and bundles no malware or useless programs.

What can you get from the best free email VPN?

  • Encrypt Your Email. iTop VPN uses the most advanced AES-265 encryption on the rerouted tunnel for data transmission. It can create a totally private network for you to send email without being traced by ISPs, the government, hackers or anyone. Certainly, the sensitive information included in the email will be not leaked at all.

  • Hide Your IP. iTop VPN offers thousands of VPN servers around the world. Once you connect to a server, your IP address will be replace with a new one. And, it allows you to configure IP as a dedicated IP or dynamic IP according to your needs. So, you can completely keep anonymity while sending an email.

  • Provide Stable Network. Sometimes, you discover that you can’t send an email successfully or receive one automatically while using a VPN. But, iTop VPN guarantees a stable and fast network connection thanks to high-quality servers. You can receive and send emails with no trouble.

  • Break Restriction. iTop VPN can help you easily access restricted email services from anywhere. It can break geographic barrier and beat the ban. You can use any desired client to send an anonymous email.

iTop VPN supports multiple platforms. You can download VPN for PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Also, you can use it up to 5 devices simultaneously.

In 2 steps, you can use iTop VPN to secure email. Now, follow the guides.

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN on your device.

Step 2. Launch iTop VPN. Click Connect button. After it says connected, now send an email with strong security and a masked IP.

Otherwise, you can manually connect to a server to get a certain IP. Click All Servers and connect to a location.

How to Use VPN to Secure Email

Warm Notice: If you just need to improve security and privacy with VPN, you can use the common email account. If you want to send an anonymous email, it is highly suggested to register a new account.

VPN is undoubtedly a good tool to secure your email to defense data leak and online hacking. However, sometimes, you may need further methods to strengthen account security. And here are 3 ways to secure your email.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a commonly used security scheme that requires users to provide 2 or more factors for an access to online services or applications. Generally, besides a password for login, you also need to supply a code which sent to your phone or other verification. At present, most email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, have suggested users to enable 2-factor or 2-step authentication to avoid other people to log into your account and get your information.

Email Encryption Services

There are lots of email encryption services that empower you to send an encrypted or anonymous email instead of regular one. Almost all this kind of service utilize end-to-end encryption only allowing email sender and receiver to read the message. A third-party is unable to decrypt or secretly modify data. It is recognized that the services with end-to-end encryption can provide a high level of confidentiality to email communication. Here’re top 5 email encryption services for your reference:

  • ProtonMail

  • Tutanota

  • Startmail

  • Zoho Mail

  • Hushmail

Create Strong Passwords

Password is the initial but the most important way to protect your email. Some people use simple passwords (such as birthdate, name, only numbers and so on) or set similar passwords for many services because it is easy to remember. Meanwhile, hackers can easily crack the password. Therefore, please set a bit complicated password including special characters. For further protection, you can use password manager to generate random strong password for your account.


A VPN for email is pretty essential for people who want to send a email with sensitive data securely and anonymously. iTop VPN, the best free VPN for PC/Mac/Mobile, is helpful for encrypting your information and hiding your IP to send an anonymous email without being traced. Also, it can unblock geo-blocking, enabling you to access restricted email providers or other services, like Netflix, YouTube, from anywhere without hassle.

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