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[VPN Comparison] Top 8 Most Trustworthy VPNs in the Market

From the most detailed VPN comparison sheet, you can find the most thorough information on mainstream VPNs. Comparison of VPN services, best paid and premium VPN.

Have trouble selecting the right-one VPN for yourself? Don’t know the VPN you bought was built for gaming or for streaming? What on earth are you paying for – are you spending extra money on unwanted features? 

No worries, this passage is going to shed light on you, providing the most vivid analysis in the form of a VPN comparison sheet. All the specs are exposed to you, including the most-cared-about specs-VPN speed, stability, prices, and features-kill switch, DNS protection, special servers, etc. 

Cover of VPN Comparison

This VPN comparison sheet gathers the 8 most capable & safe VPNs. They are selected here out of the most-cared-about demands of users, saying the privacy & security degree, the number & quality of servers, the speed of the network, the stability to unblock sites. 

• Mainstream VPN Comparison Sheet

iTop VPN Nord VPNExpress VPNTunnelBear VPNIPVanish VPNProton VPNCyberGhost VPNPure VPN
Price$55.44 for 2 Years$99.00 for 2 Years$99.95 for 2 Years$79.92 for 2 Years$94.98 for 2 Years$96.00 for 2 Years$58.5 for 2 years$69.95 for 2 Years
Security Level4.
Ads BlockerYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYes
DNS ProtectionYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Number of Servers1800+5100+3000+2600+1900+1400+6000+2000+
Free VersionYesNoNoYesNoYesNoNo
Fix PC itemsYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Split TunnelingYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
IP CheckerYes (in app/web)Yes (web)Yes (web)Yes (web)Yes (web)Yes (web)NoYes (web)
Dedicated Servers for StreamingYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Dedicated Servers for GamingYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Dedicated Servers for Social MediaYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNo


A complete VPN indicates those allowing you to go to any corner of this world without leaving traces & data leakage. And beyond that, convenience should become the first thought too. An integrated VPN for PC usually is packed with multiple features, cleaning browser traces, strengthening system security, and hiding your IP address. Mainstream VPNs are adding more and more functions for competing attention, but iTop VPN definitely win out the game during the uncountable combats. 

Let’s see if this verdict is practical.

#1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the first winner of today’s VPN comparison contest. It is nearly perfect despite the factors of prices, with a good speed of data transmission and info encryption. This VPN has got a really convenient interface (PC version) for selecting international severs, in a world map.

Nord VPN Comparison Interface

The features it offers to users are mediocre though, Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, DNS protection – literally every VPN possesses these basic features. Generally, this VPN excels at hardcore performance and falls short in the delivery of colorful features. No specialty servers for streaming or games, it has an ad blocker, but the entry is hard to find. A clean interface could be a double-bladed sword though.


1. Fast speed

2. Intuitively select servers

3. Necessary & basic function

4. 1 Month money-back policy


1. No dedicated servers for Netflix, e.g.

2. No more special features

3. Expensive

#2. Express VPN

Placed here as the second winner of the VPN comparison competition, and more importantly, claiming the biggest user base in the world, Express VPN is in control of the world’s first-class VPN services. It is also the most expensive VPN in the market. Back to the product level, Express VPN owns a big, noticeable button, so easy to make a connection. It offers a series of professional features but those features’ configuration is complicated, it is hard to know what features could be activated. 

Express VPN Comparison Interface

Express VPN adopts the safest VPN protocols, be they transmitting protocols or encryption protocols, promising that both speed and security are guaranteed.


1. Best-in-class servers

2. Most secure protocols

3. Blazing-fast speed

4. Simple connect to any corner of the world


1. Lack special features

2. Expensive

#3. iTop VPN

iTop VPN is a promising new star among the old brands. This VPN grows fast, manages to offer users the same services of Express VPN/Nord VPN at a much cheaper price, meanwhile, with no compromise of quality.

First-class servers bought from Amazon (Express & Nord do the same way), colorful features including Adblocker, IP checker, Security reinforcer are all integrated. 

The best part is that iTop VPN caters dedicated servers to users, allowing users to connect to Netflix, Minecraft, WhatsApp in one second. Full analysis about iTop VPN's features, get informed from this iTop VPN review

iTop VPN Interface

All the features and services are taking up almost half the price of Express VPN licenses. And A unlimited bandwidth version (Free version) of this Fast VPN Free is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome Web Store right now, no login, no register, 100% green.


1. Specialty servers for streaming, gaming, and social networking

2. A free toolbox comprising a system fixer, an adblocker, an IP checker, etc

3. Top layer servers bought from Amazon

4. Cheap price, high cost-performance ratio


1. iTop VPN has a smaller number of servers

2. The Encryption protocols are limited

#4. TunnelBear VPN

This VPN’s strength lies in its extension version. With a 500MB per month offer and easy-to-use interface, TunnelBear VPN stands its ground firmly. But what’s latent in the all-around shortness. Slow speed, unstable, lacking basic function, limited bandwidth, etc. In many senses, it is not a powerful VPN, but it truly has advantages over simplicity and convenience. 

TunnelBear VPN Interface

The editor feels the necessity to stress the deficiency of ‘lacking function’ once again cause this really could be the reason that users turn to choose another VPN against TunnelBear. TunnelBear does not even offer many options in the settings panel, which is unprofessional for advanced users but looks good for green hands.


1. Easy to use Chrome Extension VPN

2. Free version available

3. Free data per month


1. Require you to register before connection

2. Slow network speed

3. No money-back policy

Use an all-in-one VPN to help you with all the Unblock, Boost, Encryption works. And this is what iTop VPN can do:

• Unblock any websites, stream with uncompromised speed

With this powerful VPN, you can conveniently visit any blocked websites in your Country. E,g., you can watch all popular Netflix programs with a stable connection. Download games that are exclusive in the EU regions. Unblock WhatsApp in the UAE countries, etc.

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• Play Roblox, PUBG, Minecraft with a one-click connection

iTop VPN caters dedicated game servers to users. Popular games like Roblox, PUBG, Minecraft are all available no matter you are using a school network or are from a restricted location.

• Visit all websites without leaving traces

VPN avails you with a high degree of safety on the Internet. Your private info like credit card number, password, social media ID will be well protected. And online phishing attacks are nowhere to hide. Even some sensitive sites are safe to watch, no worries for pop-ups, ISP detecting since your IP is well-disguised.

• Free version – 700MB free data each day

The unique advantage over any competitors in the market – iTop VPN offers 700MB of free data per day for users, which equals an unlimited bandwidth in the long run. Mainstream VPNs except TunnelBear VPN fail to offer such service.

How to Connect to iTop VPN’s Specialty Servers? 

Step 1. Download iTop VPN and finish the Installation.

Step 2. Open iTop VPN and go to the specialty servers and select one.

iTop VPN Tool Kit

Step 3. Once you’ve done the picking work, go tap the ‘Connect’ button.

Now you are all free to visit platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Roblox, etc. with stable performance and fast speed.

This VPN comparison article lists the most welcomed VPNs in the market, analyzing their features and prices in detail. With the useful information, you can save a lot of money by selecting the most cost-effective VPN. Now please feel free to make a choice and start your safe journey!

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