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What is the Best VPN App for Windows | Free, Simple, Secure

Want to know the best VPN app for Windows? Check out this exclusive app recommended in this article for a seamless and secure online experience.

For all the users of laptops and PCs, there are abundant options for VPNs. Although are all of them ideal for your use? Probably not. The thing you need in your VPN is excellent speed, smart security features, unblocked streaming services for amazing OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. While deciding which VPN app for Windows to choose, you need to check various things. The very first is the version of Windows installed on your PC or laptop. Windows 10 is one of the greatest improvements from all the previous versions, although it has some serious privacy issues.

The Windows 10 version is equipped with integrated advertising along with information synchronization and Cortana from the Microsoft servers. These tools are intended to make your experience personalized. But, that's where Windows 10 meddles with the distinction between privacy and personalization. Plenty of such trackers along with telemetry services have the option to be disabled although they can get enabled in an update, which is not very easy to be detected. Other tools don't have turn-off options at all. So, that's why you need the best VPN app for windows to protect your privacy from being stolen or exposed.

The Best VPN App for Windows

Now, coming to the best VPN, the perfect solution is iTop VPN that offers protection to your privacy from most of the locations. The app can apply for protection on actual location and confidentiality over website browsing, streaming, download history and online payment so that none of the authorities and hackers could steal the information. iTop VPN is based on the concept of bestowing online freedom by making your digital identity invisible. 

iTop VPN app for Windows is feasible with all the latest as well as popular versions of Windows. Moreover, the app is equipped with a stable network that accesses the Internet connection in all the regions across the world. Similar to the leading yet costly VPN brands, iTop VPN ensures perfect safety without any risk of getting traced at no cost.

iTop VPN helps you avert location-based restrictions and offer unlimited surfing, traffic and a lot more. Moreover, the features at iTop VPN develops a mask over your VPN and further create an imitation. In case, you want to surf a website from a different IP address, then you can do it through the IP adder of the specific location that is within the site's location access list. iTop's best VPN app for windows would offer excellent military-grade encryption to make your data safe and further safeguard your IP address.

Now, there is no one reason, which would make iTop VPN the ideal VPN app for Windows. The application is equipped with numerous features and advantages that altogether make it the best and encourages you to download VPN app for windows 10.   

Dedicated Streaming Benefits: iTop VPN has an exclusive streaming offer that makes it one of the best for youngsters. You can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime and many more with this exclusive application. You can keep watching your favorite dramas and series without any risks and privacy issues.

Ad-Free: Though the free account would show some of the ads, you can get rid of them by choosing the most affordable packages. There are three package options to choose from. Once you choose a package, you would be able to access all the exclusive features and functions of iTop VPN.

Superior VPN Proxy: The VPN app for windows acts as a robust proxy server, especially for those who aim to get rid of geo-restricted content and make their Internet activities anonymous. The proxy server is absolutely safe and secure. 

Severs Across Multiple Countries: iTop has multiple servers across the global network that makes it possible to use different region's VPN for several purposes. You don't have to worry about getting caught because iTop VPN would take care of it.

Game Mode: iTop VPN has several modes and the best one is the gaming mode. You can play action-pack games at one of the best speeds in the market. So, whether you want to play PUBG or World of Warcraft, the iTop VPN makes it safe and fast.

Top-Notch Safety: iTop VPN app for Windows offers some of the most exclusive safety features that keep your data private and safe. Encryption and other security walls make your data secure from all types of external threats. 

No Tracking & Logging Policy: iTop VPN do not implement any kind of tracking or logging policies and besides, they also don't require you to be a part of a user session. Hence, you don't have to worry about your data getting stored or logged at a distant and hidden server.

Unlimited Bandwidth: iTop VPN allows you to stream, download as well as upload unlimited content and moreover, you don't have to worry about crossing the bandwidth limits. Enjoy unlimited data and speed with an iTop VPN. 

Military-Grade Encryption & Network Solution: The VPN app for windows has military-grade encryption along with an exclusive network solution within three modes and further keep your activities safe.

Kill-Switch: The Kill Switch is been designed to keep your connection within the flow and further avert from getting the traffic exposed. In case your system loses connection with the VPN, the Kill Switch would still keep your data safe from theft.

Other than this, you can download VPN app for windows 10 for its low-cost packages and other unlimited traffic and unlimited free features.

To use iTop VPN for Windows, you simply need to install the app on your laptop or PC.

Step 1. The step to begin the use of iTop VPN commences with getting it connected. You need to press the Connect button. Once it turns "BLUE", your device is connected with the VPN.

Step 2. Next, you have to choose the location with which you want to run your apps. 

Best iTop VPN App for Windows

Step 3. To activate the Kill Switch, you can go to the settings option. You will also find other options over there including IP Checker, Network Protocols, Feedback and other advanced settings. 

Set iTop VPN for Online Security

Customize the VPN as per your requirement and get started with one of the best and fastest VPN app for windows with iTop. 


iTop VPN is the exclusive VPN app for Windows that allows you to access social media, games, music, videos and other OTT platforms and social media sites. iTop VPN allows you to experience a smoother content flow and further access any kind of site you want. It's certainly the best solution as it not only focuses on speed, experience and convenience but also considers an exceptional level of safety without any error or flaw. If you are willing to make your data and Internet activities private, then download VPN for Windows 10 with iTop!!!     

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