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6 Best VPNs with 30-Day Free Trial [Fast, Private, and 100% Risk-Free]

Still struggling to choose the best VPN with trial? Here, 6 VPNs 30 days trial will give you a perfect opportunity to enjoy without a credit card! Try now!

When it comes to VPN, it is hard for one to choose the best, as customers have corresponding interests or requests with various VPN products. So many providers take the strategy of a VPN 30-day free trial to attract potential users. This trial could be the best option, giving a full experience to test the service with no risk and see if it meets their needs. 

This article has listed 6 products for you to select from, just keep reading!

Try VPN 30-Day Free Trial Now

What is the best VPN with trial? Let’s look at the criteria for what makes a good free VPN before opening our free trial. 

Free Trials and Money-Back Guarantee which VPN providers offer are not all the same. The most important matter for you is to choose the most suitable VPN service. The following standards could be helpful to test out the best VPN with trial.

  • Swift speed. Most customers will count it as a necessary consideration. Of course, no one is willing to wait for streaming and gaming when using a VPN.

  • Long trial duration. The more time you spend, the better you will know the product. It takes time for users to experience and integrate information facing numerous VPN products. The longer period will give users a bigger picture on choosing. That's why many providers offer a VPN 30 days trial.

  • Pricing. Price is also an important consideration, to obtain a lower price for a higher quality of service is also the pursuit of customers.

  • Diversified servers. Different users have varying needs and priorities, and the ability to meet these needs to a greater extent is also a concern. For example, the ability to meet the needs of games and streaming media is an important factor for plenty of users.

  • Device compatibility. A good trial VPN should work on multiple devices, or at least iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It is also a plus if it works on your Chrome, Linux, or router.

  • Unlimited data & bandwidth. The trial period enables a better VPN experience without data restrictions as well, aiding users in locking in the most suitable product.

  • Solid browser privacy protection. Network security has always been a key concern for users, a top-class encryption technology, DNS leak protection is the appraisal point of a good trial VPN.

  • Quick cancellation. Being 100% risk-free is also the key point of trying out a VPN, and you certainly don't want to have a complicated process and numerous questions to ask when you cancel.

    What's the Difference

Free VPN VS Free Trial VS Money-Back Guarantee

There are differences among these three concepts when you choose suitable VPN services.

Free VPN: Many people may hold a question: is there a totally free VPN that can download safely? Of course, the answer is yes. Furthermore, there are plenty of VPNs that don't need to open your wallet. However, some better services deserve money, so measures such as data limit, rate limitation, or server restriction are adopted by most VPN providers to stimulate most of you to upgrade.  

Free Trial: Literally, it means no extra payments are requested during the trial period. Users can get a full experience of the product in this way. Although some VPNs require you to bind the bank card, the payment will only be made after the trial ends. So the specific trial day is worth noting on the product page, and it is usually 1 day, 3 days or 7 days, 30-day free trial is very scarce.

Money-Back Guarantee: You have to pay for the VPN upfront and get a full refund within certain days. But the purchase is usually risk-free, which means if you want to cancel midway for noticing it doesn't fit you, you can give your money back with no hassle(as long as it is in the period). So based on the free trial period(if the VPN is possessed), in case the free experience is not enough, you can still continue the process under the protection. Such a refundable policy — VPN 30 days money back — is more like a VPN 30 days trial. By the way, most periods are around 30 days, not a month, so you still need to pay heed to the time.

The table gives a quick view of the free trial duration, pricing, and payment details. What is noteworthy is that even when the free trial ends, the money-back guarantee can offer you a high-level service for a longer period.

Free Trial Duration

Money-back Guarantee

Pricing(Cheapest Plan)

Payment Details Required


7 days(mobile only)

30 days

$6.67/mo                                12 Months + 3 Months Free

Yes, except for Android free trial


7 days(Android only)

30 days

$3.69/mo                              24 Months + 3 Months Free



1    day(pc) 

3 days(Android) 7   days(ios)

45 days

$2.03/mo                              24 Months + Extra 4 Months

For Mobile Devices

iTop VPN

3 days/ Free Plan

30 days

24 Months + Extra 12 Months


Free Plan

30 days

$2.88/mo                              12 Months + 5 Months Free




30 days

$2.05/mo                              24 Months + 2 Free Months


A. Can I actually get my money back if the VPN provider offers a "Money-back" Guarantee?

It is appreciated that customers could be cautious when facing promotions. Most VPN offers Money-back Guarantee, as we mentioned before, but you need to notice the time that it provides. Most importantly, It is never wrong to be cautious when checking the terms and conditions of a VPN's refund policy. After all, some VPNs may have different requirements and specifications, like the need to give a reason for cancellation. Don't overstress though, in most cases preferred VPNs will deliver on their money-back guarantee. They will seldom refuse refunds within the refund period.

B. Is it possible if I use a VPN free trial more than once?

Yes, it is. By simply registering a new email address and deleting the cookies each time, you can use the VPN free trial as many times as you want technically. But this is risky, for you might get banned when VPN regulators see you signing up several times. So we highly recommend you not to. During the free trial period, you can choose the VPN that suits your needs, which is the best choice.

C. Can I watch streaming videos like Netflix with a free VPN trial?

Well, it depends. Some free VPN trials may limit servers that can not test a full experience. So it is possible that you are not allowed to watch Netflix even if the VPN works with Netflix. Nevertheless, if this hypothesis is true, you still can use the money-back guarantee to access this function. In comparison, the money-back guarantee allows an unlimited test of your premium service. Furthermore, it gives you more time compared to the standard free trial.

D. Can I use a VPN free trial without a credit card?

Yes, it is possible. Some VPN free trials will ask for credit card information, while others do not. iTop VPN is one of the apps that allows you to use free VPN trail 30 days without any credit cards. The authentic free trial may just need your email address. You should look carefully at the terms of the free trial agreement, for some trials will charge a fee once you expire.

E. How to cancel a VPN free trial?

First and foremost, you need to make sure the free trial will end automatically or you have to cancel the subscription up front. If the case is the latter, you can just contact the VPN service via email or live chat and cancel before the end of the trial period. In most cases, the whole process is quick and easy to operate. Ok, let’s take how to cancel Expressvpn 30 days trial as an instance:
1. Sign up on the ExpressVPN official website.
2. Click the "Manage Subscription Setting" on the background control panel. 

How to Cancel Expressvpn 30 days trial-Step 2

3. Enter the subscription setting pages and click the button "Turn off automatic renewal" to terminate your subscription. 
How to Cancel Expressvpn 30 days trial-Step 3

4. Or you can just contact the live chat or email to apply for the refund.

Final words

The above recommended products are available for VPN 30-day free trial, you can choose later based on your demands. Of course, in terms of cost-effectiveness, it is an optimal solution for you to try this safe VPN — iTop VPN free trial first. It can meet your gaming, social and streaming requirements at a very low price, so you can experience it before you choose.

Go and get it! Enjoy your free journey!

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