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Download The Best Free VK VPN in 2024 - No More Buffering

Special servers for VK! Download the best free VPN for VK for the fastest connection to this social media platform ever! Free to get this VKontakte VPN now!

VKontakte which is known as VK has been blocked by the rest of the world except Russia. So, how can you access this biggest Russian social media platform outside of its homeland? Using VPN is the ultimate answer. You just need to connect to a Russia VPN node and log in to VK will be alright. 


This blog would introduce you to the best VK VPN which prepares not only Russia VPN but also special severs for VK! Let alone super-fast connection and load, no-buffering experience is available. More importantly, one of these VPNs is free to use. Learn more about them in the content below!

This VPN offers optimized servers, complete online security, and no activity logs, which are strongly recommended by lots of VK users. You just need three steps to use it and they are:

1. Subscribe to PureVPN.

2. Download and Install the app on your streaming device.

3. Connect.

You can use this VPN to change virtual location easily and access Russia’s favorite social network. So the subscription of this VPN is about $1.99 per month if you order the 24 + 3 months plan. No free trial is available in this software but it has a 31 days refund policy. Therefore, the pros and cons of this Vkontakte VPN can be concluded below:


  • 10 multi logins

  • Optimized Servers for VK

  • 6500+ Servers(Including 3052 European Servers)

  • Chrome extensions available(It is also a VK VPN Chrome.)


  • No free trials

  • Relatively high subscription plan

PureVPN has been presented to you above, keep reading the part below for a free VPN for VK!

The VPN that is going to help you access VKontakte is called iTop VPN. This appears here for its optimization for VK and the free trials it provides. Yes, you heard it right! This software is a free VPN available on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. Recently it also updated for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey for your best experience. iTop VPN extension for Chrome is also available.  Learn about this VPN below:


iTop VPN enables you to use this software for free. So the whole process of using it is extremely simple. Download and connect will be all! You do not even have to create an account for the free trial. Free data would be distributed to the software daily, you just have nothing to do but enjoy the convenience it brings. Some users of this software claimed that it is the best free VPN for Windows!

Special Nodes for VK

iTop VPN prepares you with a special node for VK! This node has been optimized for VK login, load, post, etc. You can connect to this node and this software would open VK for you automatically. All you need to do is to enter your account and start to use it. Special servers and nodes in iTop VPN are ready to provide you with the best experience! Just like the picture below ↓↓

The Best VPN for VK - Special Nodes for VK


Connection on iTop VPN is blazing-fast since you cannot even feel the loading or lag. Though the network demand for social media isn’t so high, this fastest VPN for free would still choose premium servers for you to use this platform. 1800+ servers including servers in Russia are ready for you at any time you need.

How to Use VPN for VK?

After learning about the features of iTop VPN, here’s how you can use it for VK. For a more clear presentation, steps are prepared for you.

Step 1. Download iTop VPN.

Step 2. Open it and find the node for VK.

Step 3. Connect to the VPN. That’s all.

Therefore, the pros and cons of this VPN can be summarized below:


  • Free data every day

  • Special nodes for VK & Russia

  • Cheap plan for VIP($1.66/mo, 36 months)

  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • No VPN for Linux or game consoles like PS 5, Xbox, etc. 

All you need are 3 simple steps to use this powerful VPN software. Download it from its official website now!

As one of the most famous VPNs, Nord VPN also provides you with a solution for using VK, which is basically the same as the two VPNs mentioned above. No need for more introduction, just check how you can use it for VK:

1. Download NordVPN and get a subscription.

2. Connect to a server in the chosen location.

3. All set - VKontakte is now unblocked.

The pros and cons of this software can be listed below:


  • 5400+ servers in 59 countries

  • 6 devices supported


  • No free trials

  • $3.29/mo for 24 months (highest among the 3 VPNs in this article)

A comparison table is below to help you choose the most appropriate VPN more easily.

Free Trials VK Servers Russian Nodes Price Plan
PureVPN × × $1.99/mo
iTop VPN $1.66/mo
NordVPN × × × $3.29/mo

iTop VPN clearly stands out among the 3 VPNs for VK!

The Bottom Line

All the content about VK VPN has been presented to you above. You can choose your favorite VPN software to access this platform again. Last, iTop VPN deserves to be mentioned here again for its unique free trial without a login system, and special nodes for VK and Russia. So, it is called the best VPN for VK by lots of users. It deserves your choice too! Download iTop VPN and enjoy its fast connection as well as unparalleled stability.

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