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The Best Dedicated IP VPN Free: How to Get VPN with Static IP?

Get a private and secure connection via VPN static IP. Here we will discuss what the static IP is and the best free VPN with static IP in detail.

A VPN service simply provides you with an IP address to temporarily replace the original one once the connection is done. Normally, you receive a dynamic IP or shared IP subject to change without notification. On the other hand, static IP for VPN is much preferred. It is a good practice to limit access to just certain IP addresses. It offers better protection on your online activities and allows access to the restricted content.

Static IP for VPN

Here, we will explain the benefits and use of a static IP address as well as the best free Dedicated IP VPN. Then, you can use them to secure your access to private servers with the help of static IP for VPN.

In this part, we will explain VPN with static IP and its benefits.

What Does Static IP Mean?

A permanent number assigned to a computer by an Internet Service Provider is static IP, which is also known as a dedicated IP address. These IP addresses never change, and the other devices know how to associate with a device that uses one. You can configure routers, tablets, laptops, and any other devices to have a static IP.

What Is Static IP for VPN?

Some VPNs usually use dynamic IP addresses; meanwhile, some offer an option of a static IP for VPN. A VPN encrypts your routes and internet traffic with the help of a mediator server in a location of your choice. This static IP for VPN hides your current IP and replaces it with a new one from that location.

If a shared static IP address is given by free VPN, then you will get the same at each time. At the same time, if you want a static IP that will be only used by you, then get a VPN package that offers a static IP only for you. The user needs to pay to get a static or dedicated IP for a VPN.

Why Do You Need Static IP for VPN?

As the static IP for VPN is reliable, it gives you lots of benefits that are listed below:

1. Using a static IP gives you access to control and manage the private connection.

2. Many online services deal with the users of static IP addresses only as they are considered to be trustworthy and legitimate.

3. You can access censored or restricted websites with static IP.

A static IP for VPN is a unique ID, which is given by a VPN provider to connect to the Internet. It can serve you with the purpose of hiding your identity and safeguarding your privacy. It simply provides you another static IP for VPN and assists you to act as an anonymous online user.

iTop VPN – The Best Static IP VPN FREE Provider

iTop VPN is a solid and reputable VPN software that allows you to access all blocked websites and applications by giving a static IP for VPN. It has military-grade encryption to get a secure connection for websites. The tool is quite efficient and easy when it comes to hiding an IP address. Get static IP VPN free and connect to any servers of the world as it keeps you unknown. It is dedicated to protecting the user's privacy and does not demand any personal information.

More features of iTop VPN:

1. It replaces the real IP address with a static one.

2. It helps access all restricted contents from Netflix, Hulu or other streaming/social networking services freely.

3. It ensures that you are connected to a secure ISP to do web surfing without interruption.

4. The built-in AdBlocker will block online ads to protect your privacy and save you from threats.

How to Use iTop VPN with Static IP?

If you are interested in using iTop VPN to get a static IP, then follow the below steps.

Step 1. Download and Install iTop VPN. It is available for Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Step 2. Launch it and click the Connect button on the screen.

Step 3. Then, the software will automatically connect you to a free server with the most stable and fastest internet connection. Otherwise, you can click All Servers on the left sidebar and select a free server from the list to connect.

How to Get Static IP for VPN

Step 4. When the Connect button is changed to Connected and turns blue, your device is connected to the VPN with a static IP. You can check the detailed IP address above the button.

Check Static IP for VPN

Unlike iTop VPN which provides free server to assign you a static IP, there’re more VPN providers what you should pay for enjoying static IP or other services. Below is a list of top-rated paid VPNs that you can choose for static IP.


A super-friendly VPN that protects your identity and unblocks any restricted website in a specific geographical area. Trust.Zone supports torrenting and a privacy-friendly location. It is an anonymous VPN service that encrypts your internet traffic and protects against cyber threats. The tool does not have any login policy, which means you don't have to provide your personal details to get a VPN connection.

Best Paid Static IP VPN - Trust.Zone

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN has unlimited bandwidth to stream with protection. It can unblock streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu. You are able to stay private even when a VPN connection fails. Also, users can access the restricted content at ultimate fast speeds. Ivacy offers extensions for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox and a kill feature to protect your privacy and activities if your connection fails.

Best Paid Static IP VPN - Ivacy VPN


This staic IP VPN protects your privacy and provides you a secure connection. VyprVPN has its own servers that operate without any third-party network so that the users can enjoy the highest level of privacy. It has a simple and accessible interface through which you can get a VPN with a single click. This program encrypts your connection and protects you from criminals, snoops, or hackers.

Best Paid Static IP VPN - VyprVPN

The Bottom Line

Most users are aware of the importance of static IP for VPN. It can not only offers stable and secure connection when you surf online, but bypass VPN detection of some websites to watch contents online from anywhere without hassle. Various dedicated IP VPNs give to show the feature to allow access to the restricted websites. Out of all, iTop VPN is the handiest and most efficient VPN program, which can protect you from threats but also replaces your real IP with a static one. Thus, you are permitted to stay anonymous while online so that no one can trace you. It is the most recommended VPN tool if you want to protect privacy.

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