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Top 5 Stardock Fences Alternatives for Windows 11/10 Desktop

Looking for best free Stardock Fences alternatives for Windows 11/10? iTop Easy Desktop, Nimi Places, Tago Fences, xLaunchpad, and Sideslide are best tools.

As you spend more time using your computer and the number of files increases, your computer desktop must be full of clutter, making finding the items you want pain. You can turn to a virtual desktop organizer to help you arrange the items and returns you with a categorized and customized desktop.

Stardock Fences is a widely popular desktop management software for Windows. Fences is a paid app, and there are many Stardock Fences alternative free apps for the same purpose. Read below to find a list of the Stardock Fences alternatives for comparison. 

Stardock Fences Alternative

Instead of navigating through hundreds of files or a handful of software, computer users are more likely to move frequently used items to desktops for quick access. As a result, your desktop becomes messy with the usage of your computer and needs to be organized.

You can manage all materials on your desktop manually by putting them into different folders, but you have a better alternative to increase productivity and efficiency - a desktop organizer like Stardock Fences. 

Stardock Fences is a utility that helps to organize files, icons, and folders on the Windows desktop automatically. It creates resizable regions (also called categories, containers, or fences) and places your shortcuts and other items on your PC desktop in these areas. It also provides many customization features to help users gain Windows desktop enhancement. 

If you are looking for a free Windows desktop organizer, Stardock Fences is not an ideal option. There are plenty of Stardock Fences alternatives out there that can do the same job. They are either free alternatives or commercial ones with additional desktop customization features. You should not miss them out.

1. iTop Easy Desktop

Stardock Fences Alternative Free - iTop Easy Desktop

iTop Easy Desktop is the best Stardock Fences alternative Windows 11/10 as it provides the same functionality and features as Stardock Fences itself. You can use this desktop managing tool to take full control of your desktop layout either by automatically or manually grouping your desktop data. 

It allows you to create a File Explorer-like folder portal which includes the entire directory of all folders on your PC for direct access to the files. The desktop organizer by iTop can quickly hide all data on your desktop and provides quick file navigation using hotkeys.

How to use iTop Easy Desktop to manage your desktop screen on a PC:

Step 1: Download iTop Easy Desktop installer on your Windows PC and finish the installation process. 

Step 2: Launch it, the app will automatically create shaded boxes such as Programs, Files & Documents, and Folders and move the items to the boxes. You can also right-click on the desktop and create a new box and edit the name. 

2. Nimi Places

Stardock Fences Alternative Free - Nimi Places

Nimi Places is one of the best Stardock Fences free alternatives for PC that can help organize your Windows desktop into customizable containers. It supports adding labels to files or containers to tell them apart. 

What makes Nimi Places stand out among other similar tools is that it can display a thumbnail of files and folders from the chosen location, which improves efficiency and convenience. Nimi Places is also capable of previewing supported images, videos, and audio with Windows built-in media player within the container. 

3. Tago Fences

Stardock Fences Alternative Free - Tago Fences

Tago Fences is another desktop organization and personalization solution, which is seen as the best Stardock Fences alternative. It is a lightweight utility and very easy to install and operate. It allows users to use drag and drop to rearrange files and icons into multiple categories. 

Tago Fences supports hiding desktop icons on start and synchronizing real files and their shortcuts. All newly created files on the desktop will be automatically added to the regions where they belong. You can change the color of individual fences to distinguish them. Files can be opened by double-clicking, the same way when they are on the desktop.

4. xLuanchpad

Stardock Fences Alternative Free - xlaunchpad

xLaunchpad simulates the launchpad feature on a Mac computer, which displays installed software in a neat and organized way. Once installed, you will see a Rocket icon on your desktop dock, and click the icon it will expand to show all your apps. So, this Stardock Fences alternative free app is an advisable option for those who are familiar with macOS Launchpad or who have a lot of installed apps. 

xLaunchpad not only categorizes installed applications but also sorts desktop icons, files, folders, and shortcuts into groups.

5. SideSlide

Stardock Fences Alternative Free - SideSlide

SideSlide, as one of the Stardock Fences alternatives Windows 11/10, is a little different from Stardock Fences. Even though it works differently, Sideslide is a great tool that gets you a clutter-free desktop on a PC.

  • It doesn't create fences like other desktop organizers do, but provides multiple drawers with lists of your content. As its name implies, it will make all content on your desktop disappear and instantly expand the drawers when you hover the cursor to the side of your screen.

  • It is interesting that SideSlide has a news feed function. This offers a Subject Tracker that collects all news and stories that you are interested in from the internet.

How do I build a desktop fence?

It is easy to create a new fence on your PC desktop with iTop Easy Desktop. You can draw a rectangle on the desktop screen and select "Create a Box". Or you can right-click on a blank space on the desktop and select "Create a Box".

Does Windows have a desktop organizer?

Windows provides a quick organization feature called "Sort By" which can sort your files, folders, links, and applications by Name, Date modified, Type, or Size in ascending or descending order. You can right-click your desktop and select an option in the Sort By menu. This makes it easier for you to find a wanted item on a confusing desktop.

Can you group desktop icons on Windows 10?

Yes, you can group desktop icons on Windows 10 with folders or with third-party tools such as iTop Easy Desktop, Fences, Nimi Places, Tago Fences, and Sideslide.

It is always challenging to choose the best from many options. We conclude a comparison table of alternatives to Stardock Fences to help you make a quicker decision. 

Desktop Organizer

Supported OS


Customizable Fences

Quickly Hide All Desktop Icons

Folder Portal

Stardock Fences

Windows 11/10





iTop Easy Desktop

Windows 11/10/8/7





Nimi Places

All versions





Tago Fences

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP






Windows 10/8/7






Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP





The Bottom Line

Many people would like to use the desktop folder as the default location for downloading files and displaying software shortcuts. As a result, your computer becomes clumsy and your desktop becomes full of clutter. If you want to improve your workflow and productivity, a desktop managing tool like Stardock Fences is necessary. 

However, Fences is not your only option. iTop Easy Desktop is one of the best Stardock Fences alternatives because it functions the same as Stardock Fences and offers more customization features to your desktop layout. Use iTop Easy Desktop now, the best Stardock Fences alternative Windows 11, to get a tidy and organized Windows desktop. 

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