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How to Speed up Internet on Windows 10 in 10 Ways [No Bandwidth Limit]

3-minute guide to speed up internet on Windows 10 for free in 10 practical ways! Check this guide on how to speed up internet on Windows 10 easily and fast now!

It’s really frustrating that you’re being lagged by slow internet while downloading, uploading, or browsing the Web on Windows 10. Cause it reduces your work productivity, wastes your time, and even hinders your important progress. So plenty of users are looking for the way to speed up internet on Windows 10 to help themselves out. Nevertheless, many people still feel helpless about the slow internet.

10 Ways on How to Speed up Internet on Windows 10 in 2022

Actually, the slow internet is not just due to the internet connection, but also the bandwidth limit, DNS settings, crashed files, etc., on your Win 10. So to speed up Windows 10 internet, you can make some small changes on Windows 10 to quickly resolve these culprits for slow internet speed and enjoy faster internet in 10 ways. Let’s drop into the guide now!

Unreliable internet connection will absolutely slow down the internet speed directly. So before doing anything more complex, the first way on to how to make internet faster on Windows 10 is to reconnect your internet. If you’re using the Router or on Wi-Fi, please disconnect the Router temperately and wait for at least 10 seconds to reconnect it again.

If it doesn’t work after you reconnect the internet, then the slow internet on Windows 10 can be mostly caused by the bandwidth limit on your Windows 10 settings. You can change the bandwidth limit to speed up internet on Win 10.

Here’s how to change bandwidth limit Windows 10:

Step 1. Open the Settings on your Windows 10.

Step 2. Click Update & Security > Advanced options in turn.

 Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Advanced Options

Step 3. In the Advanced options window, scroll down to find Delivery Optimization and click it. 

Step 4. Choose Advanced options again at the bottom.

Step 5. After that, you’ll see an adjuster for both Download settings and Upload settings. Here, you can reset the amount of bandwidth that Windows can use for your core tasks. 

Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Change Bandwidth Limit

After changing the bandwidth limit on Windows 10, the internet will be faster than before, but there’s still limitation for your internet speed. What can you do to get free unlimited bandwidth and enjoy faster internet while browsing on Windows 10? Figure it out in the following content!

To get unlimited bandwidth while surfing the internet, you can rely on the powerful software, iTop VPN, with one-click, no confusing settings. It offers a safe VPN and faster private internet without bandwidth limit to speed up the internet on Win 10 easily and safely. With over 1800 servers worldwide, you can enjoy flashing network speed hassle-freely.

Here’s how to speed up internet on Windows 10 with iTop VPN:

Step 1. Download this free VPN on your Windows and launch it.

Step 2. Click All Servers in the left navigator. You’ll see a long list of all available servers in multiple countries, like USA, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.

Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Select Servers to Connect

Step 3. To speed up internet on Windows 10, select a server (USA, for instance) and click Connect. Then you can enjoy faster speeds with the USA server in no time.

Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Enjoy Fast Internet Speed with VPN


Your IP will be hidden while surfing the internet with iTop VPN, which is rather safe and private for you. Additionally, it offers multiple bonus functions: browser privacy, security reinforcement, Kill Switch, Ads block, DNS protection, etc., to afford you better experience.

There’s no doubt that iTop VPN has proven to be the best free VPN for Windows 10 to get faster and securer internet with one-click. No hesitation and download the wonderful VPN to enjoy lighting internet speed now!

In addition to getting the VPN for Windows mentioned above without bandwidth limit to enjoy ultra fast internet, you can also try to reset the DNS settings, which will be more complex than getting a VPN though. Here’s how to do it.  

Step 1. Search view network connections in search box of Windows 10 and enter it.

Step 2. Then right click on your network adapter and select Properties at the bottom.

Step 3. Now, select Internet Protocol Version 4 from the list under Networking and click on the Properties tab.

Reset DNS Settings to Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Step 3

Step 4. Now, select Use the following DNS server addresses and type to enter Google DNS as follows:



Reset DNS Settings to Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Step 4

Tips: Alternatively, if you want to use OpenDNS other than Google DNS, please type:



Step 5. Lastly, click on Apply and select OK.

The 5th way on how to increase your internet speed on Windows 10 is to change the adapter settings for downloading on Windows 10. It’s similar to the second way mentioned before, but this one focuses more on downloading settings.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Press Windows + I key together to open Settings on Windows 10.

Step 2. Now, select Update & Security and click Windows Update from the left menu.

Step 3. Then click on Advanced options from the right side.

Step 4. Turn off Download updates over metered connections (extra charges may apply).

Change Adapter Settings to Speed up Internet on Windows 10

Besides, the metered connections in your system will slow down your internet sometimes. So you can try to speed up your internet Windows 10 by disabling metered connections manually. Please do as follows:

Step 1. Go to Settings with shortcut keys: Win + I.
Step 2. Select Network & Internet in the list.
Step 3. Under Network Status, click on the Properties option under the connection you are using now.

Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Click Properties in Status

Step 4. When you reach the properties, find Metered Connection. Check to see if the switch is Off. If not, switch it off.

Disable Metered Connections to Speed up Internet on Windows 10

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In addition, it’s normal that you launch multiple apps in the background while browsing the Web, but too many background apps on your computer will limit your internet speed as well. Therefore, you can turn off background apps like this:

Step 1. Open Settings panel as mentioned in the foregoing part.

Step 2. Then click on Privacy.

Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Click Privacy in the Settings

Step 3. Now, choose background apps from the left menu.

Step 4. Lastly, switch the button under Background apps to off.

Turn off Background Apps to Speed up Internet on Windows 10

How to speed up Internet Explorer Windows 10 more when you have turned off all background apps? No worries. There’s another way for you: clear temp files and cached files will be helpful. However, it contains risks of deleting some essential files by mistake, which is not as safe as getting a free VPN to get faster internet trouble-freely.

Step 1. Search Disk Cleanup in your Windows 10 search box.

Step 2. Next, click on Disk Cleanup.

Step 3. Select C Drive in the pop-up box.

Step 4. Then, select all files from the files list and click OK to delete all useless files on your PC at present.

Clear Temp and Cached Files to Speed up Internet on Windows 10

Step 5. Continue to click on Clean up system files.

Step 6. Also, do remember to clear your recycle bin.

Normally, Windows update service can be convenient for you, but sometimes, it will influence the network speed in some extend. To get faster speed on the internet, you can turn off the Windows update service.

Here’s how to speed up internet browsing in Windows 10 by disabling Windows Update Service:

Tips: You can get a VPN browser to enjoy high-speed internet browsing with highly private browser for free without configuring any settings on PC.

Step 1. Search Services in taskbar search on Windows 10 and click on Services.

Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Search Services in Settings

Step 2. Then, find Windows Update from the list.

Step 3. Just right-click on it and select Stop to stop it. Then right-click again to select Properties.

Step 4. Now, change Startup type to Disabled from the drop-down list and select OK.

Speed up Internet on Windows 10 - Disable Windows Update Service

Step 5. Now, reboot your PC and check the internet speed again.

Finally, there’s an additional option for you to speed up your Win 10 internet. Windows 10 offers OneNote app in default for uses, which can take up a lot of spaces and restrict the internet. If you don’t use OneNote, just uninstall OneNote from your PC. 

Step 1. Search OneNote in the search box of your Windows 10. 

Step 2. Just right-click on it and select Uninstall.

Uninstall OneNote App to Speed up Internet on Windows 10

You can try all these 10 ways to speed up network on Windows 10 as you prefer. But what’s more advisably, just one-click download, and you can get the wonderful iTop VPN to enjoy lighting and safe internet for free without setting up complex configurations. Get started now!

The Bottom Line 

That’s the 10 ways on how to speed up internet on Windows 10. When you’re encountering slow internet at home on Windows 10, don’t panic, just try these useful methods in 3 minutes. While, it does take time and effort to make these changes, to get an easier and faster way to speed up internet on Win 10, iTop VPN must be the best option for you. Download it to enjoy flashing internet speed!

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