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Best Free VPN for Roobet from Any Country 2022

Roobet blocked in your region? Choose the best free VPN for Roobet to unblock the site and enjoy gambling anonymously. Safe to play and withdrawal.

Roobet used to be a really pleasing platform for playing casinos and other games. It did impose Geo-restrictions to its users, but with Roobet VPNs’ assistance, the blocks are brittle. Well, this scene fades as one strict detection system was adopted by Roobet, shutting nearly all mainstream VPN outdoors. People who use a magnate VPN cannot have access to Roobet’s official website as well. 

The saying goes, “Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” And we are going to easily unblock Roobet with some workarounds. This blog provides really workable VPN for Roobet to help you play online games without disturbance. 

Cover of Roobet VPN Never Banned

Roobet.com adopts the strictest jurisdiction, blocking users from the UK, USA, and other unauthorized countries. 

You may instantly relate to VPN which is a good tool for changing your current region. A clever idea, but Roobet prepared for this situation, it detected your VPN and required you to give up on that. 

  • Most Ordinary VPN Will Be Detected

The mechanism behind the detection system remains unknown, but the effect it causes has stirred a lot of troubles already.

Users now attempt to use VPN to change locations and visit Roobet will instantly warn you to turn off your VPN. 

Roobet Warns You to Disable Your VPN

But never do as you are told, turning off your VPN will render your account’s being banned. The only two ways that are practical to solve this problem are:

1. Seek a secure VPN that is immune to the detection of Roobet.

2. Find a legit way to bypass Roobet’s monitor - which will be covered in the next part.

  • Other Appalling  Results of Using Insecure VPN 

1. Be rejected to visit Roobet website

When you enter Roobet.com and only to find out there is nothing but a void, then you and your fake IP fabricated by VPN must be detected. This situation happens less frequently, but still baffles players.

2. Fail to register an account

The importance of a Roobet account cannot be exaggerated too much - it is the only way to withdraw/cash out your money. But after the date when Roobet adopted its strict laws to ban VPN, 

no account can be registered with ease. 

3. Cannot withdraw money

No account, no way to cash out your money.

4. Roobet will ban illegal ID

Once your ID address is found incompatible with the region you register, it is about to be banned. And your money will lose.

Let’s jump right to the point - What’s the real desirable method to gain access to Roobet? How to obtain a legit Roobet account that supports withdrawal and cash out? There are 3 necessary steps to achieve your goal. 

  • Access to Roobet With A 100% Legit Account - How to Create One?

Roobet's VPN Detection Mechanism: Roobet sort of records the original IP address when you first create your account. And if that address differs from your current IP (masked by a VPN maybe), or the address is shared by more than one account, warnings will be sent to you. 

Measures: I know that’s not practical for the readers of this passage. Henceforth you need to ask a foreign country friend to get you an account. Or turn to strangers who are willing to offer help on Reddit, with full awareness of frauds though. 

Warnings: A legit license is not enough, one has to make sure that their subsequent IP is compatible with the registered region. To successfully log in to Roobet, it is necessary to use a VPN and change your location to the registered one. Click to see: VPN for Windows Free Trial.

  • Prevent Your Account From Being Banned

Some sensitive actions can very likely cause your account banned. So, users who are using VPN services need to be very meticulous about their cash-out behaviors. Statistics show that amount lower than 300 bucks at once or less than 500 bucks a week will be safe.

iTop VPN - Best Free VPN in the Market

iTop VPN is a top recommended VPN in the market available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. With 1800+ widely spread VPN servers around the world, you can use it to choose a static IP address that can get access to Roobet and other sites for games and sports betting. It uses military-degree encryption, your online cavities will not be detected or monitored by others by hiding IP addresses, and DNS protection. Ads block feature enables you to view any site without interruption. Besides, it has a free VPN version without registration. You can try it without a credit card.

  • How to Bypass Roobet VPN Detected & Geo-Limitations?

iTop VPN is one of the most securest VPN in the market. Fast, double-layer protection and bank-level encryption, this unlimited data VPN gives its users 700MB of free data each day to enjoy the best-in-class servers bought from Amazon. 

Step 1. Download iTop VPN and finish the installation.

Step 2. Open iTop VPN and pick the server - do bear in mind that the server has to be compatible with the location where you create your account. Or there are still risks to be banned by Roobet.

iTop VPN Germany Server

Step 3. Hit the big ‘Connect’ button and your IP will instantly be changed. Now you can visit Roobet without hassle.

What if you still wish to use the old way to access Roobet, say, no intervention of strangers’ help, no warnings of “detection of VPN” sent by Roobet? There are indeed some workarounds with flaws worth trying.

1. Special Roobet VPN Location

Some VPN servers tend to have better performance compared with other servers. E.g., the Canada & Germany server (the Netherlands or New Zealand) will more likely be recognized by Roobet. So, try to connect to these locations when you are using a VPN.

2. Borrow Legit Roobet Account from Others and Cash Out

A legit account is not that easy to come by, and that makes a withdrawal of money become a big problem. But with a flexible mind and this problem could easily be solved. But do keep in mind that the account you borrow needs to conform with Roobet rules or your borrowed account can be banned too.

3. Use Another Casino Platform Such As Stake

Yep, this might be a bad idea, but considering the annoying limitations Roobet imposes on USA & UK users, it could be a good idea in comparison.


Bad news, Roobet is being through technology iteration and it now can detect 90% VPN in this market. This meticulous platform can recognize users that are sharing one IP.  Normal VPN servers still get chances to enter Roobet - constantly connect to servers before one works. Germany and Canada servers will be more likely to work. Try the best VPN for Windows without cost of money and enjoy your Roobet gameplay, fast, safe and stable!

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