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6 Best Portugal VPN in 2024 | Get a Portuguese IP Address Quickly & Easily

How to gain a Portuguese IP address? This post lists the top 6 Portugal VPN services that you can’t miss out in 2023.

There are multiple reasons why users need a Portugal VPN. For example, a Portugal VPN can enhance your Internet security, bypass censorship, circumvent geo-restrictions, and maintain online anonymity. No matter whether you are living in Portugal and want to break the regional limits, or people outside of Portugal who have trouble accessing local Portugal websites, a Portugal VPN is all you need. This post will list the top 6 VPN for Portugal with details about their performance. Before that, let’s sort out what makes the best VPN for Portugal. 

Best Six Portugal VPN

Various factors need to be considered when selecting the best VPN in Portugal. Depending on your needs, are you using a Portugal VPN for gaming, streaming, or just browsing? You may value these factors slightly differently.

  • Server numbers and locations. Needless to say, the more servers a Portugal VPN has, the better. Here, since you are looking for a Portugal VPN, make sure this VPN service has servers in Portugal.

  • Speed.The speed matters most for gamers and streamers. A good Portugal VPN should allow users to play games and watch live streaming without lag.

  • Pricing. It would be best if a Portugal VPN offers a free version. If not, choose a cost-effective one.

  • Unblocking. The best VPN for Portugal should be able to unblock any geo-limited content, including news websites, games, and streaming.

  • Refund guarantee. A refund guarantee makes sure you can have the money back if you find one Portugal VPN unsatisfying.

  • Privacy & security.The best VPN in Portugal should take users’ privacy and security seriously. A no-log policy should be adopted.

  • User-friendly interface. A clearly designed, intuitive, and clean UI is required for the best Portugal VPN. 

The VPN products below have been carefully selected and reviewed to rank as the top 6 Portugal VPN. Check to find out your favorite one. 

1. iTop VPN

iTop VPN ranks at the top of the best Portugal VPNs for a wide range of reasons.

As a free VPN for Portugal, it owns the following features:

  • Delicate servers worldwide. Users can pick from more than 1800 servers scattered in more than 100 locations to bypass geo-restrictions, including Portugal servers.

  • Safe VPN service.iTop VPN is a completely secure VPN with no malware or virus threats.

  • Free unlimited VPN in Portugal. Remarkably, iTop VPN has a free version that offers unlimited data.

With all being said, let’s see how to download and use iTop VPN to get a Portuguese IP address.

Step 1. Free download and install iTop VPN on your device, be it a Windows PC, Mac, or iOS. Launch this best free VPN for PC.

Step 2. On the left column of the main interface, click on All Servers. On the right window, scroll down to find a Portugal server.
Best Portugal VPN iTop VPN All Servers

Step 3. Tap on the Connect button to gain a Portugal IP address. Then you can surf the Internet with unlimited access. 

2. ExpressVPN

Portugal VPN Provider ExpressVPN

Sticking to military-grade encryption and zero logging, ExpressVPN is one of the best Portugal VPN services that can enable you to obtain safe Portugal identities from any location in the world. No worry about data breaches. Plus, it provides VPN 30-day free trial with quick connections and superior geo-restricted content-unblocking features. 

3. NordVPN

Portugal VPN Service NordVPNGiven its excellent performance in terms of online security, NordVPN is considered the most reputable VPN service. With the most advanced WireGuard technology, NordVPN offers superior protection and privacy measures. What’s more, it covers blazing-fast connections with a large number of servers.

4. Surfshark

Portugal VPN Service SurfsharkWith its expansion, Surfshark now provides over 3,200 servers across 100 nations. More impressively, Surfshark covers delicate Portuguese TV streaming servers like SIC and TVI. Users can also safely access other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with unlimited bandwidth. Even better, with a paid subscription, users can take advantage of infinite simultaneous connections per account.

5. CyberGhost

Portugal VPN Service CyberGhostCyberGhost provides unlimited bandwidth as well as lightning-fast servers. Meanwhile, you can choose from a large number of Portugal servers, roughly 50, using this VPN service. If you mainly use a Portugal VPN for browsing and streaming, CyberGhost is worth considering. You can get a Portuguese IP address and unblock international TVI and RTP1 by connecting to one of these fast servers.

6. IPVanish

Portugal VPN Provider IPVanishIf you need to connect to Portugal servers with several devices, IPVanish is your best solution. Each account is granted an infinite number of simultaneous connections. Moreover, high speeds and unlimited bandwidth guarantee reliable connections. For streaming, IPVanish can unblock popular Portuguese TV networks such as RTP1, RTP2, etc.

VPN servers and locations

Portugal Server

Simultaneous Device Connections

Security and Privacy


Free Version

Money-Back Guarantee

iTop VPN

1800; 100



AES-256 encryption





3000; 94



AES-256 encryption





5000; 60



AES-256 encryption





3200; 100



AES-256 encryption





6000; 88



AES-256 encryption





2000; 75



AES-256 encryption




As you can see above, iTop VPN is one of the two Portugal VPNs that offer a free version. Additionally, iTop VPN outranks CyberGhost with a more cost-effective paid plan. 

  1. Why Do You Need a Portugal VPN?

    To unblock geo-restricted content, bypass censorship, enhance online security, and protect online identity.

  2. Is it legal to use VPN services in Portugal?

    Yes, it’s totally legal to use a VPN service in Portugal. However, bear in mind that it’s illegal to download and spread copyright-owned content.

  3. How do I test whether the IP address has been changed to Portugal?

    The easiest way is to go to a local Portugal site and see whether you can access it. If you can successfully access Portugal sites without limitation, your IP address has been changed to Portugal.

  4. What can I stream in Portugal via VPN?

    With a Portugal VPN, you can stream geo-blocked content on Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Rakuten TV, and more.

  5. Can I access the blocked website from Portugal?

    Yes, you can access blocked websites from Portugal by using a Portugal VPN such as iTop VPN.


A Portugal VPN plays a vital role in terms of breaking geo-blockings and accessing content from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, it greatly contributes to your online security and enhances your privacy. Among the best 6 Portugal VPNs listed in the post, iTop VPN is our top recommendation. Thanks to the free version, affordable upgraded plans, a large number of servers, and robust security features, iTop VPN can be the best free VPN for PC. Download to explore more!

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