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How to Use Pokemon Go VPN & Fake GPS to Geo-Spoofing Pokemon GO?

You can’t play Pokemon GO in some places due to geo-restriction. How to play Pokemon GO everywhere? A free Pokemon GO VPN can help.

Released in July 2016, Pokemon GO has remained popular and is still regularly ranked among the leading mobile games worldwide. Now 115 countries have Pokemon GO available in their region. The daily user participants were reached 1,368,953 in the US, UK & Japan after 5 years of its initial launch. Imagine if you are a Pokemon GO maniac trainer and you take your phone & Pokémon’s visit another region for seeking a rare & powerful Pokémon. Then you awkwardly find that your Pokemon GO does not work here in this country. In that case, you might need a Pokemon GO VPN to help you bypass the geo-block.

Best Pokemon Go VPN

Pokemon GO needs players to explore the game's map by physically travel in the real world and your customized avatars in the game will move in the in-game map correspondently. Powered by Augmented Reality (AR) technology, when you encounter a wild Pokemon in the game, the Pokemon will show off in augmented reality mode in the natural surroundings of your smartphone camera. When you travel to countries & regions which has geo-restriction to Pokemon GO, for example, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, China, and so on, you aren’t able to play Pokemon GO in those countries without a Pokemon GO VPN.

Best Pokemon Go VPN

To break out the Geo-block of Pokemon GO, you must have both your IP address (the network address) & your GPS location coordinate (your physical position) matched. That means you will need both a workable free VPN for Pokemon GO & an App that changes your geo-location to avoid the regional ban.

Best Pokemon Go VPN

Meanwhile, Nintendo has officially disapproved users to use geo-spoofing to play Pokemon GO. As such, you will also need a mock location masking module and a GPS spoofing app as well. To will stop Pokemon GO from detecting whether you have changed your location.

Step 1. You will need to fake your GPS in order to play Pokemon Go. First, you can download the App “Fake GPS Location” or any other App that changes your GPS location. Search/Select the region & place you want to change your GPS location to, or move the cursor to the location you want to, then we go to the next step to change your account region. 

Best Pokemon Go VPN

Step 2. You will need to allow Mock Location for your phone. It could be fairly easy when you are using an Android device. Firstly, you need to locate the Build Number of your Android device. In some phones, it is located at Settings > About Phone/Device while in others, it can be found under "Settings" in general. Then tap the Build Number option several times. This will unlock the Developer Options on your device and you would get a prompt stating at the same time. Your phone will display a list of various developer options on the device. Just locate the “Allow Mock Locations” feature here and turn it on.

Best Pokemon Go VPN

Step 3. Go got wise to mock location apps early on, so you will not be able to play and might even get banned if caught using one. For this reason, you’ll also need to install a module called “Mock Mock Locations.” This simple add-on prevents apps from detecting that you have mock locations enabled in your settings. You can download the module APK from the Xposed repo on their website by Google its name. 

Best Pokemon Go VPN

Step 4. Then you will need a Pokemon GO VPN to change your Pokemon GO account region. Nintendo will detect your device's IP address & check if your device's IP address doesn’t match up with your GPS coordinates. The iTop VPN is a free VPN that supports IP address spoofing, click here to download this easy tool.

Best Pokemon Go VPN

Make sure you select the region & pick up a server where matches your GPS coordinate (You can choose any server near your chosen location on Fake GPS).   

Step 5. Use a VPN to download Pokemon Go for Android on Google Play

Best Pokemon Go VPN

In some countries, Pokemon GO hasn’t yet been released. If you’re traveling in one of these countries, if you have installed the iTop VPN on your phone, you can easily get Pokemon Go from the Google Play U.S store by following these steps:

  1. Download the iTop VPN, tap to run it, then select the U.S. server, then click the “Connect” icon to connect to the Google Play U.S. shop. 

  2. Go into your phone settings, select Applications > Google Play Store > Storage

  3. Tap CLEAR DATA and confirm

  4. Open Google Play and accept the terms of service

  5. Search for Pokemon Go, download, install, and enjoy!

Once you’ve downloaded & installed Pokemon Go from the U.S. store, Google Play configured your game as the United States version. After then, you can have your VPN disconnected. Now without a VPN, you should still be able to access the United States version. 

The reasons why I recommend iTop VPN as the tool for you to do geo-spoofing will include but not limit to:

  • The iTop VPN has the real server rooms locate globally. Which better coordinates your GPS & cheats Nintendo.

  • The iTop VPN has various locations for you to choose to address your Pokemon GO game.

  • The iTop VPN is completely free-to-use, no credit card information needed, no social network account associating.

In conclusion, the iTop VPN can cover almost all you need to break up to Pokemon GO geo-blocking. Additionally, it can achieve more than help you to play other mobile games like PUBG. It also offers a comprehensive security protection service to protect your data security & competent in all tasks that a good VPN can achieve.

If you are seeking a good Pokemon GO VPN which supports play Pokemon GO in restricted regions & countries, the iTop VPN could be one of the best options. Coordinate with Fake GPS, you can bypass the regional ban & play Pokemon GO everywhere in the world. Also, you can achieve geo-spoof hacks with the help of iTop VPN & Fake GPS to catch Pokemons which not in your habitant.

And another thing important is, the iTop VPN is completely free to use. So personally I would recommend if anyone who has such a need, to use iTop VPN to have a try the geo-spoofing on your phone & Pokemon GO.  

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