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Pluto TV VPN Helps Watch Free Streamings Outside US - 4 Choices

How to watch Pluto TV for free outside the US? Using the best free VPN for Pluto TV to change your IP address into the US. Get the hpw-to guide in the article below.

Pluto is a free, legal but ad-supported video streaming platform which is only available in 25 countries in the US, UK, Europe and Latin America. So not everyone in the world can access Pluto TV’s full content library if they are from the regions blocked by Pluto TV. 

Free VPN for Pluto TV

The simplest solution is to apply a Pluto TV VPN to spoof the real IP address and then connect to a server in the USA, by this way, users can enjoy all stunning channels and shows for free. Questions like which is the best free VPN for Pluto TV and how to connect to a Pluto TV VPN come later but they all get answered in this article, keep reading.

Pluto TV attracts 80 million monthly active users worldwide in 2023, providing over 250 channels and 100,000 unique hours worth of programming. Because its revenue comes from supporting ads, meaning it is 100% free to watch without a credit card required to sign up.

Due to the region-restriction, people from the blocked location can not enjoy Pluto TV’s free HD streaming services. But the best free VPN for Pluto TV - iTop VPN will help bypass the geo-limitation, enabling all users access Pluto TV channels and shows without any barrier.

iTop VPN - Best Pluto TV VPN Break Region Restriction

On the premise of ensuring the safety of your privacy and device, iTop VPN seems like a tool to open a dimension door anywhere in the world via the cyber in a second.

By using it, you can watch Danes’ DR TV sitting in front of your computer in London or you are also able to watch Amazon Prime videos in Iran. Besides, it has many other features to assist gaming, working, socializing, browsing, especially in watching streaming on Pluto TV.

  • Watch Pluto TV in 100+ Locations. iTop VPN has provided over 1800+ high quality servers in more than 100 regions, so you are able to decide where to watch Pluto TV in a wide range of IP options. Similarly, you are allowed to access contents in those locations easily with this free VPN either.

  • Watch Pluto TV Fast Without Lag. This VPN for Pluto TV supports you full speed of bandwidth which permits you to watch streaming on Pluto TV smoothly without blur or lag. And  it even lowers the ping to the lowest when you use it to play Geforce Now games, it will lower the ping to the lowest. 

  • Intelligently Configure Best Server for Watching Pluto TV. iTop VPN never lower its services quality even if you are using the free VPN for Pluto TV, it always offers best spare or closest IP, dynamic IP, and static IP according to your needs

  • Be Assuring to Watch Pluto TV No Log. For example, if you watch Pluto TV Yellowjackets, no one knows that except yourself. iTop VPN won’t log what you do on the Internet, moreover, it will protect your privacy and online actions using the AES encryption technology.

If you are located outside the US right now, how can you watch Pluto TV for free? Take the free Pluto TV VPN - iTop VPN, for instance at below.

Step 1. Download iTop VPN on your Windows PC and install it to sign up.

Step 2. On its interface, you’ll see your real IP address. Go to the “All Servers” to search “US” or other available regions (Australia, Europe, the UK, and Canada) for Pluto TV. 

All Servers to Watch Pluto TV

Also, iTop VPN has a dedicated streaming free VPN for Pluto TV, you can directly connect to it too.

Streaming Server for Pluto TV

Step 3. Once you connect to the proper server successfully, you’ll see your real IP address being masked by the server’s IP address.

Connect US Server to Watch Pluto TV


If you want to watch Pluto TV offline, you can try the Pluto TV video downloader - iTop Screen Recorder to save all Pluto videos in HD MP4.

Though iTop VPN has all excellent features and enough servers enabling you to watch Pluto TV without geo-restriction, 3 other Pluto TV VPNs with free trials are also recommended to widen your choices.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN for Pluto TV has its advantages on the server quantity in the US. It has over 1970+ servers scattered over 15 American countries. That means you can freely choose and switch over the servers no worries about overload.

NordVPN for Pluto TV

  • It will secure your device and privacy from being attacked by trackers, viruses, malwares.

  • It is also the best free VPN for streaming because of its fast connection speed and unlimited bandwidth. That ensures you enjoy a fast and stable connection anywhere

  • It promises to block ads and your cross-platform passwords.

  • It has a 30-day free trial if you are not satisfied with its services.

2. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is good at providing you with the utmost freedom by safeguards your privacy and online behaviors. No matter if you want to change the location to watch Pluto TV streaming or change steam region for gaming, it is a deserved choice.

Proton VPN for Pluto TV

  • It has a totally free version for the public, no catches, no ads, no log, and no privacy leaking.

  • It is available on iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, Chromebook, and Android TV.

  • It overcomes the CPU limitation to accelerate the speed for watching Pluto TV movies and shows no buffer.

  • Similar to iTop VPN, Proton VPN uses techniques to reduce latency as a VPN to low ping for gaming.

3. Surfshark

The 3rd Pluto TV VPN is cost-effective, which is named Surfshark. It has all basic features that a VPN should configure such as blocking ads & malware & cookie pop-up, protecting privacy and devices, and hiding your IP without tracking. 

Surfshark VPN for Pluto TV

  • It has a 30-day money back guarantee that means if you are not satisfied with its services, you’ll get refunded in the first 30 days.

  • Its purchase plan is quite cheap at $2.49/mon provided with basic functions you need.

  • It has 3200 servers in 100 countries including US, UK, Australia which enables you to enjoy Pluto TV channels for free while traveling.

Q: What devices are available to watch Pluto TV?

A: Pretended you has the accessibility with the help of Pluto TV VPN, then you can watch Pluto TV on Computers (Mac and Windows), Smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), and Smart TVs and TV box systems (Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV).

Q: Can I get a free trial from the above recommended VPN for Pluto TV?

A: All mentioned VPNs above offer a free trial for Pluto TV including a life-time free trial from iTop VPN for Windows/Mac/iOS, a 30-day money-back guarantee from NordVPN, a 30-day free trial from Proton VPN, and still a 30-day risk-free trial from Surfshark.

Q: Is only the US server that supports watching Pluto TV?

A: Not really. All servers in the region that Pluto TV supports are available to access Pluto TV as long as the servers are choicable on the VPN you are using.

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The Bottom Line

Need a Pluto TV VPN for watching on-demand movies, streaming, TV series, and etc for free. This article introduces the best free VPN for Pluto TV streaming - iTop VPN because it is free, fast and most secure. Of course, there are 3 other VPNs in the selections to help you watch Pluto TV channels outside the US with a slew of servers in America. No matter which one you choose to use, the free one with full function is always your first considerable choice. Download free VPN for PC to watch all content libraries on Pluto TV for free!

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