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How to Achieve Phishing Prevention By Using Free Phishing Protection Tool

Introduce the best way to do phishing protection and how to use a free VPN and connect to a stealthy internet connection to achieve phishing prevention.

Phishing attacks are the dark sides of the cyber world, forcing cybercitizens to carefully think before every click. Today’s Phishing attacks are experiencing rounds of iterations, harder to get detected, and more malicious at the same time. If you think you are fully aware of them, then you can get caught in their prey, irrespective of the phishing types and modes. This passage will shed light on identifying the worst Phishing attacks, and offers the most reliable Phishing Protections to you, easy and practical.

Cover of Phishing Protection

Cybercriminals use Emails, Phone calls, and social media messages to set traps on cybercitizens, aiming at the innocents’ money and private info. Usually, phishing can cause severe results, making you fall prey to a series of troubles. And here are some most common phishing attacks examples you can refer to:

• Status Change Phishing

Sometimes a kind of email will warn you that your account has logged in from a new location. And tell you to reset your password, and this is a Phishing attack.

• Password Expiration

Emails’ going to fool you with password expiration warnings. Spammers will place a URL in the email, telling you that click on the link and you can reactivate your password. THIS IS PHISHING. 

• Urgent Calls

Phishing groups could also leverage phone calls to assist them to implement a crime. They could force you to give away your private information in the name of the IRS, or require your social security number for an audit. And this is typical Phishing, do not leak any info to them, or a second crime is going to be brewed.

• Whaling

This phishing tactic is usually adopted by cybercriminals when they obtained the information of your leader, the CEO especially. They would forge a similar Gmail address of your CEO and send emails to you, make you transfer money, or receive documents. 

Whaling Phishing Attack

• Pop-ups

Pop-ups may be the most notorious measures of promotions AND phishing. Malicious pop-ups not only influence the reading experience but lead you also to 3-rd party websites full of spam and phishing attacks. 

• DNS hijacking

This phishing tactic is in the technical sense. Once your domain name server (DNS) is hijacked, the original website address could be transformed to a dangerous redirect, with similar interfaces but full of traps.

DNS Hijacking - Phishing Attack

• Phishing Protection

While we say phishing protections, the first thoughts are always ads blockers, passwords, anti-virus, system care software, VPN for PC, etc. 

An elaborately-designed Phishing attack will integrate more-than-one elements listed above to make sure their prey bite the hook. And to deal with these carefully-made traps, you should face them with extra sobriety. Here are some methodologies you can adopt to prevent phishing attacks on the Internet.

• Your private info

Anything requiring your private info will be worth a second thought, no matter how urgent it sounds or reads in the calls or emails.

• Phishing for your money

Put your money safely in the box, and do not let anything seduce them to go outside.

• Click on a redirect URL

Check the URLs twice before officially clicking on them. Also check where does this URL leading, close the webpage instantly once you scent anything wrong.

Sometimes a one Phishing protection tool can only address one specific Phishing, say, the ads blockers can prevent most malicious pop-ups. But are there convenient tools that can protect you from most types of Phishing attacks? Lucky you, there indeed are! 

• An all-in-one VPN [Protect DNS, Browsers, and Data Transfer]

iTop VPN absorbs the premium advantages of its competitor VPNs, and integrates the core features of System Care Tools, making itself a first-class tool in Phishing protection.

1. Ads block

The first feature, that you may find the most useful, is iTop VPN’s ads blocker. This function can automatically detect malicious windows, pictures on a webpage, turning them into black. 

Ads Blocker

2. DNS protection

iTop VPN’s DNS protection is easily-operated and advanced. You can imitate your DNS address to 5 out-of-box servers, guaranteeing safety. In this way, no DNS hijacking will catch you.

DNS Protection

3. Security reinforcement

This best free VPN for Windows has a system care function, which is rarely seen by its competitors. With this very function, you can clearly see where are the pitfalls of your PC. Finding them out and fixing them is one click away.

Security Reinforcement

4. Military-level Encryption

iTop VPN uses 3 professional protocols to protect users’ data security. HTTPS (Double Encryption), TCP, UDP (Fast Speed), and the self-developed protocol. The security level is paralleled with the Military network, preventing any data hacking from happening in the first place.

• A random password generator

Remembering a frequently-changed password is exhausting, but you can’t deny that this is indeed the most effective method to prevent your belongings to be stolen.

• Two-factor authentication

Double-layer protection is a wise way to counter Phishing attacks. E.G., set password and fingerprint for an account and the two protections can’t leak simultaneously, which means your belongings are dimensionally safer than ever.

Step 1. Download this Fast VPN free. This versatile VPN supports PC, iOS, and Android.

Step 2. Press the button in the center and iTop VPN will automatically select the best servers for you according to your current locations. 

Connect to Safe Servers to Prevent Phishiping Attact

Step 3. Activate Ads Block, Security Reinforce, DNS Protection to counter potential Phishing attacks.

This passage gathers the most dangerous Phishing attacks on the Internet, appended with solutions accordingly. And as a supplement, 3 ultra-effective methods are introduced at the end of this passage, Offering every cybercitizen an all-in-one Phishing Protection – the safest VPN.

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