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Best Philippines VPN: Free to Use & Unblock Pornhub Philippines

Which VPN service is the best free VPN for Philippines? Which VPN is best to bypass the government’s internet censoring? iTop VPN could be a perfect option.

The Philippines has ranked in the top 10 for having “Most free internets” for decades. According to independent research, the Philippines is one of the most favored locations for VPN service providers & VPN users. Many VPN service providers have their Philippine proxy open to their users. And many users choose the Philippines VPN server as their destination of VPN proxy.

Before discussing if using a Philippine VPN, there are some interesting fun checks about the Philippines’s internet usages:

Best VPN Service for Philippines

Theoretically, the Philippines has an excellent internet environment when compared to other Asian countries. Their High-quality internet infrastructure with decent improvement each year. And the Philippines’s constitutional legislative has officially claimed that access to the Internet in the Philippines stays as unrestricted is a fundamental right; Also, the high participation rate of Philippine’s network users could be a positive momentum. It seems like using a free VPN in the Philippines should be meaningless. But is that the case?

Through all these advantages make the Philippines a perfect country to set up VPN servers & services. A Philippine VPN can still help you to surf the internet safely & without being monitored by authorities. But the fact is, though the Philippine government acclaims they will not interfere with the internet publicly. But many online resources are not able to be accessed in the Philippines. For example, if you are using an internet service in the Philippines, you are not able to watch videos on Pornhub and many other adult sites.

Best VPN Service for Philippines

The government’s Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) of Philippine is the main regulatory body of the internet. Which overwatches explicit content on the Philippine network. Making, watching, spreading pornography, defined by the Republic Act No. 7610 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines, according to this Philippine legislation, are illegal doctrines. So, if you are in the Philippines, your effort to access some streaming content that contains nudity such as YouTube videos, or explicit sexual content like Pornhub, may be restricted in the region. To visit those websites, you must have a VPN for the Philippines to bypass all restrictions.


•  There about 75% of all Philippines connect to internet every day, higher than the average in southeastern Asia (66%) and eastern Asia (65%).
•  67% of Philippines use social networks (Facebook, Twitter…etc.) every day.
•  98% of Philippines’ internet user watch online videos every day. YouTube is the most used video sharing platform in Philippine.   
•  The most frequently used social media platform is Facebook. 96% of Philippines use Facebook every day.

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To bypass the government restriction & ban, I would strongly recommend using the iTop VPN service. You can break the regional content restriction very easily by adapting iTop VPN. Usually, when you use the internet, the government overwatch you by observing your data & request through your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Instead of taking your traffic to your local ISR, The iTop VPN will bring your network traffic to a point-to-point private tunnel. Also, the iTop VPN will encrypt your data to unreadable in order to circumvent government monitoring (the encryption & decryption can be done only by VPN). Also, the iTop VPN will route your traffic to a special tunnel, so your internet traffic will be able to be seen by neither the government nor the public.

Best VPN Service for Philippines

The advantage to using iTop VPN tunnel in Philippine is obvious: After connect to the iTop VPN service, your IP address will appear as you’re in a different country and the geo-spoofing is on. By using iTop VPN, Geo-locked platforms (such as Netflix) which check the user’s IP address to see if they’re within the service’s broadcast area or not. Or government banned platforms, like Pornhub, which government would close the traffic if your IP in certain region. As a result, you can bypass these restrictions and access a huge range of previously off-limits content simply by connecting to a server in one of the supported regions, for example, server in United States.

Best VPN Service for Philippines- iTop VPN

Besides that, the iTop VPN is a free VPN which completely free to use. A 700 Megabytes data pack is offered for free daily usage. And the free traffic cap will reset every day. The iTop VPN service will not ask for your credit card information, so there is no worry about auto-bill after the free trial.

Best VPN Service for Philippines- iTop VPN

Personally speaking, a 700 Megabyte data pack isn’t quite enough to watch streaming content probably, to upgrade to a VIP account will allow you to remove the 700 megabytes traffic cap. Also, the iTop VPN provided streaming optimized tunnels & proxies, by using the “Smart Location” feature, the iTop VPN can automatically select the fastest speed VPN for the Philippines, which gives priority to you to watch online streaming without buffering.

The iTop VPN also provides safety protection options. It offers banking-level security protection, supports OpenVPN TCP & UDP, PPTP protocols. There are about 2000 servers located all around the world. So there is no concern that your internet traffic could be intercepted by the authority and keep you anonymous when you surfing the internet. 

Best VPN Service for Philippines- iTop VPN

If you need to access geo-restricted content in the Philippines, for example, watch Final Fantasy (Japan exclusive) on Netflix. Or you want to access age-restricted content in the Philippines, like to visit Pornhub. Then you might need the iTop VPN, the best Philippine VPN. Just download the VPN, install & click “connect”, you are able to connect to the free internet and bypass the regional restriction at no cost! If you’ve got trouble with wanted resources, just try the iTop VPN now!

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