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A Tutorial of How to Use Open VPN Free Client & An Alternative

A Step-to-step tutorial on how to set up the OpenVPN PC Client, and introduce the best OpenVPN free Client alternative– iTop VPN.

The OpenVPN could be the most famous open-source VPN system, and its also the representative of the VPN proxy – released in 2001 by talented software engineer James Yonan, after years of development & evolution on both Windows Client & Mac/ Linux Client, the Open VPN proxy has become one of the best free VPN for Windows during the past 20 years.

Open VPN Windows Client - Logo

There are many different fast free VPN applications that are adapting the OpenVPN proxy & their VPN technology. The OpenVPN project itself has perfect software which opened to the public freely. You can find it on the internet and access the OpenVPN Windows Clint quite easily by downloading from their webpage, you can see that they claim their product as the world’s best VPN. It is a reasonable & acceptable statement since OpenVPN is the pioneer of VPN proxy. The OpenVPN Windows Client allows you to modify your VPN connection, and the software itself is highly customizable. But it also brings a new problem to newcomers that is: How do I use OpenVPN Windows Client? In case you are lost in the swamp of terminologies like encryption, certification key & tokens, import profile & Proxies, statistics… here is the complete guide for you to set up OpenVPN Windows Client & connect to VPN freely.

Theoretically, the OpenVPN Windows Client isn’t a click-&-go software. You have to have a certain degree of knowledge about the VPN and how does VPN works. Most importantly, you must have an available VPN service subscription. No matter where you get the service subscription, here Tsukuba University’s free VPN server project is recommended as your first step to learning how to use the OpenVPN Windows Client.

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Step 1:

Install OpenVPN Client, you can find the OpenVPN Windows Client download on their website. (

Open VPN Windows Client - Installation

Download and install the OpenVPN software. It is developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. and distributed as open-source software and personal modification.

Double-click the downloaded OpenVPN program file.

While the Setup wizard appears. Proceed to install along with the instructions on the wizard and choose the install folder (Make sure you could find it after installation).

Step 2:

Download and install a connection setting file (.ovpn file) of OpenVPN. You can find the OpenVPN Windows Client setting files listed on the VPN Gate Servers List web page.

Open VPN Windows Client - Download Config File

Remember you have to download an OpenVPN connection setting file (.ovpn) in order to connect to a VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Server. Select a VPN server that you want to connect to, and click the ".ovpn" file to download.

Open VPN Windows Client - Import .ovpn File

If you have your OpenVPN Windows Client installed, the software will automatically associate the .ovpn file you have downloaded. Locate the .ovpn file you’ve downloaded from the VPN Gate & double click it, the OpenVPN port will respond & establish by your action and inform you if you need to import the setting.

Step 3:

OpenVPN GUI icon will have appeared on the task-tray of Windows at the bottom-right of the screen. left-click at the icon, the “Profile” will show up and you can find the VPN setting imported from the .ovpn file you have downloaded.

Open VPN Windows Client - Import Successful

You can connect to the VPN network by left-clicking the “Switch” button. Then the VPN connection will be established and the connecting status will display on the top of the screen.

You may see the username and password prompts on the screen. Specify "VPN" (3-letters) on the prompt. (It seldom appears.)

If the VPN connection is successfully connected, the message will appear.

Step 4:

While a VPN connection is established, a Virtual Network Adapter on VPN for Windows will be created and the adapter will be assigned an IP address that begins with the "10.211." block. The default gateway address will be designated on the Virtual Network Adapter. You can confirm these network configurations by running the "ipconfig /all" command on the Windows Command Prompt.

Open VPN Windows Client - Connected

While VPN is connected, all telecommunications through the Internet will be relayed via this VPN connection. You can verify that by using the "tracert" command on the Windows Command Prompt.

As the above figure, your network has now completely geared up by the OpenVPN Windows Client.

The problem of using OpenVPN Windows client with a free VPN gate provider is that the process & technic is required to set up your VPN connection. Any misplaced option & modification could potentially disable your VPN connection through OpenVPN.

Open VPN Windows Client - Problem

The connection isn’t stable neither. Due to its experimental nature, there is a very high chance that you can't connect to a VPN gate server with the OpenVPN Windows Client.

Open VPN Windows Client - Connection Failure

The speed performance isn’t ideal, too. During the test, the average speed is quite limited and it is hard to use with that low transfer rate to surf the internet like watching a video, playing online games, etc.

If you are seeking a better, fast free VPN service, the iTop VPN for Windows could be your best option at this time.

The over-complexity of OpenVPN setup is always the biggest problem while you use it. Also, it is not always a piece of cake to find a fast VPN portal that offers you a free deal. But here is your chance, the iTop VPN.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know how to use the iTop VPN. It is just a matter of click. And you don’t need to worry about the security – iTop does not skip anything you’ve done on OpenVPN but also optimize them intelligently by the computer itself. The iTop VPN offers the highest level of network security protection (Including TCP, UDP & HTTPS). And the iTop VPN system will automatically optimize the setting once you select your security strategy in the security option.

OpenVPN Windows Client Alternate - iTop VPN

On the other hand, the iTop VPN provides various features for you to enjoy the fun of the internet while connecting to a secured virtual network protocol. Like unlocking regionally blocked content for streaming platforms, gaming acceleration, unlocking the online adult contents… anything you can expect to have on a VPN service you could find on the iTop VPN.

OpenVPN Windows Client Alternate - iTop VPN Connections

Advanced security option box is also available on iTop VPN: the Security Reinforce will fix your system security vulnerability, the Browser Privacy feature can completely clean up your browser history & path. The IP checker & IP configuration can help you to mask your IP in case of hacker attacks through your real IP address. The DNS protection & Kill Switch can further assist your internet security.

OpenVPN Windows Client Alternate Security Option

Read more about how to hide your IP address: How to Hide IP Address - Free VPN to Hide IP Address >>

Main Features:

  • Secure network connection

  • Privacy protection

  • Fix system vulnerability

  • Hide real IP

  • Unblock regional restricted contents

  • Gaming acceleration

OpenVPN Windows Client is fantastic for you to enjoy the free VPN network. But it is somehow complicated & unstable. And there is the best free VPN for Windows – iTop VPN can help you to handle your VPN need. What are you waiting for then? Have a try at this unlimited iTop VPN for PC-free!

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