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Set Up Nintendo Switch VPN to Unblock Games & Videos Easily

Want to play games and stream videos without limits on Nintendo Switch? Check out this article for the best Nintendo Switch VPN and the setup process!

While the Nintendo Switch took online gaming by storm in the past few years, it’s also a powerful device that allows you to access online content. Yet it’s worth noting that, whether you want to play a game from the Nintendo eShop in other regions or watch trendy TV shows on Hulu, a Nintendo Switch VPN is always needed to bypass geo-restrictions.

Best Nintendo Switch VPNSadly, Nintendo Switch doesn't come with a built-in VPN. What’s worse, you can’t even download and install a VPN on the device. But fear not. In this article, we’ll introduce 2 workarounds that allow you to access global content with the best VPN for Nintendo Switch. Just make sure to continue reading!

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that can be docked for home and portable use. Here are a few things you can do with the Nintendo Switch. 

1. Playing All the Games

You can play countless unblocked games with the Nintendo Switch. From staples like Mario and Zelda to Animal Crossing and indie titles. 

2. Watch Hulu & YouTube Videos

Want to watch YouTube videos and popular TV shows on Hulu? Just download the apps for Nintendo Switch to access numerous online content.

3. Use as a Portable Battery Pack

The Nintendo Switch can also be used as a portable battery power when your other devices are out of power. 

However, please mind that you can’t play games that are not available in your country or watch Hulu outside the US. That’s why you need to get a VPN on Nintendo Switch to access these services. Want to learn more? Just check out the following parts!

The Nintendo Switch is an undeniable success that represents a whole new path in gaming. Plus the streaming capability, the hybrid console is a firm favorite for gamers and non-gamers alike. So how to play games and watch Hulu/YouTube videos without geo-blocks? Here we’ve put together 2 effective methods to help you out. 

Way 1:  Use a Hotspot to Enable VPN Nintendo Switch

The first method is to use a hotspot to enable the VPN for Nintendo Switch. Specifically, instead of using a regular router, you can use your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet as a hotspot to route your Nintendo Switch. Hence you can select a server as a Nintendo Switch VPN to access games and content that are not available in your country/region. What’s more, you can keep your personal information 100% safe with a VPN connection. 

So which VPN is the best to use? Try iTop VPN, the most powerful Nintendo Switch VPN that can help you bypass geo-blocks and access any content you want! Just have a look at the main features to learn more.

100% Free VPN: iTop is a 100% free VPN that allows you to unblock games and online content on Nintendo Switch successfully.

Bypass Region Restriction Worldwide: How to unblock YouTube/Hulu and games unavailable in your country/region? With iTop’s 1,800+ global servers, you can bypass geo restrictions and reach wherever you want.

Lightning Speed: iTop is the fastest Nintendo Switch VPN that lets you play games and stream shows on Nintendo Switch with ultra smooth connection and minimal latency. 

Unlimited Bandwidth: As the best free VPN for Windows, iTop VPN allows you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth by alleviating the influence of ISP throttling.

Anti-Virus & Privacy Protection: iTop is a safe VPN for Nintendo Switch, providing users with ultimate anti-virus and privacy protection.

High Compatibility: iTop is not only a free VPN for Mac but also Windows, iOS, and Android. 

How to Connect iTop VPN on Nintendo Switch?

It’s super easy to connect the iTop VPN to Nintendo Switch, just follow the two parts below. 

# Part 1: Connect VPN to Windows PC and Set Up a Hotspot

Step 1. Free download and install iTop VPN on your device. 

Step 2. Select a server and click the “Connect” button to connect to iTop VPN.

Nintendo Switch VPN iTop ConnectedStep 3. On your Windows PC, navigate to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Hotspot.

Nintendo Switch VPN Windows HotspotStep 4. Click the “Edit” button to configure the Hotspot by giving it a name and a password. 

Nintendo Switch VPN Edit Hotspot

Step 5. Turn on the toggle under “Share my internet connection with other devices” and make sure you share the connection via Wi-Fi.

Nintendo Switch VPN Turn on HotSpot

# Part 2: Connect Nintendo Switch to the Hotspot

Step 1. Now on your Nintendo Switch, navigate to System Settings > Internet > Internet Settings. Your Nintendo Switch will start searching for the network available. 

Nintendo Switch VPN Connect to HotSpot

Step 2. In the “Network Found” list, connect your Nintendo Switch to the hotspot you just set up on your Windows PC.

That’s it. Now you should be able to access any content with the iTop Nintendo Switch VPN via a hotspot connection.

Way 2: Use a Router to Connect VPN for Nintendo Switch

Evidently, iTop is the best Nintendo Switch VPN for unblocking games and content. Another useful option here is to connect to a VPN-enabled router and activate the VPN on Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo Switch VPN ExpressVPNLet’s have a look at the main features of ExpressVPN first.

Feature 1: Various Paid Plans

ExpressVPN offers various paid plans(1 month/12 months/6 months) and you can just pick one based on your needs.

Feature 2: Worldwide Servers 

With 3,000+ global servers, ExpressVPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions successfully. It’s not only a solid Nintendo Switch VPN but also a great option if you want to change steam location

Feature 3: Optimized Cloud Gaming Experience

ExpressVPN provides a fast and reliable connection that successfully helps to optimize the Nintendo Switch cloud gaming experience. 

Feature 4: Cross-Platform VPN

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac as well as devices such as routers, smart TV, and game consoles. 

How to Connect ExpressVPN on Nintendo Switch via a Router?

Step 1. Download firmware from the ExpressVPN website. Select a model for your router. 

Nintendo Switch VPN ExpressVPN Download Firmware

Step 2. Keep the window open because you need the activation code for setup.

Nintendo Switch VPN ExpressVPN Activation Code

Step 3. Now connect your router and devices to the internet. Open a browser, enter,, or 

Step 4. In the router’s admin settings, click on the “ADVANCED” tab. Go to Administration > Router Update. 

Nintendo Switch VPN ExpressVPN Router Update

Step 5. Select “Browse” to find the ExpressVPN firmware. chk file you downloaded and click on the “Upload” button. Select OK if you are prompted to terminate the connection.

Nintendo Switch VPN ExpressVPN Upload Firmware

Step 6. Your router should restart automatically. Connect it to the Wi-Fi and you have successfully set up ExpressVPN on your router.

Step 7. Now you can connect your Nintendo Switch to Wi-Fi with a router running ExpressVPN. 

So which method is better? While a hotspot is easy to set up, using ExpressVPN on the router can be so much more complicated. And it is worth noting that most VPNs do not support routers, so hotspot often comes off as a wide option. Hence, iTop is a reliable Nintendo Switch VPN that is strongly recommended. 

The Bottom Line 

You purchase Nintendo Switch not just for certain games, but to access online content without limit. That’s why we’ve put together 2 useful methods to help you unblock games and online content on Nintendo Switch. As you can see, a hotspot is the simplest way to connect your Nintendo Switch to a VPN and iTop proved to be the best Nintendo Switch VPN to use. With its excellent features, you can successfully break geo-restrictions on Nintendo Switch. Plus the data encryption, and unlimited bandwidth, you can truly enjoy an interrupted gaming experience. Just try it and freely access the global internet with your Nintendo Switch now!

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