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Most Secured VPN Services 2024

What is the most secure VPN? Check the blog to find the most secure VPN services 2023, ASE-256 encryption, no-log policy, and so on.

According to the data CIGI-IPSOS global survey of Internet Security & Trust exhibited, there are three in four (about 78% percent of the total surveys) global citizens who are at least somewhat concerned about their online privacy and security. How to keep your online security and privacy and protect your data from thieves and cybercriminals? Hide IP address, encrypt data, change location to other places? As a matter of fact, all of these can be achieved by using a VPN. Even though, you need to choose the most secure VPN as some of which may store your data and sell them to third parties. Well, what is the most secure VPN? Read the article to find the criteria and get the VPN that meets the criteria.

The Most Secure VPN

Most Secured VPN

  • No logging policy – a VPN provider should not keep any logs of their customers.

  • A proper protocol & encryption – All these best services use at least AES-256 encryption and OpenVPN TCP protocol for security enforcement. A UDP protocol is the speed compromised reaching.

  • Kill Switch – The essential part of the VPN service which allows the VPN to shut down the connection when the proxy accidentally drops. A kill switch function would always keep your data transferred in the secured VPN tunnel. 

  • Additional features that protect your online security & privacy. A better-secured VPN service should able to provide more safety options & features like Private trace cleaner, Malicious software defender, Phishing bites remover… etc.

Privacy and security is always the top concern among all VPN users. NordVPN is successful in response to the real demand for the most secured VPN. And sure, they’ve done a pretty decent job by its technical advantage, by adapting several unique protocols & better-improved data encryptions.

In terms of specs, NordVPN delivers identical double encryption to your data. This makes it one of the most secure VPNs that we'd still trust to keep even the most sensitive information secure. Meanwhile, NordLynx protocol can provide a reliable connection without too many speed compromises. Also, NordVPN supports regular high-spec protocols like OpenVPN TCP & UDP, IKEv2, SSTP to secure your internet. Which is far enough to protect your online security.

The Most Secure VPN - NordVPN Review

And sure you’ll also have a kill switch to protect you if your connection goes down with Nord VPN, which is good. But NordVPN does not offer additional options & features other than a kill switch to enforce your online security. And the 2018’s server hack still shadows the credibility of Nord VPN (a cybersecurity company being hacked themselves). Anyway, despite the elephant in the room, NordVPN is still one of the most secure VPN protocols on the market.

Reasons to use:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use design

  • Kill switch plus no-log policy

  • Exclusive "Trusted Server" technology which approves excellent security on the server end

Reasons to avoid:

  • Pricing is the most expensive among all VPN service providers.

  • Compromise personal data to the authorities – Turkish governor's agent seized Express VPN's server in 2017. And the company compromised its data due to political pressure.

Launched in 2009, ExpressVPN is one of the most secure VPNs stands last about 12 years of service. It’s now become one of the most well-known and the most secured VPNs on the VPN selection list. ExpressVPN is always mentioned when someone talks about the comparison of various VPNs.

Compared to its security, ExpressVPN is much good in its stability. With over 10000+ servers open to customers globally, plus their 24/7 online chat technic support & ready for solving any customer issues, the reliability of ExpressVPN is ranked as the highest on the scoreboard.  

The Most Secure VPN ExpressVPN-Servers

ExpressVPN didn’t loosen its security approval at all. ExpressVPN’s unique “TrustedServer technology” enforced your internet security by taking completely different methods of managing users’ data on the server end. The typical way of running a server relies on hard drives, which retain all data until they are erased and written over. With TrustedServer, ExpressVPN prevents the operating system and apps from whatever write or erasing to the hard drive but makes servers run entirely on volatile memory (RAM) instead (which data disappear when the server is power off). Which dramatically reduced the leak of the data.

The Most Secure VPN

ExpressVPN provides general security protection as other most secure VPNs, like a no-logging policy, the Kill switch, and OpenVPN TCP & UDP, PPTP protocols. All these make ExpressVPN is competent in the most secure VPN list. But there are still flaws & concerns: Consider the record of compromises their servers to authority & coordination with government censorship. Customers may concern that their private data could leak to the government. Besides, ExpressVPN offers no additional tools & value besides general VPN services. Considering the expensive pricing, there could be enough reasons we hesitate before purchasing their service.

Reasons to use:

  • Completely free-to-use & no bank credit card information when having the free-trial

  • No logging promise, Kill Switch included

  • Enforced privacy & security tools included: BrowserPrivacy, SecurityReinforce, Malicious AdBlock…etc.

Reasons to avoid:

  • No extra protocol/proxy layer security protection

The first impressive thing about iTop VPN isn’t how many of their servers are, nor how good their service is (sure their service is good as fantastic). But their complete free-to-use promise. Comparably, both ExpressVPN & NordVPN can only offer you a 30-day money-back policy & need a credit card, the iTop VPN asks you nothing and you can just go with their free service but just download & click to go. You have 700 Megabytes free daily traffic which reset every day. Have to say this policy dramatically reduced your cost of trial & error, you don’t have to pay for the service which you don’t really need. Not like other VPNs which need your credit card information, iTop VPN take a completely click-to-use trial strategy in which the auto bill will never happen.

As a raising competitor of Windows VPN services, the iTop VPN has presented good variety & functionality on internet security protection performance. Through lacking multiple-layer encryption & special protocol protections like the Nord VPN. Absence of server-side protection like the TrustedServer technology the ExpressVPN has. The iTop VPN still sets its perspective to protect user’s security & privacy by adding enhanced additional protection tools for your network & PC.

The assets iTop VPN contests as the most secure VPN service is its safety protection tools options. Under the “Privacy & Security” tab, the iTop VPN provides a series of security tools. The BrowserPrivacy tool can clean up the temporaries & traces of your browser. The SecurityReinforce allows you to optimize your network setting in order to protect your internet security, like blocking malicious apps, turning off remote access, etc. One interesting feature iTop VPN offered is an ad block that allows the software able to lock the malicious online advertisements and make them not display, which will reduce the chance users click on the bait site & decrease the risk of identity theft & online scam. Some of these features will need a VIP account to unlock, and it is still a good deal since the software itself is free to use. But if you are concerned about your online safety and need comprehensive protection, a VIP account is necessary.

The Most Secure VPN

Compare to NordVPN & ExpressVPN, iTopVPN doesn’t have any bad record yet. It may be because it is still a new competitor in the VPN market. But its functionality has already proved it is one of the most secure VPN services.

Reasons to use:

  • Comparatively economical VPN option ($12.95 for a single month, $2.49 for an annual plan)

  • No log policy, Kill Switch included

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

  • Unlimited device connection per license

Reasons to avoid:

  • Provide basic security protection – no extra technical/ safety tools support to improve the security

Surfshark can be your mediocre choice for selecting the most secure VPN to enhance your network security & stability, and it performs well. A high-standard SHA256 encryption code signed with HTTPS (“Advanced Encryption Standard” with a 256-bit key size) has been adapted for military encryption for years. And this technology has taken to grant today, the Surfshark has very decent security protection.

The Most Secure VPN Surfshark-static

As one of the most secure VPNs on the market, Surfshark is undoubtedly doing well on network protection. The fly in the ointment of Surfshark is: it does not offer anything other than general protection. Like ExpressVPN’s “Trusted Server” technology, the Nord VPN’s “Nord encryption” nor iTop VPN’s “Security Master Tools”. The presence of security protection features of Surfshark VPN is just bland.

As we stated, Surfshark can do everything in good just as your expectation, and good all-around. As a VPN service, one thing that bubbles up to the top is the capability of bypassing geo-block, like watching U.S. Netflix in the U.K. You could watch geo-restricted, on-demand content on Kodi’s iPlayer add-on with the U.K servers we tested (London and Manchester). Surfshark also worked with other P2P-based media players, like Popcorn Time and VLC.

The Most Secure VPN Surfshark Pricing

Surfshark does not offer a free trial and has only a 30 days money-back guarantee (which means it will ask you for your billing information). And it has a weird pricing strategy, which costs you &12.95 for a one-month service plan but a much cheaper $2.49 for 24 month two years plan. That will increase the costs of trial & error but still offers a good deal for long-term use. 

All these four best-secured VPN services we mentioned above have their unique technic to protect your internet security & privacy. You may choose a preferred VPN that better fits your needs from these most secured VPN services. If you want to have a real free trial without any financial doubt, then the iTop VPN would be one of the best for you. If you are concerned about your internet security, go pick up the most secure VPN protocol and enjoy better-secured internet!

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