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Free VPN for Minecraft Unblocked at School and Other Places

Read to see how to use a VPN for Minecraft unblocked at school, home, workplace, or hotspot. A free Minecraft VPN is ready for you to download and use.

With over 140 million monthly active users all around the world, Minecraft is the most popular sandbox video game right now. Multiplayer is, of course, the core to the game, which enables unique players to cooperate or combat with each other in a same game world. However, online games are usually accompanied by the network problems such as lags, and even worse, restricted Wi-Fi networks. It will block you from connecting to the Minecraft Multiplayer servers. No worries! This article is going to show you how to use a free VPN for Minecraft Unblock, thus let you enjoy your game freely anywhere at any time.

Minecraft Unblock

To unblock Minecraft, first, we should know why and how does Minecraft gets blocked. This question will be addressed below.

Why Does Minecraft Get Blocked? 

Some institutions or workplaces block Minecraft or other games in order to increase productivity, while schools consider the online games may distract their students and finally lead to a decline in academic performance. However, there are also many students who can balance their studies and entertainment, so they expect to play Minecraft to relax in their spare time. The fact is that students account for the vast majority of Minecraft players, so Minecraft unblock at school becomes their most urgent need.

Connection Failed - Minecraft Unblock

In addition, some people desperately need help for Minecraft unblock since their countries ban online video games for religious, political, or cultural reasons. For example, only when aged 19 or over can you play Minecraft in South Korea. A ministry of Turkey even recommended a ban on Minecraft for it believes that Minecraft encourages violence in children.

How Does Minecraft Get Blocked? 

There are 2 basic ways to block Minecraft, preventing you from connecting to the game server.

The first one is a firewall. Usually set up by the network administrator of your school or company, the firewall can easily block games, websites and any other online content they don’t want you to access. It will monitor all the network traffic of your device and then permit or block it according to the administrator’s setting.

The other one is the country's ban on the game, also named geo-blocking. It means unless you turn to a Minecraft unblock service, all the networks in that country can not link to the game server.

Want to know how to play Minecraft at school unblocked? What you need is a VPN for Minecraft. With a VPN, you can easily bypass the block of firewall or geo-restriction. Out of various Minecraft VPN, iTop VPN is highly recommended, for it is the best VPN for Minecraft.

How Does iTop VPN Work

Once iTop VPN is activated, it will mask your IP address with a virtual IP that comes from the server you connected to. Then the country’s ban can no more stop you because the virtual IP shows you’re in another country. As for the firewall set up by the network administrator, the HTTPS Protocol of iTop Minecraft VPN can help you out. It allows you to break through the restrictions of school WIFI, thus let you freely access any blocked content


Unlimited Free & No Login

What makes iTop VPN outstanding among all those best VPN for Minecraft? The answer is unlimited free and no login is required. You can enjoy 700MB free data per day and do not need to sign up or band with any social account. These 2 advantages make iTop VPN the easiest to use and can save user's time and money to a great extent. 

High Speed & Low Latency 

Did you ever experience lags in online games? High latency has always been the biggest concern of online gamers as it will cause a delay between the player’s action and the server’s reaction. Don’t worry, iTop VPN for Minecraft has over 1800+ high-speed servers all around the world, which makes iTop a low latency VPN, and will provide a better online game experience for you. 


With more than 18+ different countries' servers provided in iTop VPN, you can choose the VPN server that closes to the game server to reduce the lags.

Secure & Private

You might wonder: Is free iTop VPN safe? Will it steal the user's data? And will I get caught by the network administrator when using it? Fear not, as the best free VPN for Windows, iTop VPN is a trustworthy free VPN provider that values users’ privacy higher than anything else. Neither your private data nor online activity will be logged. Moreover, iTop free VPN for Minecraft offers strong double encryption that keeps your online activities private from the network administrator’s monitoring eyes.

iTop VPN is available on all devices, such as PC (Windows & Mac), and iOS, so you can also use iTop VPN to play Minecraft unblocked on your Android or iOS devices. Let’s see how to use iTop VPN for Minecraft unblock in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Free download iTop VPN for Minecraft on your devices (take Windows version as an example).

Step 2. Open iTop VPN for Windows on your PC. Choose the For Gaming tab and you can see dedicated servers for Minecraft in US, SG, JP and BR. Then click the connect button to make a successful connection to the Minecraft server.

iTop VPN for Minecraft Unblock

Step 3. Click the ‘Options’ button on the top-right corner. Go to the VPN Settings and turn to ‘Protocols’, then choose ‘HTTPS’, the best network solution suitable for Minecraft unblock at school and anywhere else.

Protocols of iTop VPN - Best VPN for Minecraft Unblock

After that, just go to enjoy your Minecraft anywhere freely without any worries!

The Bottom Line

In summary, video games are prone to get blocked for various reasons, which badly affect player’s experience. It happens not only to Minecraft but also to many other games. To address this concern and guarantee your right to enjoy the game freely, iTop VPN for Minecraft can be your best choice for Minecraft unblock. Simply download it for free and enjoy your game now.

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