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Is There Free Completely Free VPNs? Safest & Fastest Free VPN Review

Is there free VPNs available? Which VPN is the best free VPN that you can have? A detailed free VPN review answers all your question.

When you are googling “VPN”, you could find thousands of the results that lure you to click in. For those head players of the VPN for Windows market like the ExpressVPN & NordVPN. It is not hard to find that the majority of internet VPN services are paid service, some of them, for instance, ExpressVPN, would charge you over $9 per month for their service fee, and does not even have a free trial & let the user see if the service is good. Instead, they can only offer you a “30 days refund guarantee”, which will record your billing information & charge your account, and your money back request could reject, heaven knows.

Best free VPN providers tested

Is there free VPNs? The answer is positive, some free paid VPN offer a free-to-use deal, or unlimited free using policy. Users can use their service freely if it fits their needs and no need to upgrade to a paid service.

If we go deeper & try to find an unlimited free VPN service trial, that could be done in a couple of minutes, but If the question is to ask is there a completely free VPN that is open to use, I would like to say it is hard and dangerous. Since the R&D to maintain the server for securing data transmission is costly and crucial for a company. the data safety secure service is reasonably expensive.  That mentions you to believe that you’d better not use a so-called “Completely free VPN” because the free thing is always the most expensive.

Pricing strategy: cheap is not always good

But we can still benefit from the best free VPN for Windows with the unlimited free trial, there will have people to pay the money and companies’ profit. And free users, who ask is there a free VPNs could benefit from their free trial pricing strategy. Here we would like to review 3 of the best free VPNs for Windows.

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If you are asking is there free VPNs available, I would strongly recommend you the iTop VPN – It offers a more generous free trial than the most other so-called free VPN. The iTop VPN offers a kind bandwidth limit of 700MB per day and it refreshes your data allowance every 24 hours (without rolling over to the next day).

iTop VPN Interface

For general daily usage & online data security, this 700MB bandwidth could possibly cover all you need. And you will get more than 20 Gigabytes bandwidth per month, it can probably cover all you need like transferring important data secretly or accessing some unreachable content in your region.

Powerful Extension & Security Toolbox 

If you are seeking is there any free VPNs that offer full security protection, then iTop VPN for Windows could be the best candidate to offer a great Privacy Protection toolbox that to assure your internet security to be protected. Execute the iTop VPN Windows application, then click “Privacy Protection” on the left-hand tabs. Then you are access to the enhanced security toolbox. The Security Reinforce could help you to optimize your network setting & service to prevent your PC from being hacked. The Browser Privacy could help you to clean up your browser trace & surfing history & data to improve your incognito website visiting experience

iTop VPN kill-switch & IP checker

The Split Tunneling would allow you to manage the VPN bandwidth per-APP basis, so you would not waste your network traffic while doing multiple tasks with a VPN connection. The AD blocker can block unwanted & malicious Ads to prevent malware & trojan infection.

iTop VPN split tunneling

The VPN with Kill Switch could significantly increase your internet factor of security while you are connected to secured networking – once your connection gets interrupted, the kill switch will force you to terminate any data transmission immediately in case of your real IP address & traffic from been exposed. The IP Checker can help you to check if your real IP address is confirmed hidden. These useful security tools could give you all-around protection to your internet security and only on iTop VPN alone.

Mediocre Speed & Connection Performance

The speed performance of iTop VPN is good. But its free version has comparatively limited servers open for selection. Luckily its “Smart Location” feature will automatically connect you to the most optimized free server for you, so the connection quality is overall considered decent.

If someone asks is there free VPNs, this one could be one of the best candidates of fast VPN free that offers you an unlimited free trial to use. The Hotspot Shield has regarded as one of the best free VPN services on PC Windows and is famous for its generosity & easy access. You can download the application corresponding to the PC which you're currently using. Then just like other software-supported VPNs, just install & run it, you will get the Hotspot Shield basic service – a completely free VPN to use.

Hotspot shield VPN is a good free vpn

The Hotspot Shield has set up a 500MB daily traffic and it will do refresh every 24 hours. So that’s about 15 Gigabytes you can enjoy monthly for free using. Though it shorts 200 megabytes when compare to iTop VPN's daily traffic limit(700MB), it is still covering your daily internet usage sufficiently. 

Very Good Connect Quality But Lesser Choices Given

If your goal is to find is there is a free VPN that offers you a variety of choices & options, then the Hotspot Shield may disappoint you.

Hotspot VPN has limited node selection options

Although the connection of the hotspot shield is fluent & quick, and the free data traffic is generous, but there is only the U.S. server available for Hotspot Shield and no other free nodes selectable. The speed performance of the Hotspot Shield is quick & agile. And the connection is stale & never dropped during our testing.

Unremarkable Advanced Option & Lesser Expandability

For further security protection, the Hotspot Shield Free trial gives a little support to enhance your online and offline security, like a browser cleaner, Adblocker, etc. But overall, the Hotspot Shield is still a wonderful free VPN to use and superior to these “Free VPN”.

Is there a free & fun VPN? The TunnelBear took a different approach with its intuitive, fun, and easy-to-use user interface. With one click of a button and once connected, you are able to access their encrypted tunnel. Instead of giving you a server list like most other VPN services, The TunnelBear application showed us its server location through a virtual map. That could be incredibly helpful because that could be clearer for users who what to pick up a physical server location that is close to their living area which usually yielded faster upload and download speeds. On the other hand, this can cause confusion to users who are not familiar with their geographic environment.

Tunnelbear VPN is kinda new

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Connections & Speed of TunnelBear

While the iTop VPN & Hotspot Shiled limit the number of virtual locations accessible to free users, TunnelBear allow us to connect to over 20 servers in different locations. It allowed us to choose a server closest to us for faster speeds and to switch over to different servers if our current connection wasn’t good. The overall connectivity of TunnelBear is Okay, while you connect to a server that far away from your current location, your connection could drop due to the server responding time. You may choose a closer server to moderate the internet lagging problem.

TunnelBear – Very Limited Traffic

If you are seeking for is there a completely free VPN that have sufficient traffic for free use, then the TunnelBear could possibly not your best option. 

Not a generous deal for 500mb per one month

Only 500MB per month of VPN internet traffic is approved in a free version of TunnelBear and will not refresh the data cap per day like the iTop VPN & Hotspot Shield.

We don’t always recommend free VPNs, that because there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In order to profit their free VPN service, many of these so called “Free VPNs” will sell your personal information, or even your web traffic or private IP addresses, to third-party companies. These three VPN that have very economical free trial bonuses would be our first recommendation to you for your secured internet surfing & using. Let’s try the iTop VPN, Hotspot Shield & TunnelBear if you are seeking if there is a free VPN to use!

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