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Is DuckDuckGo Safe? How to Make DuckDuckGo Search More Private With iTop VPN?

Is DuckDuckGo safe? This post will give you a full explanation about is DuckDuckGo anonymous, and how to use a VPN to make DuckDuckGo much safer.

Is DuckDuckGo safe? A good question which really needs to be answered with higher comprehensive skills and a little bit knowledge of computer technology. And the answer is somehow complex: is DuckDuckGo safe? Yes, and no. No because the DuckDuckGo isn’t safe when it works alone, yes if the DuckDuckGo works with best free VPN for Windows.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? It never collect privacy

Is DuckDuckGo safe? For disguising Founded in 2007 by a graduate student of MIT, Gabriel Weinberg. DuckDuckGo holds it “never track you” search engine service promise since the start of the project. Weinberg was acutely aware of the looming crisis of data collecting from big companies like Google & Facebook (Meta).  By collecting & analyzing their user’s data, those tech giants are gaining huge economic benefits by monetizing your personal information.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? DuckDuckGo vs Google

Is DuckDuckGo anonymous? "Privacy" and "anonymity" are the core value of the Internet, which is now quietly shifted & changed. to collect the user data has now become one of the most important business models for all kinds of websites and services, and users' private information is now everywhere on the Internet. Your data has even become a common commodity among webmasters & Ad-providers. With their hard effort, your keyword searching on Google becomes the title of an advertisement on social networking sites and shopping sites one minute later.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? Personal Data Being Exposed

The boundary between your real life and the virtual world is breaking down by the invading of personal data leaking. Anything you do on the Internet can be traced back to a person and your collected personal data will become the targeted advertising towards you. It took tens of thousands of years for humans to evolve into a well-dressed civilized society, but now Google is peeling you off by taking your information to a full commercial usage with their Google Trackers.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? Slogan of DuckDuckGo

The DuckDuckGo, however, can block all Google Trackers while activating its service, and this is the reason why we call that is DuckDuckGo safe. Not only the Google search engine, almost all software & applications, especially for those major social networking platforms which block & collect your personal information like Instagram, Facebook & countless others. On that specific point, to prevent websites & APP from intercept & block your data, is DuckDuckGo safe? Yes it is doing great at to protect your privacy, DuckDuckGo is great for preventing tech companies to collect your personal data.

When debating Is DuckDuckGo anonymous, we have to have some knowledge of the internet itself. DuckDuckGo, as a working application/extension which functions on the application layer of OSI, DuckDuckGo isn’t really encrypting your data. Your data can still be intercepted & complied by others as if they want. 

Know more about the End-to-end Encryption technology, read this >>End to End Encryption VS. VPN<<

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? DuckDuckGo Doesn't Private

The problem DuckDuckGo can’t encrypt the internet traffic will lead to a result that your personal data could be easily monitored by the government & seized by the tech giants. That is to say, even with the cover of DuckDuckGo, Google & higher authority could still get your privacy within enhanced technical methods if they want. So, from this perspective, is DuckDuckGo Anonymous? No. To better secure your internet transmission data & personal privacy, you need better security reinforcement, like a VPN for Windows to encrypt your internet traffic.

To figure out this question if is DuckDuckGo safe, you should have a brief understanding of what is the OSI model. Briefly speaking, in computer network telecommunication, your behavior & order send through the internet. It will need a process to transfer your order to the binary orders that the computer can understand, then organize them to the format to transfer between computers on the internet. In software engineering, it also refers to the front end & back end. For example, the Application client you are using is the frontend and the server is usually considered the backend.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? The APP Layer Model

The reason why isn’t DuckDuckGo anonymous when compared to a VPN is somehow simple: because a VPN is encrypting your data on the network layer, it is much closer to the initial internet transmission function when compared to DuckDuckGo, which works on the application layer.

Is DuckDuckGo safe?OSI-7layer Explained

That isn’t to say is DuckDuckGo anonymous is a myth is, a VPN for PC could do much-complexed encryption to your personal data with the highest level of the encryption algorithm (AES-256). Not only to hide your data from being collected by the search engine like the DuckDuckGo but your whole network communication will be encrypted & even hackers can’t breach your data privacy protection (the time complexity to decryption AES-256 cipher is nearly forever). That is the reason why people consider a VPN protects better than simply using DuckDuckGo. In the best-case scenario, using the VPN for Windows with your DuckDuckGo search engine can make you 100% safe & anonymous online.

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As the post stated, using DuckDuckGo solely can’t give full protection to your internet. To pursue better internet security & privacy protection, you can use this fast VPN free – iTop VPN.

iTop VPN sufficiently covered all the security breach of using DuckDuckGo – working on the network layer, the iTop VPN adapts AES-256 to encrypt your network traffic thus no one can get your personal information anymore. With the help of iTop VPN you no longer need to worry about the question - is DuckDuckGo safe? Yes, safe with iTop free VPN.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? - iTop VPN Is the Best Supplement

For better security & internet speed balance, you can choose three different connection methods in the iTop VPN, TCP, UDP, HTTPS. For better security protection, HTTPS can block any attempt to get your private information, the TCP option will give you a better speed performance. You can easily access the protocol setting menu by clicking on the “Hamburger” button, then selecting “Protocol”.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe ? iTop VPN Enhanced Security Options

If your concern is DuckDuckGo anonymous, then activating “IP Configure”, “IP Checker” & “Kill Switch” will significantly increase your internet anonymity. The iTop VPN IP-related features can completely hide your IP so there could be no worries about if your IP will be exposing your real location.  

The kill switch can be useful when the unexceptional dropping happens when you are using iTop VPN & DuckDuckGo. While the dropping happens, the iTop VPN will immediately shut down your internet so that you will not connect to an unsecured network, which could improve your anonymity in advance.

It is not hard to use the iTop VPN at all

Step 1: To connect to a secured network, just free download the iTop VPN, install the application.

Step 2: Then click the button “Connect”, the iTop VPN will automatically optimize the connection then you will be connected to a secured network.

iTop VPN Can Connect to Optimized Tunnel

Step 3:  If advanced security assistance is needed, click the “Privacy & protection”, you may select the security option via your personal preference.

Is DuckDuckGo Safe? iTop VPN Has A Complete Privacy Protection Tool Box

And don’t forget that the iTop VPN has a real free-to-use promise. You can use iTop VPN completely free and have access to most of its security improvements. A 700MB free traffic daily cap was set but it refreshes every day. So theoretically you have about 25GB of free traffic per month.

Is DuckDuckGo safe? According to this post, the DuckDuckGo has its limitation which it can’t reach to protect your privacy. But with the assistance of a fast free VPN – iTop VPN, the DuckDuckGo search engine could be performed much safer & securer. Try the fast free iTop VPN immediately!

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