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8 Best Free VPNs India to Get Indian IP Address in 2023

Want to get free VPN with Indian server? Check the article to learn the 8 best free India VPNs to connect to India IP for Chrome, PC and mobile.

Nowadays, internet censorship with limited or no access to certain sites is rising in India. More websites and apps have been blocked in India in recent years, like popular TikTok, Snapchat, and CapCut. To unblock these sites and apps, you need an India VPN that works to help you keep online privacy and security at the same time. Whether you want to play games, stream shows and movies online, or get access to TikTok and other social apps, India VPN helps a lot. This article has filtered and chosen the 8 best free India VPNs with Indian servers to connect. Let’s check for more information!

India VPN

There are several legitimate reasons to use an India VPN in order to stay secure and protected. As the Indian government is restricting or blocking access to specific sites, you can switch to an India VPN. It will help to make your secure connection and allow access to geo-restricted content. Below is a list of the 8 best India VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android that will boost your online privacy.

1. iTop VPN - Best Free VPN for Indian Server

iTop VPN is the best free VPN with Indian servers. It ensures to encrypt your network data which hides your activity, location, and identity. It helps to break the geo-restrictions on your favorite content to access it. Due to its kill switch feature, your internet will be automatically disconnected when a VPN connection gets interrupted. You can enjoy a better and faster experience without any risk to privacy protection. Moreover, it is easy to use and the best budget option.

1800+ VPN servers around the globe, including India. As one of the best free VPNs for India, iTop VPN has provided its users with as many choices as possible. You can connect to an Indian server with the India VPN from US. At the same time, you can connect to the US server from India. Anyway, you can connect to a country or region you want.

Free India VPN Servers

Split tunneling. The split tunneling function of iTop VPN enables you to stream or play games at a fast speed by encrypting the traffic of certain apps while allowing other apps to use local traffic. So it helps to improve the overall loading speed.

No-log policy. iTop VPN obeys a strict no-log policy. It guarantees not to record, log or track any data or info of its users. You don’t worry about your personal data being leaked or sold to criminals or advertisers.

Block ads. iTop VPN is a comprehensive tool that helps you surf the internet with a better experience, including blocking ads on Twitch, YouTube or other platforms. Toggling on the ad blocking function, you can watch videos without interruption by annoying ads. 

2. Hotspot Shield - Torrenting India VPN Free

Hotspot Shield is another free Indian VPN for Chrome extension and other devices (virtual server in India actually, physically located in Singapore). It offers a unique Catapult Hydra protocol that increases speed without compromising security and privacy. This VPN for Mac, Android, iOS and Windows has a stable and reliable connection and allows torrenting on all servers.

Hotspot Shield Torrenting India VPN

Malware protection. Malware protection means that you’ll be alerted when you visit sites known to contain malware as the VPN draws on a database of 3.5 million known or suspected malware sites.

Hide IP address. When connecting to a Hotspot Shield server in US or other countries, your real IP would be hidden and no one can track your online activities to stay safe. 

Stream online without restriction. Want to get quick access to YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Twitch, Netflix? Install Hotspot Sheild VPN on your device and stream online now.

For stable and fast HD streaming, iTop VPN is your first choice as it has dedicated servers for many famous streaming platforms,  including free servers for Sling TV, Pluto TV, Crunchyroll, beIN Sports, and paid servers for Netflix, Disney,+, Hulu, HBO Max, ITV, Hotstar, DSTV, etc.

3. ExpressVPN - Best Paid VPN India

It's known that ExpressVPN has now closed its India server. But it has virtual servers in India that are physically located in Singapore or the UK. Backed by military-grade encryption and zero logging, ExpressVPN is a great VPN for India that would help you if you are visiting or live in India and connect to servers in US or other countries. It offers its services in 90+ countries with fast connections and exceptional unblocking of geo-restricted content. In addition, this service has the best balance of virtual servers and hardware.

ExpressVPN - Best Paid India VPN

Lightway Protocol. Lightway is India VPN’s pioneering new VPN protocol. According to the info from its official website, it runs faster, uses less battery, and is easier to audit and maintain, which makes your VPN experience better, more secure, and more reliable.

Compatible with most devices. ExpressVPN has been upgrading constantly to protect all your devices. Up to now, it works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, smart TV systems (like Apple TV, Roku), and game consoles (like Xbox, and PlayStation).

Safe to connect to public Wi-Fi VPN. ExpressVPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and a secure VPN server. In this way, all your online activities are locked and you can stay away from Wi-Fi hacking. 

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4. NordVPN - Various Servers Indian VPN

NordVPN has a big name in the most secure VPN. With tons of servers, it deals with the fastest speed connections and unique security features. NordVPN offers impressive security and privacy practices with the latest WireGuard technology. Even with its high price, Indian users prefer this VPN for India. But now it has stopped providing an Indian server.

NordVPN - Various Servers Indian VPN

Dark web monitor. It’s a unique feature of NordVPN. When your info is leaked to the dark web, you’ll get notified instantly. So you can change your password to minimize the loss.

Onion Over VPN. As a special feature, Onion Over VPN adds extra security to your online surfing by taking advantage of the Onion Router (Tor) and encrypted VPN tunnel.

Uninterrupted streaming and gaming. Want to enjoy HD videos or play games no lag? Use the India VPN to the US or other countries with fast speed to unblock websites and watch videos or play games no buffering.

iTop VPN is also recommended for game fans. It has special servers for COD, Roblox, PUBG, Minecraft, Elyon, World of Tands, New World, and so on.

5. Surfshark - Fast VPN for India

Undoubtedly Surshark is an affordable India VPN that can cover unlimited devices. It has a strong unblocking ability, efficient speed, and a wide range of security features. It is user-friendly and safe to use, and offers static servers with the subscription. This VPN service improves your privacy by routing your web traffic, although it has no India server recently.

Surfshark VPN for India

Multihop VPN. If you’re still worried about your online privacy, the multi-hop feature of Surshark VPN helps a lot. Unlike most VPN service providers in the industry, it allows you to connect two virtual private network servers at once to minimize the chance of being tracked. 

Use obfuscated servers. Obfuscated servers are special VPN servers that hide the fact that you’re using a VPN, which is really important for those users who want to get access to sites like Netflix that can detect VPNs.

Multiple Protocols to choose from. Sufshark VPN has 3 kinds of VPN protocols to choose from WireGuard (the lightest VPN protocol), IKEv2 or Internet Key Exchange version 2 (fast and secure protocol popular among mobile users), and OpenVPN (many routers natively support).

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6. CyberGhost - Easy-to-use India VPN

The largest VPN network CyberGhost has well-distributed servers with outstanding speed test scores. It is capable of powerful features with a user-friendly interface. The service can unblock all the main streaming sites and allows torrenting on many of its servers. CyberGhost offers live speedy chat support, which makes it prominent in a list. However, it should be noted that CyberGhost has removed the physical India server.

CyberGhost Easy-to-use India VPN

Bypass internet censorship. It’s a common phenomenon that the government in some countries censor the internet by IP blocking, DNS spoofing, keyword filters or port blocking. Install CyberGhost VPN and you can bypass internet censorship. Get access to any site you want!

Choose dedicated IP. What does dedicated IP mean? It means that when choosing dedicated IP, you can connect to an IP address exclusively and remain the same for each connection. 

Get better deals online. Clear your cookies and connect to a CyberGhost VPN server from a different country, you can repeat the search and find cheaper prices for flights, car rental,  hotel rooms. Or check the country for cheap TikTok coins.

Tips: Comparatively, iTop VPN does provide a relatively cheap price among these VPN products. It only costs $47.99 in total for a 12-month plan and $59.99 in total for a 24-month plan. Click the buy button below to grab his great chance to use a fine VPN with the lowest price.

7. IPVanish - Multi-Device VPN for India

IPVanish guarantees good quality and 10 simultaneous stable connections. It is also known for its diversity in servers, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, the UK, etc. The tool has dedicated Windows clients that are able to cover both basic and advanced features. A huge plus point for IPVanish users is that it allows unlimited P2P traffic and torrenting. It serves as a good option if you want a free VPN to change location in a short time. 

IPVanish - Multi-Device India VPN

SOCKS5 proxy. IPVanish uses a more flexible alternative to traditional proxies and maximizes your speed without encryption. Even though, it enables you to get privacy and security online.

DNS leak protection. To help you keep security when connecting to other servers from the US, IPVanish has enabled built-in DNS protection by default to keep your traffic secured.

24/7 support. The support team with experts is available 24/7, 365 support via live chat, email, and phone whenever you need help or encounter some problems.

8. PrivateVPN - VPN with India Free

It is a simple VPN service that possesses certain advanced options and in-house quality support. PrivateVPN has a relatively small network. It can provide better support to unblock streaming services. At first glance, it is not as powerful and fast as some. But it could be worth using if you will utilize its advanced tweaks. 

PrivateVPN - Unblock India VPN

10 simultaneous connections. PrivateVPN, available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Kodi and Routers, allows you to connect up to 10 devices at the same time, which is rare among its competitors.

Unblock websites to browse content. PrivateVPN helps you to get access to any websites you like to watch TV shows, play games and realize online freedom.

Unlimited bandwidth. Are you getting tired of buffering videos? Use the VPN, and you can torrent or watch videos on BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, HBO Max and other platforms with fast speed.

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India VPN
No Sign Up No Credit Card Free Duration India VPN Price
iTop VPN Lifetime


$47.99 for 1 Year

Hotspot Shield Lifetime


$95.88 for 1 Year

NordVPN × × None


$49 for 1 Year

ExpressVPN × × None


$99.95 for 1 Year

Surfshark × × 7 days


$38.94 for 6 Months

CyberGhost × × 1 day


$38.34 for 6 Months

IPVanish × × None


$89.99 for 1 Year

PrivateVPN × × 7 days


$59.99 for 1 Year

Looking for an India VPN with exceptional functions and features? iTop VPN can be exemplified as the best and free VPN India due to its high-end encryption to browse any website in the world. Here we will list the step-by-step procedure to use iTop free VPN for Windows free trial.

Step 1: Install an Official App

Firstly, download the free VPN for Windows, macOS, and iOS and install the app on your device.

Step 2: Get Connected to the VPN Indian Server

Once you get access to the app, click the All Servers tab, choose India server in the servers list and click the 'Connect' button to get connected. When the connection is successful, the home interface is shown as below.

Free India VPN Connected

After getting connected to the server, iTop VPN will be running in the background. Now you are allowed to access any streaming site or web without any restriction. 

India is recently facing Internet censorship, with limited access to many apps and websites. If you want to gain access to that content, you will need a VPN. Here are the top 3 reasons to use an India VPN. 

Browse Any Site in India

Due to the high frequency of hacking attempts, many websites block IP addresses from specific countries, especially India. Fortunately, an India VPN will prevent your network traffic and defeat the school network and workplace restrictions without getting caught.

Access Streaming Services/Apps/Games Not Available in India

Many streaming sites only allow certain countries to view their content. Travel to India, and you won't have access to the same libraries. Just get an India VPN, connect to US servers or other countries, and watch shows on streaming sites like Movierulz and 1377x websites in your home country, unblock TikTok, Twitter, and play your favorite games. iTop VPN is such a free Indian VPN that helps you access your favorite content.

India VPN to Unblock Websites

Approach Sensitive Content

The Indian government has limited access to many websites that support or publicize anti-government information. It also includes some religious groups, even if they are not actively taking part in opposing the ruling government. So a VPN can be used to encrypt data and would help to hide your web browsing history or downloads. (This point is for reference only.)

Is India VPN Safe?

India VPN is used to access blocked websites, bypass government surveillance, and watch movies on popular streaming platforms. It safeguards your online security and privacy by encrypting information, such as clearing cookies and clearing search words.

Is It Legal to Use VPN India?

Yes, it's legal to use VPN in India. There are no specific regulations or laws that prohibit users from VPN usage. However, it needs to be noted that using a VPN to commit crimes is not legal.

Can I Use TikTok in India with VPN?

Yes. You can unblock TikTok with VPN like iTop VPN which has dedicated servers for TikTok. Besides, you can use VPN to buy TikTok coins cheap by changing countries or locations.

Final Words

The article guides you on various India VPNs with their exceptional qualities including stability, reliability, and privacy. Out of all, our top pick VPN after a detailed comparison is iTop VPN. This best VPN service can provide you with the best experience with its dedicated servers to get your hands done on any restricted site. Try it now to browse your worksite or stream your favorite content with first-class protection in your country.

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