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How to Watch IPL 2022 for Free? [Two Workarounds]

This passage exists to solve the questions - How to watch IPL live for free, how to watch IPL for free in USA and UK? And two legal methods are offered in the content below.

The postponed IPL 2021 Live has returned this fall, and due to the bad effect caused by the Covid-19, the India Premier Leagues are held in the UAE countries: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. To watch cricket leagues 2021, the VIP subscription of Disney + Hotstar is necessary. 

Cover of How to Watch IPL for Free

If you want to know how to watch IPL for free, know the scores and watch IPL live streams from UK, USA, this passage will cover all the details that you may want to know. Let’s dive in.

To India's indigenous audience of IPL, Disney+ Hotstar is the only platform to broadcast all the IPL cricket live matches online. 

That’s simply the case with local Indian watchers of IPL, and for other IPL audiences from other places in this world, such as UK and USA, they are usually required with ESPN+ and Sky Sports subscription to watch IPL live online. 

However, it’s human nature to seek free plans to watch IPL for free. Well, there are two workarounds to solve the question “how to watch IPL for free.” The first method is making the best usage of the Mobile Recharge Plans, say, the Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, etc. A subscription to these plans will repay you with Disney + subscriptions. And the second method is to visit the free cricket sites – visit them with care btw. 

• Buy Mobile Recharge Plans

This method is not entirely free, but the biggest advantage of it is that you can get a Disney+ Hotstar subscription at a much lower price. This approach is simple, practical, and much more secure than the next method.

• Free Cricket Sites

There are multiple free cricket sites appearing on the Internet once the IPL matches are taking place. CricTime, CricHD, CricFRree, etc. are all top of the list. But the thing is that their validity varies from one to another. And many unknown redirect sites are placed in every corner of these free cricket sites. The editor would not recommend you to adopt this method.


The video vendor platforms always emphasize “copyright,” which means you need to pay for it and are not allowed to spread any copies of the programs.

• Why you might have trouble streaming IPL in the USA?

IPL’s digital rights are divided by different video providers. In the UK, it’s Sky Sports, in India, it’s the Disney+ Hotstar, and in the USA, it’s the ESPN+. This could cause trouble to those who are now abroad from home. “Do I need to buy all the subscriptions to watch IPL in UK, USA, and other counties?” If you have one simple VPN, then one license would be sufficient.

• How to unblock the restrictions and use an already-have license?

VPN is your right-hand assistant. If you possess a Disney+ Hotstar subscription, and you are in the USA, then you can shift to India with a VPN and your license will still be workable. The problems caused by geo-restrictions are all easily solved with a VPN. But choosing a suitable VPN is not an easy task. The next part lists a versatile VPN that meets all your demands in watching IPL for free, let’s take a quick glance!

How to Watch IPL Live for Free

A suitable VPN can not only reactivate your license but also optimize your experience in watching IPL live. iTop VPN can hide your IP, transform your location to a designated position in the world, with your data encrypted. Besides, your Internet speed will be instantly boosted thanks to iTop VPN’s function to prevent ISP throttling. 

The next part comprises some details of the useful function that iTop VPN are offering for you. If you want to enjoy the advanced features of paid VPNs, the free VPN vs paid VPN sheet can offer you help.

• Other features that iTop VPN offers to optimize the watching experience

1. Blazing-fast streaming speed 

This fastest VPN prevents the ISP throttling, offers unlimited bandwidth, promises that no latencies will occur during the exciting cricket matches. 

2. Ads block

iTop VPN prevents the pop-ups in every platform you are going to visit, be they ESPN+, Disney+ Hotstar, or Sky Sports. With this clean VPN, you won’t be distracted by any third-party advertising.

3. 1-second connection to the server you choose

iTop VPN supports over 1800+ servers covering 160 locations on the world map. And you can use this geo-unblocking feature to use your ESPN+, Sky Sports license in India, with no costs to buy another Disney+ Hotstar License.

4. 700 MB free data a day

This free VPN caters to users 700MB free traffic for streaming, gaming, and downloading videos. With the same high quality of speed and security.

5. Support 5 devices at the same time

Buy one license and 5 devices can share its validity. Split this bill with your friends and watch IPL live for 0.5 dollars a month. 

6. One license for 4 OS

This best free VPN for Windows also supports Windows 10/8/7, macOS, iOS, and Android. Buy one license and you can see India Premier League on all your devices.

• How to Unblock Geo-Restrictions to Watch IPL for Free?

Step 1. Download iTop VPN for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Step 2. Open this VPN, choose a Protocol.

iTop VPN 3 Protocols

Step 3. Choose a server and hit Connect. Then you are well-prepared to watch IPL matches.

Worldmap Servers Provided by iTop VPN


How to watch IPL for free is a hard question to solve. But this passage gives several workarounds. You can ask some free cricket sites for help or make the best of your existing licenses with iTop VPN. A VPN is also useful in making the watching experience better, please feel free to give iTop VPN a try!

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