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[Ultimate Guide] How to Turn off Proxy on iPhone Easily in 2024

This post solves how to turn off proxy settings on iPhone easily. Check how to turn off proxy on iPhone and the best alternative to protect your online security.

There are times users find it unable to approach particular services, a website, an app, or simply lose connection to the internet. Why? One possible reason is that the proxy is enabled on your iPhone. While a proxy works to protect your online identity, it can be a burden sometimes. When that happens, it’s necessary to turn off the proxy. How to turn off proxy on iPhone?  Some iPhone users are just getting in trouble finding the proxy settings.

How to Turn off Proxy On iPhone

This post will walk you through easy guides in terms of how to turn off proxies on iPhone with ease. Before diving into solid steps on how to turn off IP anonymizer on iPhone, you may wonder what a proxy is and how it works. Now, let’s take a quick look at what exactly is the proxy on iPhone exactly.

Before talking about how to turn off proxy settings on iPhone, you should learn more about the proxy.  A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the app or website you are browsing and your iPhone. There are three mainstream proxies, including the HTTP proxies, SOCKS proxies, and Transparent proxies. With the proxy server on your iPhone, your original IP address is hidden with the cover of the proxy, so the app or the website can’t recognize your true location. Meanwhile, it can help you to access the blocked content in a certain region. Sounds helpful, right? 

Unfortunately, the proxy only works on the application level and doesn’t encrypt your traffic as a VPN does. Occasionally, it can cause an unexpected internet connection error. Want to know how to turn off proxy on iPhone 14, 11 etc.? Check the step-by-step solution to how to disable anonymous proxy iPhone.

How to disable proxy on iPhone? When your iPhone connects to Wi-Fi, it’s using the proxy server of this network. If you want to know how to turn off proxy service on iPhone or VPN for Mac, follow the steps below to troubleshoot how to turn off proxies on iPhone with ease.

Step 1. Open your iPhone and go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

How to Turn off Proxy on iPhone 1

Step 2. Click on the Wi-Fi network you are currently using.

How to Turn off Proxy on iPhone 2

Step 3. Scroll down to find the HTTP PROXY option. Click on Configure Proxy.

Turn off Proxy iPhone

Step 4. How to turn off proxy server on iPhone? You should see three options. Click on the first one, Off, to turn off proxy settings iPhone. 

How to Turn off Proxy on iPhone 4

Now you know how to turn off proxy settings on iPhone, really easy and quick, right? Keep reading to know why should you disable web proxy iPhone.

Now you know how to disable proxy settings in iPhone As what’s briefly mentioned above, there are inevitable limitations to using a proxy on iPhone. After knowing how to disable anonymous proxy iPhone, in case you are still wondering whether to turn off the proxy or not, check the risks below to see why you should turn off proxy settings iPhone.

· Instead of securing all your traffic, a proxy server on your iPhone only protects the internet on a specific browser or a single app. It’s not working on an operating system level but an application one. Therefore, the data going to or from a device is not secured.

· Although your IP address is hidden and you can stay anonymous online, the traffic between the internet and your iPhone is not encrypted by the proxy. That’s to say, the ISP, Internet Service Provider, still has the chance to snoop on your online behaviors and collect your personal data. So you'd better to turn off proxy iPhone in public.

Should I Turn off Proxy

If you want to disable proxy on iPhone avoid these risks and stop being hacked or tracked when surfing online, there’s a way to avoid the possible risks above and enjoy a safer network with iTop VPN. Read on to see how to disable web proxy on iPhone with it.

How to turn off proxy in iPhone with a VPN? Unlike the proxy on iPhone with limited functions, iTop VPN offers yet the quickest and safest free VPN to connect worldwide networks on iPhone at no risk. You can enjoy unlimited data to have private access to the internet on your iOS devices. With one click, you will also know how to disable anonymous proxy or VPN on iPhone with one click.

1. What is iTop VPN

By adopting the best-in-class encryption to your internet data, iTop VPN secures and hides your online identity to the utmost extent. Besides, this free VPN for iOS provider sets you free from geo-restrictions and allows you to access content and service worldwide. By making use of this tool, you can surf the internet safely and freely. Additionally, it’s the best VPN for Windows/Mac/Android devices. You're smart to turn off proxy settings to use this app iPhone as alternative.

2. What’s The Difference Between Proxy and VPN?

Both the proxy server and VPN enable you to browse the internet anonymously by hiding your real IP address. However, a VPN does way better than a proxy in many perspectives. Let’s take iTop VPN for example.

· Encryption. iTop VPN encrypts your internet data while a proxy fails to do so. This leaves the proxy vulnerable to security exploits.

· Data speed. When iTop VPN offers quick access to your desired content at lightning speed, a proxy is highly possible to load the webpages slowly.

· Streaming service. iTop VPN allows you to enjoy streaming and gaming services but things might not work for a proxy.

3. What Can iTop VPN Do for You?

· Protect IP Address with Proxy & VPN. iTop VPN, which offers VPN super unlimited proxy, hides your IP location with the proxy and the virtual network so your true identity is protected online. 

· Access Blocked Sites/Apps Anywhere. Be it for streaming, gaming, or browsing, iTop VPN gives you the chance to access any blocked content.

· High-speed internet to browse and stream. iTop VPN offers blazing-fast internet speed no matter whether you are browsing or streaming. No lag or delay. And you're allowed to share VPN hotspot iPhone by one click easily.

· Enhanced Secure Services for Network Safety. With its military-class encryption, iTop VPN provides safe VPN and guards your network safety at a higher level.

4. How to Connect Network with iTop VPN

Here are the steps on how to connect network and how to turn off VPN or proxy on iPhone

Step 1. Download iTop VPN for your iPhone. Alternatively, you can search and get it in the App Store. (You can also get the best free VPN for Windows 10 here if you need.)

Step 2. Open the application and click on the Connected button in the main interface.

Turn off Proxy and connect iTop VPN

Step 3. Feel free to change the server or choose a certain mode based on your needs.

iTop VPN All Servers

How to turn off VPN proxy on iPhone? Simply click on the blue button again to disable the VPN service. It much easier than to turn off proxy server iPhone. All in all, no matter if you want to turn on or disable security app web proxy on iPhone, it’s quite simple to do with iTop VPN and contains no risks. Get a FREE download now!

Sum up 

How to turn off proxy settings iPhone? This post gives you a quick solution to how to turn off proxy on iPhone 13/14/11. Simply go to your Settings and the proxy can be disabled. It’s worth noting that a proxy offers limited help for your online security, therefore, using a VPN service such as iTop VPN is definitely a better option. Thanks to its enhanced secure services, iTop VPN allows you to change app store country without payment and rock the internet worldwide anonymously with absolute security. Download to give it a try.

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