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[8 Ways] How to Increase Bandwidth to Boost Internet Speed

This article contains 8 tips on how to increase bandwidth including some basic practices you can do to improve bandwidth performance at home.

When streaming videos start buffering, web pages take a longer time to load, or you drop out of an online game frequently, you know you must have a slow bandwidth speed. The poor bandwidth performance will significantly affect the experience of internet surfing.

How to Increase Bandwidth

This article will explain what bandwidth is and introduce 8 ways how to increase bandwidth. There are plenty of ways to increase bandwidth at home such as changing an ISP plan, rebooting router, or managing devices on the same network.

The bandwidth of the Internet is the amount of data that can be transferred between two points within a network in a given amount of time. It is measured by the Mbps transfer rate of your network and determines how fast your internet is.

Any connection above 25 Mbps is considered to be a good internet speed on each device. With it, you won't have any frustrations when streaming videos (even Utral 4K) or playing high-frames games.

To enjoy a speed of 25 Mbps in a household with 3 people, your local ISP package should be at least 100 Mbps. But remember, you don't always get the advertised bandwidth from your package.

Before you proceed to fix the low bandwidth issue, try this online speed test utility to know the speed of your internet connection first. Then it will tell if you do have a low bandwidth speed that needs improvement.

The following section contains 8 easy and practical ways how to increase bandwidth at home.

1. Increase bandwidth from ISP

The most efficient way to increase the bandwidth of the internet is to contact your ISP and upgrade to a package with higher bandwidth. Consider 1,000 Mbps speed if available for home connections.

2. Increase bandwidth on the Router

The speed of bandwidth is affected by your router as well. You need to change the router's location to an open space with minimal obstructions like doors, walls, and furniture. Another method to increase bandwidth on the router is to reboot it in case it is overworked.

3. Improve bandwidth performance on Wi-Fi

A Wi-Fi extender or repeater can boost Wi-Fi signals and extend the coverage of your Wi-Fi network by bouncing off the signals. This will need another hardware device and your ISP supports it. Wi-Fi signals tend to overlap and the speed goes down by a lot especially when there are many routers in your neighborhood. To improve Wi-Fi speed, consider getting a dual-bandwidth wireless router that uses two frequencies - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to avoid overcrowded channels.

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4. Get a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that routes your network data through a remote server provided by a VPN service. In this way, your data will be encrypted and your ISP won't know what you are doing online, so you can avoid bandwidth throttling. A VPN also has other benefits such as internet security and privacy.

iTop VPN is one of the best safe VPN providers that offer secure, fast, and unlimited VPN protection for your online traffic. With its military-grade encryption, your ISP can't recognize you and your activity so it won't limit your data while you are streaming or gaming. It has over 1800 servers worldwide and you can connect to anyone close to you to enjoy a boost in network speed.

How to increase bandwidth of Internet with iTop VPN:

Step 1: Download this free VPN on your device. It has dedicated apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Step 2: Click the arrow in the VPN server section. You will see a long list of all available servers in the United States, Europe, Japan, etc.

Increase Bandwidth with a VPN

Step 3: Select a server and click Connect. Enjoy faster internet speed and a secure online experience in no time.

Select a VPN Server for Fast Bandwidth Speed

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5. Use a wired internet connection

If you don't want to invest in any upgrade in an ISP package, a VPN service, or a Wi-Fi booster but want more bandwidth speed, another way to improve bandwidth performance is to use a wired connection. A wired network connection uses an Ethernet cable to connect devices so that all data is transmitted with little loss or overlapping. It is more reliable than wireless networks and has an overall higher bandwidth speed.

6. Limit the number of devices

The bandwidth speed is greatly affected by the number of devices connected to the same network or the number of users connected to the device. Just reduce the number of devices and users that are using the same network.

7. Close all background apps

Some background apps are still running and consuming lots of bandwidth. First, you need to shut down these apps that run automatically.

On a Windows computer, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Delete key from the desktop and go to the Windows Security window. Click the Task Manager, open the Application tab, highlight background applications and click End Task. Then open the Process tab, select them again, and click End Process. On a Mac computer, press Option + Command + Esc together to bring up Force Quit app. Highlight an app you want to close and click Force Quit. Click Force Quit again to confirm.

8. Update your device

If you are using an ancient and clustered computer, laptop, or any other mobile device, you are likely to get a slow internet experience. It is time to get a newer model that uses advanced wireless standards and processors. On the other hand, regularly check for updates for deterring potential threats and scan your device with antivirus software. As a result, nothing will mess up with your bandwidth speed on the background.

If your online experience is spoiled by slow network speed, all the ways and tricks above about how to increase bandwidth can help you get a better and smoother experience. Among all the methods, using a VPN is highly recommended as it not only protects your network traffic but also helps avoid bandwidth throttling by hiding your IP and online activity.

As the best free VPN for PC and Mobile, iTop VPN is an ideal option for its excellent usability and performance, get it today with a big discount.

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