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Use the Best Free VPN for Tinder - iTop VPN to Change Location on Tinder Free

Tinder is now considered the best dating APP in 2023. How to change location on Tinder for free 2023 with a free VPN? How to change Tinder location with VPN?

Tinder is popular these days. Traditional dating sites & Apps will need to ask you tons of questions about yourself and attempt to find a person who will be compatible with you(statistically). Conspicuously, Tinder takes a different strategy. While other dating platforms like eHarmony, EliteSingles asking millions of questions to you and posturing a data matching that takes place before you and your potential dates can get to know each other, Tinder allows you to determine the compatibility for yourself. 

How to Change Tinder Location

Also, Tinder is a mobile dating APP it links to your Facebook or Google account so that you don’t have to type in tons of information to create your bio to feed the data matching. After you create your Tinder profile, you will be presented with potential matches based on your personal information. And you can like or dislike the dates Tinder presents to you. When your suggested matches and you have both click "like" to each other’s profile, you can now send messages to your mate. Due to that mechanic, there are many users wanted to know how to change location on tinder for free 2023 since they want to meet more interesting souls on Tinder.

How to Change Tinder Location

It sounds pretty promising, but Tinder still asks much of your information, including your birthday, your gender, your sexual orientation & preference. Most critically, it asks for your phone number authentication & requires you to turn on the location-based service of your phone. Once you’ve fed all information that Tinder asks for, you will be asked to turn on the GPS location feature, Tinder will range & determine your potential dates in a limited area surround your current location.  That's the moment you must have a Tinder VPN to explore more friends on Tinder. If you want to meet more people who live in a different place, thus your primary task is to know how to change the Tinder location in order to bypass its geo-limitation with a fast free VPN.

Through, you don’t need to answer millions of privacy-related questions to find a matching date on Tinder. A speed-dating with more communication and lesser private survey is always popular. But it is causing trouble since it needs you to affiliate your Facebook account to your Tinder profile. After all, not everyone likes to expose their personal information to the public. And thats why a Tinder VPN is so widely eagered. Especially when your privacies would like to unmask many of your privacies: your living status, your job, your friend circle, your income & social position… all of which could expose on Tinder and cause unprecedented privacy leaking issues. That’s why you'll need to know how to change location on tinder for free 2023.

How to Change Tinder Location

On the other hand, if you are an active Tinder user and want to have a better opportunity to meet people. You might have wondered if it is possible to change the current location in order to meet people in a specific area without migrant to that place yourself physically. Though the Tinder official offers you a choice to subscribe to their Tinder Plus service, with a &19.99 monthly payment for a geo-location shifting feature. Fortunately, there are also different approaches to achieve geolocation spoofing in an unofficial way. There is a way allow Tinder VPN change location. So you don’t need to pay $20 every month for changing the Tinder location but you could use a Tinder VPN free: to change the Tinder location with the iTop VPN.

To protect personal privacy & to promote the chance you meet with your Mr. & Mrs. right on Tinder. You will need to do something with it, like changing your Tinder location.

How to Change Tinder Location

There are times when unmatching on Tinder is not enough and you really need to change your location for the best escape from someone. Another important reason for covering your current address is to prevent scammers & identity thefts from sniffing your personal information and target you as their next victim. To appropriately meet with more people & to prevent potential hurt from cyber threats, I would like to recommend using the iTop VPN, especially a Tinder VPN free that helps you to change Tinder location.

Top VPN – A Free Tinder VPN to Change Tinder’s Location

As we have analyzed the benefits of location change on Tinder, would you like to try to change your Tinder’s online address? There is the best unlimited free VPN names iTop VPN, the iTop VPN can cover all your needs. Like to change your Tinder’s location for free, and protect your privacy & mask your geo-location by hiding your real IP & transferring your data in their encrypted tunnel.

How to Change Tinder Location

The iTop VPN has presented a good capability as the best Tinder VPN. You can choose wherever your Tinder location is: America, Russia, no matter where on this planet you are living in actually. You can do geo-spoofing by simply tap the country & region where you want your Tinder geo-located to be addressed. 

How to Change Tinder Location

By far, you can meet your dreaming Mr. & Mrs. right on Tinder all around the world with the help of geo-spoofing features that iTop VPN provided. Despite to change location on Tinder for Free. Don’t forget that the iTop VPN also protects you from ill-intentioned scammers by enhancing your network security and masking your IP address. Meanwhile, the iTop VPN also supports changing your location on WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter. The iTop VPN can protect your personal information, and keep you away from dealing with online malicious threats when you are using these social networking Apps.

Steps to Change Tinder Location with iTop VPN

Step 1.  Download & install the iTop VPN. The iTop VPN is now support all platforms including Android & iOS. You may find VPN for Andorid & VPN for iOS in the link below. 

Step 2. While a part of what you want is to hide your true location from Tinder, you probably have a specific location in mind. So, you can select your target country on the list of servers in iTop VPN.

How to Change Tinder Location

Step 3. Log in to Tinder. If you use the iTop VPN and change your location to any country, Tinder will automatically override your previous location and displays whichever location you've chosen to be in the iTop VPN.

How to Change Tinder Location

And don’t forget, the iTop VPN is completely free-to-use. It holds 700 Megabytes for you and your daily usage and the traffic cap will be cleared every day (I would presume that is pretty enough for using Tinder & other social networking software). You don’t need to pay any extra money to change your Tinder’s location. Another advantage is you don’t need to affiliate any of your social networking accounts, so you could not worry about the information leaking & auto-billing. You can still have premium service by upgrading to a VIP account. 

How to Change Tinder Location

Since we’ve know how to change location on tinder for free 2023 , you can have more location selections with an upgraded iTop VPN service, like more locations to choose from. Also, a VIP account will unlock all proxies all proxies around the world so you'll have a better chance to meet more mates live in different places around the world by using this Tinder VPN.

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Tinder is a great dating platform that brings us a great opportunity to meet your dreamed prince & princess. And we can adapt some tricks to have a better user experience. With the assist of iTop VPN, you can easily change your Tinder location with one single click. besides Tinder location change, you can also use iTop VPN to help you to mask your real location for other mobile Apps, and it is free-to-use! If you have such need you would never miss the iTop VPN!

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