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Reliable and Free VPN Software for Windows 7

The Internet has many criminal trackers that follow you and attack your privacy. For a solution, this article will explain free Windows 7 VPN.

VPN software is the priority for every person who is concerned about his online privacy and security. In the era of Internet threats, these VPNs protect you from hacker's attacks and nefarious entities. It is the simplest way to hide your identity and secure privacy. 

VPN software is developed to provide top-notch VPN services. Many free Windows 7 VPN is available in the market that helps you to secure your Internet activities. But a good VPN offers good encryption and fast service that allows you to browse any website in the world. In this article, we will discuss secure and efficient VPN services with their features. 

Free VPN Software for Windows 7

Unlike most VPN providers, these 3 free Windows 7 VPN provide high-tech VPN services.

iTop VPN

iTop VPN is top class VPN software in our list which provides you access to any content including, video, social media, websites, games, and more. It helps to enhance the gaming and streaming experience by offering dedicated servers of BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or PUBG, etc.

iTop VPN Servers 

The tool allows you to hide the IP address, which means you can cover up the real IP address with other different IP addresses. From this way, you can surf and browse without any worries about capturing. iTop VPN offers unlimited bandwidth so you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies without any throttling.

 iTop VPN Server Connected

As a whole, the iTop features behave as a guard net when the VPN service cuts off. So the users will never worry about any kind of exposure of sensitive data.

iTop VPN tool is a free VPN Windows 7 and brings ease of use for its users. It has a functional interface that does not require high knowledge of technology to operate. Other than Windows 7, iTop is available for Android and iOS users.


Another free Windows 7 VPN - Betternet, offers online security that is simple for all. It unlocks various streaming sites just by downloading it, as you don't need to register via email.

Betternet helps to improve the streaming time for your favorite TV shows from Netflix and Hulu. It also secures your browsing activities, provides top-grade encryption for more private searching, and protects you from known scams and malware. This VPN for Windows 7 delivers fast and reliable service.

 Betternet VPN Interface

It is easy to set up and start the app without creating an account for free. The user can experience a 7-day free trial to upgrade from the Premium version. Betternet offers more servers on the mobile version than the desktop version. However, it has a limited number of servers and bandwidth limitations.


TunnelBear is a more secure way for Internet browsing with a protection guide. It is a free Windows 7 VPN that provides encryption to keep your online activity safe. The tool blocks hackers from stealing passwords and data over public Wi-Fi. You can view and access the global content without any restrictions and limitations.

 Interface of Tunnelbear VPN

It changes the virtual location so that the users can see it anywhere. This free Windows 7 VPN has a global server network that is optimized to let you surf within no time. TunnelBear protects your personal information and never monitors or sells any of your browsing activity.

We know that the internet has created so many problems like hacking, etc. For that purpose, the free Windows 7 VPN is helpful, which controls the activity and lets you browse freely. We have discussed the 3 mainstreams for free VPN software in the above section. However, in this section, we will list out the pros and cons of these paid VPN software.

iTop VPN

iTop VPN has an extremely efficient service to protect you from harmful acts done by hackers. This Windows 7 VPN free has the following pros and cons.


Connection Modes and Devices

The tool provides 3 connection modes to balance the security level with other activities. Moreover, you can connect on 5 devices with the same license.

Automatic Disconnection

It has a kill switch feature that acts as a monitor. It automatically disconnects the internet when the VPN connection is disrupted. Due to its fast speed, the user doesn't need to wait longer for the process.

Anonymous Identity

iTop VPN assists you to stay online as unknown on the internet. It encrypts the data and lets you browse the internet without any danger or attack.

No-Log Policy and Support

This tool has a no-log policy so that your private information is never tracked, stored, or sold by the company. Your data and information are protected and hidden. iTop VPN provides 24/7 customer support to its users and helps them with their queries.

Worldwide Servers and Free Service

With the iTop service, you can get all of its servers. They have worldwide servers that cover most of the countries. A VPN offers a limited free account. The free version provides all of the functionality but limits the amount of data up to 700MB/Daily.


No Mac App

No app is available for macOS temporarily. But iTop VPN for macOS is coming soon.


It is a VPN for Windows 7 to protect and secure your data on the internet. It has the following pros and cons.


Free Trial

The VPN provider offers a 7-day free trial for its users, so you can switch to the Premium service.

Download Speed

It offers fast and efficient speed and allows you to stream quicker.

No Registration Required

The users don't need to register to the tool via email, and you can just download and connect to it within no time.


No Basic Features

Betternet does not support any of the basic features including, kill switch, network solution, etc.

Limited Streaming Content

You can not access Netflix streaming and restricted content.


TunnelBear is a good choice for choosing it as a VPN service, but it has some pros and cons listed below.


No Detected Leaks

The tool claims rock-solid encryption, which makes it a leak-free VPN.

Free Version

It provides you a limited free version of up to 500 MB/month. 

High-speed connection

The program has a high-speed VPN connection that helps out when you are streaming.


Limited Servers

There are fewer servers available at different locations as compared to other VPN tools.

No Refund

The paid version of TunnelBear is affordable, but there is no refund policy.

Out of all, iTop VPN has exceptional features, including kill switch, network solutions, free streaming, hiding IP, and unlocking the restricted content. It simply protects your personal information and allows you to view and access all the hidden content within a few seconds.


The above article has concluded on the free Windows 7 VPN along with its strengths and drawbacks. However, iTop VPN is the top-notch VPN service that will assist its users in viewing everything without any privacy problems. It secures your online connection and lets you browse safely.Get your Internet Connection Secure and Non-Restricted through iTop VPN.

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