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Check this blog and get a free VPN for MacBook Air, Pro, or iMac, etc. Enjoy a private and safe network on your Mac with free MacBook VPN NOW!

VPN software can provide us a safe and private network condition without being traced or leaking information. Together with Mac and Safari, which are said to be the most secure personal computer and incredibly private browser of this world, your experience of using Macs could be upgraded. And this page would introduce you to the free VPN for MacBook, of course, you can use the VPN software on iMac or Mac Mini too. 3 VPNs are listed, please check the content below:

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Overall Introduction to 3 Free VPNs for Mac

Steps: How to Set Up a VPN on Mac

3 VPNs for MacBook mentioned below all mentioned that they are free VPN to use. While the actual situation may be different from their description on the website. To avoid that you find it is unavailable to use after downloading it, you can see the graph below for their basic information and determine whether to learn more about them.

iTop VPN hide.me VPN Avira Phantom VPN
Free Data 20.5GB/month 10GB/month 500MB/month
Devices 5 10 Unlimited
Severs 1800+ 1900 1400
Protocols 4 5 2
macOS 10.15 or later 10.15 or later 10.13 or later
Encryption Military-grade Strong AES-256 encryption Military-grade

1. hide.me VPN

 Free VPN for MacBook – hide.me VPN.jpg

hide.me VPN which is said to be the worlds’ fastest VPN is mentioned here as the first free VPN for MacBook. It has some features that can be listed below:

No Sign-Up No Registration

You can use this VPN on Mac without signing up or registering an account. Open the software and click the “Start Free Trial” which will be all.

 Free Traffic

It gives you a free 10 GB for every month. If you want, this VPN could be a lifetime free VPN. While 10 GB data is actually not enough for a long time like a month or 30 days if you want to watch videos or download files, etc. from time to time.

Servers Around the World

hide.me VPN mentioned that they have 75 locations and 1900 servers throughout Asia, Europe, and America. A full list of locations could be checked on their website.

2. Avira Phantom VPN

 Free VPN for MacBook – Avira Phantom VPN.jpg

This VPN is a little tricky for it only offers 500 MB for a month if you choose the free trial. But there is still one feature that is worthwhile to be noticed. Avira Phantom VPN supports you to use it on unlimited devices. Yes, it does not limit the number of devices where you can connect VPN. And that is the only highlight of this actual VPN paid as you can see from the chart above. You can check the chart above for some other features of it.

3. iTop VPN

iTop VPN for Mac appears here for this VPN offers you 700 MB daily or we say 20.5 GB in a month. Watching videos, browsing websites, or downloading movies without worrying about the data plan is 100% practical by using iTop VPN. And this software also has some unique features for you:

Quick Access

This feature is used to open websites or apps directly from the VPN. Streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC, Hulu, and so on, all can be found in this feature. Social media like Facebook or Twitter is already set for you too. Furthermore, iTop VPN also updated this feature for porn sites. You can access those websites by just click the button in the VPN.

Privacy & Security

iTop VPN can enhance the security and privacy of your Mac. Scanning privacy risks and removing viruses as well as malware for your Mac can be left to iTop VPN. Together with macOS and Safari, your user experience of Mac can be upgraded to a new level. Get iTop VPN and try its amazing features now!

VPN for Gaming

iTop VPN is also a VPN for gaming with gaming nodes for you. You can find it in the main interface and choose games you love to connect. Just enjoy a blazing-fast network connection and 0-lag gaming experience with iTop VPN.

For MacBook users who haven’t use VPN before, this part would list the detailed steps of installing and using free VPN for MacBook Pro, Air, etc.

Step 1. Download free VPN for MacBook from the banner below. The package will be a .dmg file.

Step 2. Install it on your MacBook.

Step 3. No log in or sign up. Just click the “Connect” on the main interface.

 How to Set Up a VPN on Mac - Step 3.jpg

After 3 steps above you can enjoy private and safe network now!

The End

All the content about the free VPN for MacBook has been listed above. 3 free VPNs have been introduced to you and you can choose the one that suits your Mac best to use. Here, iTop VPN is worth being mentioned again for its generous data plan reaching 20.5 GB in a month and multiple features focus on your privacy as well as system security. Streaming, gaming, downloading, or just chatting with iTop VPN would renew your experience. Get this VPN for Mac now and say goodbye to poor network connection, lag, buffer, etc.

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