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Is There Any Free VPN for Fire Stick with Unlimited Data?

Whether you are looking for a free VPN for Fire Stick with limited data or you want a paid VPN of the highest speed and unlimited bandwidth, iTop VPN has got you covered.

Firestick is an online streaming device that has the potential to stream anything you like for you. It is the perfect alternative for a smart TV. A smart TV solution is hard to come by and is very costly to buy. Firestick turns your old TV into a smart one in no time.

Why people love Firestick?

Here are a few reasons why people love Firestick nowadays.

· Firestick lets you stream from famous OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Hulu, Sony LIV, Disney+, and others.

· With a simple HDMI plug-in, Firestick is super easy to install and use.

· You can stream videos and movies of high resolution, such as 4K.

· Firestick comes with a remote control to make things easier for you.

· You can also talk to Alexa, which is built-in in the remote to help you find the right content easily.

As much as people love it for its cost-effectiveness, easy operations, and easy access to content, Firestick has geo-restrictions. It means that it can be used only in the countries where it is legalized.

A Free VPN for Fire Stick Can Remove Geo-Restrictions

A free VPN for Fire Stick is the perfect solution for geo-restriction implied by Firestick. Here is why a VPN is the best option for you when you want to stream from Firestick, but you don't live in a country that supports it.

· A VPN is completely free

· Reasonably fast

· Removes geo-restrictions

· Let you stream anything anywhere

If you are wondering if there is a free VPN for my Firestick, you are not the first one. To unlock many of the premium features of a VPN service, you need to buy the premium plan. People consider it a waste of money and want to use a VPN that is completely free and has all the features.

1.1. Is there a free VPN for Fire Stick that offers unlimited data?

Simply put, the answer to that question is YES. ProtonVPN is a VPN service that is completely free and claims to provide unlimited data for Firestick.

Although it is a free option, ProtonVPN is not the ideal choice because of some complications attached to it. First, the process of installing ProtonVPN on Firestick is very complex and requires expert help. Secondly, you may face problems with buffering as it doesn’t provide the highest speed. And thirdly, you cannot stream Netflix with it, which is the most desired platform of all.

Another aspect of these so-called free VPN services is why they offer unlimited data and how do they make money if they are offering it for free?

To answer the WHY part, VPN free services offer unlimited data to make you download the app and keep using it, and the platform gains popularity among the users.

1.2. How do they make money? 

Well, that’s simple.

Free VPN providers make money by:

· Showing you paid ads every step of the way

· Letting third-party platforms collect information

· Collecting your search history information

· Selling information to the clients

While a free VPN for Fire Stick looks appealing, here are some potential risks of using them.

· They can compromise your privacy and security through malware and third-party integrations.

· They gather your information to sell it to others

· They slow down your internet connection

· Your identity might be at risk

So, keeping these risks in mind, you need the best free VPN for Fire Stick out there, even if it provides limited data and bandwidth.

All the potential risks of using a free paid VPN for Fire Stick will make you want to use a VPN that provides limited bandwidth for free and provides maximum security and privacy.

Here are the top 3 free VPNs for Firestick that provide limited data and bandwidth but are more efficient than the free VPNs that offer unlimited data.

2.1. Windscribe

This free VPN makes it possible for you to watch Netflix with limited data.

2.1.1. Pros & Cons


· Well-designed app for Firestick

· No users logs and IP address leaks

· Easy streaming on Netflix and BBC iPlayer

· Best free VPN for Firestick 4K TV resolution


· No live chat support system

· International speeds might be slower

2.1.2. Data provided by Windscribe

Unfortunately, Windscribe limits the users to stream only 10 GB of data for free. After that, you won’t be able to stream for free.

Windscribe: A Free VPN for Fire Stick Provides 10 GB Data

2.1.3. Why is Windscribe better?

The reason that Windscribe is better than other unlimited free VPN providers is the fact that it provides better speed, better privacy, and unlocks Netflix which free unlimited VPNs cannot do.

2.2. Hide.me

Hide.me is the second pick in the list that has a user-friendly interface.

Hide.Me Free VPN for Fire Sticks

2.2.1. Pros & Cons

With 72 MBPS, Hide.me Is The Fastest Free VPN for Fire Stick


· No or minimal logging policy

· Extended privacy settings

· P2P availability for some servers


· It might not stream Netflix in some areas

· Only 5 VPN servers located around the world

2.2.2. Data provided by Hide.me

As it is a free VPN with limited data and bandwidth, you can use it to stream only 10 GB worth of data.

2.2.3. Why is Hide.me better?

The fact that it has no logging policy means that it has very little access to your information which makes it pretty safe to use. Also, it has a top download speed of 72 MBPS which might vary depending on the server locations.

2.3. Hotspot Shield

It may be one of the most used, highly recognized, and fastest free VPNs in the world.

2.3.1. Pros & Cons


· Maintains no logs

· Kill switch for maximum security

· 5 simultaneous connections


· 15 GB of free data, much better than others but not unlimited

· Ads are annoying

2.3.2. Data provided by Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield provides 15 GB of data which is more than any other VPN on the list.

Highly Recognized Free VPN For Fire Stick

2.3.3. Why is Hotspot Shield better?

Hotspot shield is better than free unlimited and most free limited VPNs. It provides 15 GB of data and unlocks Netflix. Additionally, it cranks up the security and privacy of the users.

When it comes to free VPN for Fire Stick with data limitations, they cannot satisfy your needs. 10 GB or 15 GB of data is not enough when you are streaming in high resolution. It is the reason why you need a paid VPN.

The problem with the most paid VPNs is that they are costly and hard to buy.

Among all the expensive unlimited paid as well as Free VPN for Fire Stick, iTop VPN is the best and cheapest.

3.1. iTop VPN offers the following features

· Best network solutions

· Kill switch

· Maximum security

· Hide your IP address feature

· More than a thousand servers in 100+ locations

· Cheapest and safest of them all

The Pricing plans of iTop VPN are simple, and if you get lucky, you might get an extra year for free with an one-year plan.

ITop’s pricing plans are as follows:

· $11.99/month

· $6.99/month for a 6-month plan

· $2.31/month for a 1-year plan (Save 80%) + 1-year extra

iTop VPN is cheaper than Express VPN as it costs $6.99/month for a 6-month plan as opposed to Express VPN's $9.99/month. The same is true of Hotspot Shield's $11.99/month. iTop VPN Also provides unlimited data, which others don't.

3.2. How to Use iTop VPN 

In the following steps, you will learn how to use iTop VPN on Firestick.

Step 1: Download

To download the Android version, launch your downloader app on Firestick and search for iTop URL i.e. https://www.itopvpn.com/ and click on the download option.

How to Use iTop Free VPN - Step 1

Step 2: Install

After downloading the APK file, install the VPN on your device by searching for it in the downloads section of your downloader app. iTop VPN will not appear among your built-in apps. You need to go to Settings and then Applications. After that, find “Manage Installed Applications” and click on it.

How to Use iTop Free VPN - Step 2Step 3: Here you will find your VPN app, launch it. Sign in with your credentials, select a server, and then click on connect.

Now, you are connected to a VPN connection. Netflix and all the other apps are unblocked, and you can start streaming at the highest of resolutions.How to Use iTop Free VPN - Step 3

Part 4: Conclusion

A VPN is the perfect solution for your Firestick to remove geo-restrictions and unlock different streaming apps. Although there are free VPN for Fire Stick with unlimited data, they are not safe and not recommended. You can use VPNs with limited data and maximum security, but the limited bandwidth will not be enough for you. So, you have to opt for an affordable paid VPN.

iTop VPN is the best VPN that provides unlimited data, bandwidth, maximum security, every streaming platform unlocked, affordable prices, and many other features. It also offers free options for users with the maximum speed and many server locations across the world.

Download iTop VPN by clicking here, install it on your Fire Stick, and enjoy the best online streaming on your TV.

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