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Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7 [Real Free & Unlimited]

Here is a review for two real best free unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7, the Proton VPN & iTop VPN for Windows. Both the best free unlimited VPN you could find.

You might have heard the importance of the Windows VPN and known how does encrypted virtual protocol networking protects your internet privacy. Different people have different usage of VPN. Some use It to avoid being monitored, some are using the VPN to bypass their country’s censorship to access the social network software. Some are gamers want to play online games with their friend in other countries with lower ping.

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7

So, is there any free unlimited VPN available? Which VPN could be counted as the best free unlimited VPN for Windows? Considered there are hundreds & thousands of VPN service providers offering an uneven quality of services. Most VPN providers require a monthly fee if you want to use their secure server network. There are very limited VPN providers that offer a connection for free. To reduce the cost of trial & error, we’ve picked up a real free Unlimited VPN for Windows (with restriction), and a pretty good free paid VPN (theoretically unlimited traffic) for you to choose the best free unlimited VPN for Windows.

Proton VPN is the one VPN service provider who said it will provide unlimited service for free users since its first lunch, and they did. To access their free service, you need to download the software on their webpage and install the client. And they will need you to register a Proton VPN account and verify through your e-mail. Then, go back to the software and log in with your Proton Account.

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7

As one of the best free unlimited VPN, there are about three server locations selectable in the Proton VPN, the U.S. Japan & Netherland. The interface is simple enough and you will immediately know what you are doing. But these three buttons in the center maybe still confuse you. The first lock button is “Security Core” which double encrypts your traffic to enhance security but only available for a VIP account. The shield icon is the” Net Shield” that blocks the phishing site for you, a free Proton VPN account is also working. The third icon is the Kill-switch function. Which terminates your traffic when the VPN route dropped. A close connection is in order to keep your identity not to be exposed. 

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7

During the actual use, the biggest problem of Proton VPN has disclosed, is the speed. Due to too many users are congested in the proxy and the occupation rate is always over 91%. And as you can see the downstream & upstream speed is about one digit. After testing, the average speed is about 100Kbps and there is an obvious speed cap for free users. During the test, the connection dropped one time, it is still OK for a free VPN service.

About the safety protection, the Proton VPN successfully covered my real IP address & my privacy is also get covered. Generally, the Proton VPN is neat & good, well-deserved as the best free unlimited VPN for PC.  But the speed problem is still bottlenecking the overall experience. The official seems deliberately limit your download speed.

If you do not stick to the idea of “unlimited traffic” and want to find an free unlimited VPN for PC & no restriction-free VPN for Windows. Here is a perfect option for you, the iTop VPN.

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7

You don’t have to sign in anything to use the iTop VPN. Download the software and install it, execute the program then click “Connect” and you are good to go. No credit card information, no account affiliate, no registration, just click & go. If you are seeking quick access to anonymous internet, that would be your choice.

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7

There is a 700 Megabyte traffic cap for your free plan, with only American proxy available. That could be a disappointing thing when you first look at it. But the iTop VPN for Windows does not set up a speed limit and the 700 Mb traffic will reset every day; it is to say you’ve got 21 Gigabytes of data packs per month. Consider the average price of a VPN service, a free 20 GB VPN/ month is a considerable good deal. 

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7

Another thing worth mentioning is that the average quality of connection of iTop VPN is way better than the Proton VPN. One possible reason is the proxy is better optimized for free users. It is also likely due to the user of iTop VPN for Windows is comparatively lesser than the Proton VPN. So, there is lesser conjunction of their tunnels proxies and you will have a better experience because fewer people are occupying your bandwidth at this moment. I would like to say this will be the best moment to join this free unlimited VPN for Windows. According to the iTop VPN review from another site, it is the best for bandwidth and experience the blazing-fast speed to stream Netflix or download any content right now.

Just like the Proton VPN, iTop VPN has the kill switch, IP cover features to keep your internet privacy. Besides that, iTop VPN offers the DNS Protection function in case your DNS has been hijacked by hackers or malware. Even if you choose to download free HD porn videos, safety and privacy are always guaranteed.

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7

One thing I have to emphasis is, the iTop VPN provide the optimized proxies & lines according to your specific usage. Like if you want to watch Netflix but the content is censored in your country, you may switch to another IP to bypass the restriction, which also makes iTop a best VPN for porn. You can take the advantage by using the iTop VPN & switch your internet settings by one click to suit your usage, which is fantastic.

Urban VPN is a free unlimited VPN service that can unblock streaming sites like Netflix and comes with unlimited bandwidth. Their promise sounds attempting which theoretically means that you can stream as much as you like without worrying about how much data you are consuming. However, as with almost any free no-cost, it comes with a catch.

Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

Though the Urban VPN has no bandwidth limitation claimed on their own, but the connectivity & network speed is obviously limited. During the test, the Urban VPN failed to connect to the majority of the servers on their server list and the software keep popping up “failed to connect to xxx server”. After connecting to the few servers which actually functioning, the network is still not stable.

 Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

As one of the free unlimited VPNs for windows, Urban VPN may be successful if you require little more than website unblocking, but the overall performance is not ideal as other qualified VPN services. Issues are mostly landed on the speed performance & user UI design. 

Despite the poor speed, its APP design isn't good and the software itself offers zero usable settings. For users who need to adjust or customize their VPN settings, that is a big issue when users need enhanced network security or advanced service.

 Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

Urban VPN claims that it is different from other free unlimited VPN services and that it is speedy, free, and anonymous. However, it also offers no customer support. There is a complete lack of transparency, you could not find a piece of clear information about the software and the company itself. It is likely to indicate that the Urban VPN might not be a trustworthy provider.

Windscribe is one of the best free unlimited VPN for Windows. And it is also the most interesting VPN that shows the developer’s effort to gather as many as cool features into one software package. Clear distinct from the Urban VPN mentioned above, the Windscribe gives very detailed & sophisticated VPN & network settings to their customers.

Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

As one of the best free unlimited VPN for Windows, it is a very serious software when you dealing with network settings & internet security seriously. You can modify your internet setting with very detailed options, like White list, Split Tunneling, Firewall Modes, Protocol Selection, Packet Size, Allow LAN traffic, MAC spoofing… You can almost find everything you would like to find in internet-management software.

 Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

But if you are not a Master of Computer &, those complex settings could become a nightmare for amateurs. If you have no idea about what those internet terminologies are, like a proxy, MAC, protocol, port, Packet size, you better not click anything on the setlist… Not to intimidate but your network can be easily paralyzed by wrong/ misplaced VPN settings.

 Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

The speed performance of Windscribe is reasonably good. As you can almost do complete custom to your virtual private network through Windscribe. If you know how to do it, then Windscribe can bring you the ultimate experience as the best free unlimited VPN.

 Free Unlimited VPN for Windows

Windscribe offers 2 GigaBytes of free traffic per month. Honestly, it isn’t a generous deal when compared to iTop VPN & Hotspot Shield. But it is still good if you need a rush or temporary connection to the virtual private network.

Personally, the matter of choosing your best free unlimited VPN for Windows is a tradeoff between “Unlimited data” and “Better surfing experience” you may choose the option as you want. If you are dedicated to unlimited traffic & free using, then the Proton VPN is your choice. If you are seeking a balanced, overall better performance, the iTop VPN is taking a leadership position. If you need a free unlimited VPN for Windows, I hope this could be a good reference for you.

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